Thursday, September 11, 2014

Demolition Dust! I Will Test Venta Airwash LW15

I ordered the Venta Airwash LW15 from Amazon [@ 90 Euro]

The story background is: I always wanted to buy and test a Venta Airwash Humidifier for many years. Being Scottish #_# .. I thought to myself that the air cannot be so bad [where I live] to justify buying an Airwash Humidifier! If I lived in a place where I had to deal with smog and extremely fine particle polluted air .. then I would buy an air cleaner .. but we don't have smog issues where I live.

Basically the Venta Airwash is made in Germany and is based on "cold evaporation technology" with a 1.3 gallon water reservoir .. a two speed push button [on the LW15 model] and no filters. Dust .. fine particles .. pollen .. smoke and mites are filtered out of the air using water.

Maybe I should have ordered Venta LW25 .. but as this is a TEST and I seriously do want to find out if it works .. I decided to try out the smaller one first! The Venta Air System is a humidifier and purifier in one. Video: How It Works [English]

Why am I doing this?

Days ago an old three story brick and concrete building [across the road] began to be demolished. At first I did not notice anything .. as they began to first demolish the back part of the building. I imagine the front blocked the fine dust particles from drifting in my direction and in through my open window.

I always keep a window open 24/24 Summer and Winter. It does not matter how cold it gets .. I keep one window tipped open [but now my window is closed]. It took three days of gradual demolition of the front part of the building for me to start feeling the effects in my eyes .. nose and bronchial tubes.

At first I did not pay attention to my itchy eyes syndrome and dry nose .. but then began the dry irritation of the bronchial tubes [due to the very fine demolition dust]. Later I will post a really great video! I thought it was fun to test out my new Panasonic HC V-550 90x intelligent zoom.

I began to test the V-550 video camera filming the roadside demolition from my apartment .. and because I am height level with the opposite three story building I got amazing artistic footage filmed in a way people do not usually film the demolition of a building.

The eye of an artists is all about colour .. depth and field. It is about unusual angles and looking at life in unusual ways .. like close up and raw video. An artist does not always need nice wide angle perspective and sharp HD focus. Art is about atmosphere and depth!

ART can also be linked to danger .. trials and tribulations and also discovering solutions. Art is never static and is not only related to drawings .. ink .. sketches and paintings. The artists can also inspire people to seek understand and self-created solutions = inner depth of field!

Sorry! I got carried away #_*

I am not a promotionalist for Venta Air Purifier. I don't yet know if this is going to work .. because it has not arrived. I am going to test it out in what I would imagine is one of the worst fine dust environments I have ever experienced. The demolition people still have one-third of the building to go and then all that cleaning up of the debris!

Demolition Dust!
I am going to do a series of videos [maybe one big video] of the problem and the solutions I personally test on myself to deal with this fine particle demolition disaster. My principle is this: When misfortune occurs you find a solution and share it with the greater society. This is a Celtic principle that is still alive today despite all attempts to destroy it over the last few hundred years!

I am going to test the Venta Airwash in what I consider to be one of the worst environments [where I am forced to keep my windows closed]. Even the coldest extreme winters do not force me to close my windows at night .. nor during the day! How will I know if it works? I will know!

This post is "Part One": Demolition Dust .. with all the associated symptoms and casual evidence. For example .. I just went down to my car that I always keep clean and washed and I filmed what accounts to 3-4 days demolition dust on the car parked downwind from the demolition site. The car was stationary over 3-4 days with no rain and my first warning signal was when I noticed a thick layer of dirt all over the car.

This is my [sort of] evidence. I know that this does not happen to parked cars in this area = heavy thick and yet very fine varieties of grey and red-orange dust layering the cars. The grey dust is probably concrete and the red dust probably comes from the bricks. What extreme fine particles floated into my apartment that I do not see and cannot see?

I think to myself .. okay .. people around the world often do not have good air. Many people experience affects of micro fine particle pollution that can cause asthma attacks .. that can cause allergy reactions. These micro fine particles can affect the glands [as well as the glandular system] .. and they obviously affect the lungs and heart.

So .. why do I not just accept this?

Because that is the true Celtic spirit not to accept .. but to find a solution and share it. The Celts do not file a PATENT and sell it to the community! The Celts search for solutions and share openly without seeking personal gain. Because .. the health of the greater community is directly linked to one's own well-being. When the community around you is sick .. then by default you are "sick".

Sorry! I got carried away again #_*

To make all of this clear... Here are the physical symptoms that alerted me to an invisible unseen micro dust danger that I was breathing in. I could not see the micro particles with my eyes .. but I could observe and feel them through the physical reactions of my body. I will try to go into this in more detail in later posts to educate people.

Late At Night
One would think that late at night when everything is still and quite that there is no need to close the window and there is no danger from demolition micro dust of the unknown kind! W R O N G !! I thought the same and I slept with the window open feeling "safe". Then my body began to rebel and warn me.
To make things clear! I do not have allergies. I do not suffer from asthma. I do not suffer from bronchitis or any kind of breathing difficulties. I do not have dry-eye. I do not suffer eye irritations. I am not allergic to dust and I am not allergic to dust mites.
Late into the night I woke up with dry cough irritation. I had ignored three days of strange itchy eyes .. but there was no red eye tissue irritation / inflammation. All I knew was that around the eyelashes [fine dust] there was this constant itchy irritation that spread to the skin on my face #_#

The moment I decided to buy the Venta Airwash was when I woke up [twelve hours ago] and bubbly mucus was coming out around my throat and upper bronchial tubes in the early hours of the morning. I never experienced anything like this in my entire life! What is this bubbly mucus? It is an attempt by my body to block and [at the same time] throw out micro irritants. I will go into this in more detail in other posts and videos.

You see! I love my body and I respect my body .. I trust my body.

I am not sick .. I am not ill .. I am not suffering from allergies! I simply know a challenge when I see it. Within 12 hours I found effective solutions to the micro fine dust in the eyes and in the lungs [upper bronchial region] and in the nose .. because I breath through my nose and not through my mouth.

The solutions I found block and detox aggressive micro dust pollution!

I also instinctively know I have to find a way to clean the indoor air [the indoor micro dust] .. because it is now in my apartment no matter what I do = floating around or has landed on my duvet cover similar to the car .. but totally invisible / unseen.

You may ask! How will you know if the Venta Airwash Test works? I will know!

I will do this test over many weeks / months .. because I know that dangerous micro particles do not just disappear. They hang around! Don't ask me why .. I just know this! Once they are in an enclosed space like an apartment .. they circulate and circulate. I will go into this in more detail in later posts.

All I say for now is this: If the inner environment you breathe is mostly the air inside a building? You need to keep that inner building air clean .. because that is what you are breathing every day! I always see a challenge as a way to help my fellow humans. Life is much bigger than us. So .. here we go !!