Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emerging Landmass: Atlantis Returns 2012 - 2111

From early childhood I was aware of and could see the Celtic Ancestors. A race of light beings who cultivate genetics, more specifically light field genetics. This ancient race of beings are gardeners of species on earth (and on other planets). They design, create and test plants, flowers, insects, grass and trees, animals, reptiles, aquatic life forms and humans.

In the Highlands of Scotland generations of SEERS were born, whose presence transmitted the flame of invisible worlds into the physical and psychic landscape. These seers were part of an ancient inheritance from before Atlantis. They carry the flame, they carry the light. Almost like a lantern.

There is a saying among Highland people about the sorrow of the seer. This sorrow is seeing something that is true, warning others, they speak out of love for people - to try and warn them. The tragedy is that the warning is real and people rarely listen.

We live in a flux. Similar to a magnetic flux. A very small part of us is physical mass. Perhaps 90 percent of us is non-physical, it is greater than mass. Because mass is heavy and we feel it, people imagine physical mass is the greater component, when it is the weakest and the most vulnerable aspect.

The lineage of seers have tried to bring the emerging landmass closer to the isolated mind of man, so that it's appearance does not come as a shock to the mind and to the brain. We can see it. This is not going to be a shock to us. A seer looks back from the future, using the eyes of tomorrow. We connect this extraordinary seeing into this currently isolated reality.

Atlantis Returns 2012 to 2111 essentially means no more SEERS. The emergence of the lost continent means the ending of human isolation, and the emerging ability for all aspects of the human mind to SEE. When the ancient teachers wrote that a great continent was destroyed, they mean part of the mind. The return of Atlantis is return of an older part of the psyche, the soul of man. What you see outside, the source is inside. What happens inside manifests as spirit journey through mass (physical existence).

In the spirit worlds seeing is different. There is no separation between seeing what is outside and seeing what is inside. The emerging landmass of Atlantis is partly Spirit World Seeing returning to the physical mind of man. What was lost is found, the inner continent is about to be rediscovered.