Sunday, September 07, 2014

Scotland YES? Just Rebuild Hadrian's Wall !!

Those who know me also know I apply psychic and mental Qi balance free of personal opinions [and emotions] that I keep to myself. I was taught this [very intensely] and it was not an easy thing to learn. My approach to life was taught to me as an internal balanced discipline. I was taught: When you have real power you do not use it = you show respect to sovereign entities [beings].

For example .. if someone is an idiot and self-destructive you do not use your power to "make them intelligent" .. because their karma and incarnation direction is their own choice. People have to learn who they are on their own terms for themselves and people have to either go down the wrong road or change direction. This yin yang balance discipline is the most difficult of all to learn and apply.

Go ahead .. build your walls !! The law of walls is to limit yourself +_#

Basically .. you never fight your enemy. You simply understand their weaknesses .. and retain a sense of humour #_* I was taught to be aware of what is .. to be aware of THE FACTS = human behaviour and human attitudes. Simply to observe and see "what is" without any opinion. To look beyond the personal image and see the energy behind events on all levels and remain neutral [balanced].

I was researching: Scotland YES for Independence .. and this began to teach me a few things that are relevant to our day to day existence. For example .. if we do not change now we won't change the future. Progression is related to the energy of the NOW. Also .. that change is Nature = is natural and is not such a big problem .. except for those stuck in the past!

Scottish Independence without WARS?? Without violence?? Wow! How advanced ...

Scotland YES? Just Rebuild Hadrian's Wall !!
There is a recurring aggressive / regressive obsession regarding the September 18, 2014 [Year of the Horse] vote for an Independent Scotland .. including threats and [political] bullying and general arrogance towards the [Celtic Gaelic] Scots.

Why is Year of the Horse so relevant? Scottish National animal is a UNICORN !!

The political and financial bullying from the NO side create new THREATS of a border and passports "wall" to be set up if Scotland vote YES for INDEPENDENCE... Just rebuild Hadrian's wall and add a second wall. You can add as many walls as you wish #_+ ... Go ahead and build them!

I am not talking about political issues in this post .. but simply observing human behaviour! Why not wish the Scots well no matter what? Be friendly .. be compasionate ?? Is the so-called UNION based on violence .. bullying and petty threats ?? If the Scots vote NO they are safe and if the Scots vote YES the UNION will work to destroy them ... Go ahead! Destroy them #_#

Video: Cymru'n Cefnogi Annibyniaeth | Wales Supporting Independence

The theoretical model of election of PUBLIC SERVANTS is that those elected are there to SERVE all of society. Some say public servants are elected to serve THE PEOPLE .. but that is in itself too narrow. In reality they are theoretically elected to serve society as a whole. This means to serve everyone and not only one political faction that elected them into so-called power.

What is the problem with cohesive cultural sovereignty and World co-operation?

Why is Scotland being threatened with all kinds of negative: You will fail [garbage] .. just because they decide for themselves to choose potential Independence? What is this alien culture of threats and threats and more threats ?? Is that a UNION ?? WITHOUT ME YOU WILL FAIL !!

Usually .. in economic and financial terms .. one party desperately holds onto another out of dependence. Personal relationships are a reflection of interrelated social relationships where the dependent and benefiting party threatens the structure they are feeding off. Without me you are toast!

This is a very dysfunctional relationship [union] .. !!

I hope I make sense and I hope this is clear? If Scotland is a HOPELESS CASE with INDEPENDENCE .. this means Scotland is already a hopeless case NOW. It means that Scotland is a complete social case totally dependent on London now and in the future .. DUH !! Do they mean England are paying for Scotland to EXIST? Is this some kind of reverse [wealth] ECONOMICS?

I don't think so !!

I will not go into details .. and this may sound a bit strange ?? The fact is I was born with full awareness of Celtic cultural heritage going back many thousands of years to the Picts. ALBA [Scotland] was a Pictish settlement before the arrival of the Celts. Genetically the Celts interbred with the Picts as they inherited the Northern Highlands .. and so they are ONE.

The problem we have on Earth is that some genetics do not CONVERGE = they are not compatible! This is not a RACIAL issue .. but is a deep genetic issue we do not currently understand. If we understood this event then possibly all wars on Earth would END !!

What is this violence and threats and aggression over a simple internal cultural [decision] for Scottish Independence? Why not wish the people of Scotland a spirit of well being? Why not wish the people of Scotland FREEDOM? Where is the SPIRIT of DEMOCRACY? Why not wish them love?


I see so many NEGATIVE THREATS sent out to the people of Scotland .. you have no power .. you are weak .. you are dependent .. we will build walls against you .. you depend on us .. you need us!

Be happy that you free yourselves from such a pathetic weak CULTURE !! Be happy you can go forward politically and socially without this weak economic Scottish drag on your RESOURCES. The problem is .. why threaten and bully and deny Scottish Independence if the Scots are are a DISADVANTAGE?

The "problem" is karmic incarnations or re-incarnation!

I know what I am talking about .. but I am not going to explain it! The Incarnation factor or the re-incarnation factor is not totally understood in current philosophy! Truth is a pathless land! Many wars on Earth are related to incarnations and SOUL ISSUES. This is another unresolved issue within current Earth environments .. but it is relevant! I hope you understand the complex collective Earth environment issues involved!