Monday, September 22, 2014

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence!

The Scots and Irish have a dry sense of humor!
One always has to have a sense of humor no matter what! Even in the most dangerous or unpleasant circumstances .. I always had a sense of humor. There was a time I had to sleep outside in the wilds without a tent .. under a bush .. in pouring rain. I found that funny!

When you sleep under a bush in pouring rain .. you get wet. The body brain hears every sound and wakes you up every 10-20 minutes. You hear and feel every drip of rain falling from the bush. Sleep is varied under such circumstances. At the same time all your perceptions change in many ways. It offers you a new perspective on the world and your own psyche / state of mind.

You can either get upset about the unpleasant circumstances .. or you can find the funny side and laugh! In this respect those who do not understand the Scottish and Irish sense of humor have to forgive me for this funny parody! No disrespect to anyone concerned!

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence
In 2014 "Brave Heart" with a pension votes "NO" to Scottish Independence!

William Wallace [Brave Heart] lived from around 1270 to August 23, 1305 .. when he was around 35 years old! This is what he achieved in 35 years of his life: William Wallace. It seems that the mutilation of his body and execution by the English was totally unnecessary. All they had to do was give him a pension!

Scotland aged over 55 vote "NO" for self-governance and Scottish independence.

William Wallace's death at around 35 years old puts him within the Scottish Independence YES Campaign parameters. Take this all with a sense of humor! The SNP Scottish Parliament pension age for Scottish women is 61 and for Scottish men is 65.

In the Scottish Independence campaign Alex Salmond attempted to do two things: To protect the more vulnerable pensioners and support the future of those under 45 years old. In terms of traditional Scottish Celtic culture [values] this is how society balances the relationship between the young and the old.

The young people show respect to their ancestors .. and older populations.

The aging population in Scotland are the voting "majority" .. and they voted "NO" to Independence! Rather than get upset .. and feeding energy into all those negative feelings that harm the brain and harm the psyche as well as harm the physical biological body. Rather than get upset .. one has to pay attention to the facts and have a sense of humor.

Brave Heart With A Pension Vote No!
"Well .. we don't like the English .. and we don't like the system .. and we rely on the Scottish SNP and the Scottish Parliament to protect us! BUT !! We don't want change! I mean .. we are Scottish after all! We don't feel we belong to England. We vote LABOUR in all British elections!"

Scotland has a large [pensioner] aging population who fear change .. but who are protected economically and socially by the Scottish National Party who dominated Scottish Parliament [2014]. Like William Wallace .. those who die to protect the vulnerable are directly in the political line of fire.

But! What happened to William Wallace? He was BETRAYED !!

Brave Heart Revisited: Scottish Independence
"Brave Heart" with a pension vote "NO" to Scottish Independence! Well done !! #_#