Friday, September 12, 2014

Demolition Dust: Three Easy Solutions

1. Biochemical Eye Drops
2. Cayenne Onion Syrup
3. Homemade Soup Broth
..Pray for rain

It was raining the whole day today! I guess that was a nice co-incidence!

I am still waiting for my Venta Air Purifier so that I can do my test. The test will take a few days as I want to film the clean water and then each day film how dirty the water gets as the Air Purifier works. I am going to do a closed window test first to get all this dirt out of my apartment .. and maybe I also do an open window test later.

While I wait for the Venta Air Purifier I tried a few things of my own to stop the itchy eyes and bubbly mucus around the upper bronchial tubes and throat. Stopping the itchy eyes was easy because I know of very good biochemical therapy (homeopathic) eye drops. I think they are only in German: ISO Augentropfen C based on Dr. Schüssler mineral salts.

Did you know that tears have antimicrobial, nourishing, mechanical, and optical properties? That they contain components such as growth factors and vitamins to support the functions of the eyes? The eye drops worked straight away and the itchy eyes irritation has gone.

If you have micro fibers from demolition dust irritating the eyes .. there is no way to tell is this fiberglass or asbestos? If you rub itchy eyes all you are going to do is rub the micro fivers into the eye tissue. I tried everything I could before the eye drops and nothing worked. Washing the eyes out with water did not help and soap did not help either.

The other less known issue with demolition dust and bad air in general is: Bacteria and fungi or mold [especially black mold]. There are a lot of organic life forms living inside and outside a building. Especially in an old building some kind of mold or fungi would be present. Spreading all that out into the air with the micro dust would also cause dry irritated eyes.

To protect the lungs and bronchial tubes I decided to try out my Cayenne Pepper Onion Syrup. That also worked within two hours of taking teaspoons of the onion syrup. All I did was finely chop an onion and add crushed garlic [optional]. To that mix I add cayenne pepper and I cover the whole mix with maple syrup. Within 4-6 hours a watery syrup is made by the onion juice. This recipe irritates the throat and bronchial tubes to throw out mucus and detox.

I have used this recipe for colds and bronchitis [that I rarely get] .. so I took the opportunity to test this out on fine dust lung irritation. The reason why is this: The live enzymes in the raw onions [and garlic] are key to the healing process. Onions are a great detox vegetable and blood purifier. This is a nice overview of the purifying benefits of onions and garlic: Miracle of Onions & Garlic

Because the onion is raw I never store the syrup in the fridge! I make a small amount and I use it straight away = one teaspoon every hour. If you want to know measurements? I just add the cayenne pepper to my own taste. If you do not like hot spicy food then add a little and after 2 hours you can taste the syrup and add more cayenne if you want. In the past I have also used only onions and garlic without the spicy cayenne pepper powder.

The homemade syrup put an end to the throat dust irritation!

Homemade soup! When I want to detox fast I do not eat any solid food over a number of days. I simply drink soup broth. When the body has to digest solid food [even if only vegetables] more energy is used to digest than to detoxify. I like to give the digestive organs [liver kidneys] a rest and have only fluid soup broth removing toxins from the body.

Some people might want to add chicken or fish? I only use watery vegetables and fresh spices / herbs. I do not add rice or potatoes to the soup because the rice only soaks up all the water and potatoes are starchy. After a few days I add small amount of rice or fresh tofu to steam on top of the soup and I eat the cooked rice with the soup broth.

I like to add celery and leaks with onions and crushed garlic .. crushed ginger and fresh lemongrass. I flavour lightly with soy sauce and curry powder .. sometimes chilli peppers .. parsley .. coriander. I make a slightly bitter tasting soup with whatever fresh watery vegetables and herbs I can find that are in season! Sometimes I add no seasoning nor salt and drink only the cooked vegetable water.

The reason for the soup is to internally support organ and colon detox .. because the glandular system as well as the glands and organs [mainly the colon] all have to detox whatever pollutants enter the skin .. eyes or through the gut.

What are the dangers of demolition dust? Pulverised concrete dust .. crystalline silica .. activities that involve crushing - cutting - breaking and grinding walls or masonry .. concrete and bricks can produce fine silica dust! There is also the unknown question of fiberglass or asbestos in the walls or roof of old buildings.

This demolition dust disaster made me more aware of something we all take for granted when we have it and that is fresh air! We don't have smog here .. fog is also uncommon in recent years [so far so good]. I think people do not have to accept that there is nothing they can do to combat badly polluted air.

I also discovered a different type of Air Purifier without filters. I just don't want to change filters .. I find them too impractical. I see that I can also get a UV Plasma Ionisator Air Cleaner with a six stage cleaning process. It says: Easily clean without buying new filters! That sounds good... This one does not humidify the air! I love technology! I would love to test this one too #_#