Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Demolition Dust: Why Venta Air Wash!

I am still waiting for my Venta Air Wash (Air Purifier) .. because the seller cancelled my order due to being "out of stock". I have to admit that I knew not to go for the 90 euro offer but to go direct to Amazon's own 135 euro offer. I just knew it was not going to work .. but I went ahead and learned by my mistake!

Tomorrow with one day free delivery direct from Amazon I will receive my VENTA AIRWASHER and I will do unboxing video .. but this may take a few days because I want to film day-by-day dirty water effect [if any]. I do not know what to expect!

Let me explain the logic of my decision to order the German built Venta LW 15 Air Purifier. I could have ordered the Plasma Air Filter .. that I also want to test at some point. Here are the facts behind choosing the Venta Air Washer.

Venta Air Purifiers are also humidifiers!

I checked my apartment barometer and indoor air moisture ranges [in September] between 65-70% humidity at 25°C with clear skies. Why would I choose an air purifier that is also a humidifier when local indoor humidity is 65-70% = not really the ideal conditions for using a humidifier !!

Firstly .. I want to EXPERIMENT!

I do not have a conventional linear mind. I like to test things out for myself. I like to see things with my own eyes. I am not afraid to test things out. I am not afraid to challenge the illusions of conventional wisdom. The example is that I have 65-70% humidity and I am about to used Venta Air Washer to clean the air !! Very Scottish !!

Air Washer [Purifier] Logic
My pre-test logic is this: I have no idea if this is going to work. I have to test it all out. My logic tells me that I already have 65-70% air humidity with dirt and pollution and irritating micro-dust and unknown carcinogentic particles. My mind tells me = forget the 65-70% humidity .. you have to find the most efficient way to remove all that dirt from indoor air.

The next stage of my logic [that I have yet to test and prove] is that water potentially removes micro-fine particles and dust from indoor air better than any other "filter" system. I do not know if this is true! I just have this instinct that maybe this is true.

From my own perspective [and this is typical Scottish logic] .. if I can successfully remove all the dirty air particles and carcinogenic dust pollution from my indoor environment do I really care what the apartment air humidity is? Currently I live with 65-70% indoor air humidity that includes dust .. pollen .. micro-dust and air pollution .. from cars and demolition site.

I am going to test a number of factors.
I want to observe if indoor air humidity changes? Increases? Decreases?

DO I get rid of the dust? How do I feel / breathe? Is indoor air quality better? Can the Venta overcome the irritating DEMOLITION DUST? To be honest .. if the Venta overcomes this Demolition Dust Devil .. I personally do not care about indoor air humidity. At the same time I will pay attention to my barometer readings as I test the Venta Air Purifier.

The biggest issue for me is: Can I leave my window open?

I have noticed at night and in the early hours of the morning when I think I can open the window because there is no demolition activity .. the air quality I breathe gets worse. That I am in more danger at night than during the day from demolition fine particle pollution. I share with you my theories about this. Be aware that these are my own theories through personal observation.

Everyone assumes that Sun active air currents move dust and micro-particles up and into the surrounding air = air currents and wind currents and wind directions. But have any of you been aware that WIND SUCKS ??

When I say that wind sucks .. I do not mean mega gigantic atmospheric conditions [that do exist] .. I mean micro-sucking magnetic actions that we humans barely pay attention to .. but are potentially most dangerous of all... I am talking about fungi micro-spore levels that are so subtle it is currently beyond the levels of human scientific awareness.

Just for fun imagine that fungi level spores levitate and spread and expand using unseen magnetic frequencies [plus levels of moisture only observed at night]. In my own experience pollen .. fungi spores and mold .. plus micro-dust particles activate and levitate at night due to Earth's magnetic principle. It is essentially a magnetic phenomenon we do not currently understand.

Because demolition micro dust is constantly in the air 24/24 .. no matter what .. day and night. I can do whatever I want to cleanse internal body pollution / effects! The fact is I have to somehow stop breathing micro dust in my apartment = I have to neutralise it = dust particles.

Basically .. until I can test and show the evidence .. all I have are my experiences and my theories. Having shared with you all aspects of the logic I apply to this problem .. I hope in the next few days to share the results of my experiments.

At the same time this is an unusual and strange experiment on many levels .. as I do not adhere to the common values shared by people of linear thought.

Basically .. I do not care about humidity levels [that contain dirty contaminated polluted air]. I want to find out if filtering polluted air through water changes my indoor environment and protects my health!

I still have to edit my Demolition Dust video !!