Saturday, September 06, 2014

Climate Is All About Water

Water is Moon [Feminine] .. Fire is Sun [Masculine]
Water and Fire are ONE ...

What I want to share with you is kind of complex .. but I will try to make it as simple as possible. Water is CLIMATE .. and climate is all about water !! That is as simple as it gets .. but people on this Earth today do not understand it. I will simplify it even more #_*

The physical human body is mostly water!

The fire element [heart and blood / chi] is also mostly water and depends on water to pass the fire element [life] throughout the physical body structures. So .. your body and the fire element depends on water for life. Surprise! Surprise!

Your body has heat .. and water cools .. regulates and manages the heat. Fire element is life .. but without water [cooling element] life cannot exist in its current physical form on Planet Earth. Simply apply the same principles to climate.

Volcanoes .. magma .. fire and heat exist on Earth contained by WATER. DUH ??

Water is ice .. and ice contains glacial volcanoes affecting their behaviour. In fact .. fire and water act together in harmony to keep balance of life on Earth. As in your body so it is on Earth. Human physical body does the same! The Earth maintains heat vapor balance in the same way your body does. But the Earth came first and your physical body is based on [and depends on] those same principles.

Climate Is All About Water
Ongoing volcanic cycles are related to regulation of the Earth's climate. Volcanoes act in a similar way to the physical human body. Cooling cycles to maintain a balanced temperature .. sweat .. maintaining inner tissue moisture and balancing heat / cool [fire water].

Bone structures are both fire and water. It is the secret of the Universe.

One example of the Planet regulating and balancing climate can be seen over hundreds of years observing inter glacial volcanoes [fire and ice] working together [yin / yang] to create balance. Eruptions [fire] combines with ice [water] to send moisture into the atmosphere. This is a slow process!

The fire and ice explosions alter the water [moisture] in the atmosphere in relation to the water on Earth [oceans mainly]. This is all about water balance. Climate is all about water balance. Water is related to oxygen .. but that is another story.

Contained within the water [volcanic moisture vapor] is fire! You have the fire in the water vapor. In terms of yin and yang you always balance fire in water [moisture] and the water in fire [heat]. Everything on Earth is related to heat / cooling balance.

The point I am trying to make is: Earth knows what she is doing!

Just as your physical body is designed to regulate temperature and cooling .. so too is the Earth designed to regulate temperature and cooling. The aspects to study in the future are water and the relationship of water and fire. It is a balance .. even though water is the more powerful force in this Universe.

Stop and think about this .. water is the dominant most powerful force and yet it is in balance with fire. If you meditate then this is really a truly powerful force. To create balance requires true power even when you are more powerful than your opponent.

Going back to Iceland's Bárðarbunga [recent eruption] .. intelligent fire and water [ice] work together to regulate eruptions or fissures and all of this is related to climate. It is the same intelligent process going on in your body. Only .. the Earth lives longer than incarnate humans!

True power creates balance.

The feminine does not fight to crush but absorb. That can take thousands of years. The more powerful force will never overcome the lesser force. The more powerful force will always create balance. The weaker force seeks to fight because it has no real power. The weaker force destroys [exhausts] itself.

So .. you have an eruption [fire] that is contained by cooling element [water].

We all live in a water environment. We are all contained by a water environment. The upper and lower atmosphere of Earth is water. Air is water. Breathing is water. You don't have air without water. You don't have fire without water. The human brain is 75 percent water !!

The real key to climate is water ...

Here it gets kind of complex because the water in the oceans and lakes and river and deep underground sources and the water in the atmosphere are all one. It is all one body of water .. just like the Universe. Water is one entire communications network without borders.