Saturday, September 20, 2014

I Ching: A European Federation

The system is broken and fragmented
and cannot be fixed - it can only be replaced.

The I Ching never ceases to amaze me! When used correctly and with great patience the Book of Changes will ignore the individual [questioner] and will simply tell it as it is. The post has two parallel views: One is the current state of the EU and where it is currently going .. and the other view is the result of dreams from the future.

What do I mean by: Dreams from the future? In a sense we are the future! Not only because our actions create the world's path into the future .. but because we will live in the future we create now. Not only do we inherit the future across our individual life spans on this Planet .. but we reincarnate to live again in the world we formed when we were alive. Apart from all that the most important factor is the journey of our soul and the cultivation of primal chi = love = compassion. You don't take all your riches with you when you die .. but you do take the energy of what you cultivated = negative or positive emotions and states of mind.

The current image of the EU is:
46. Sheng Pushing Upward / Growing Upward

The pushing upward of the good elements encounters no obstruction and is therefore accompanied by great success. The pushing upward is made possible not by violence but by modesty and adaptability. Since the individual is borne along by the propitiousness of the time, he advances. He must go to see authoritative people. He need not be afraid to do this, because success is assured. But he must set to work, for activity (this is the meaning of “the south”) brings good fortune.

Six at the beginning means:
Pushing upward that meets with confidence
Brings great good fortune.

This is the situation at the beginning of ascent. Just as wood draws strength for its upward push from the root, which in itself is in the lowest place, so the power to rise comes from this low and obscure station. But there is a spiritual affinity with the rulers above, and this solidarity creates the confidence needed to accomplish something.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
But because of the moving line: Six in the first place. The related [following] Hexagram is 12. P'i Hinderence / Stagnation.
12. P'i Hindrance / Standstill Stagnation

Sequence of the Gua: Tai is advance without hindrance, but this condition does not remain forever. Thus, after Advance, Hindrance follows.

The Complete I Ching - Master Alfred Huang
Wilhelm's translation of 12. P'i is: STANDSTILL.
Evil people do not further The perseverance of the superior man. The great departs; the small approaches.
I would say here is a sign of a potentially good project going bad. Rather than moving ahead .. it stagnates!
The way of inferior people is in ascent; the way of superior people is on the decline. But the superior people do not allow themselves to be turned from their principles. If the possibility of exerting influence is closed to them, they nevertheless remain faithful to their principles and withdraw into seclusion.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
The meaning could not be clearer .. and this relates to everything we see happening in the World today. The inferior force is self-interest / greed / fear / misuse of power. It is sort of like when there are gamblers in the house who use everyone's resources to feed their addictions. There is going to come a point where the family realise that everything they worked for collectively is GONE.

Rather than have scenes of violent upheaval! I feel that there is still the potential to use intelligence of change rather than violent change. Because violent change solves nothing. That is what humans have been doing for thousands of years and has anything really changed? Do we have peace?

A European Federation
This reading is part of my inquiry into British Federation .. European Federation and in my next post: A Planetary Federation. I will relate this directly to the I Ching [Book of Changes]. I have an unusual mind .. and I do not use the I Ching to see future events and not physical events. It's all about energy / energy pathways and collective psychic energy.

So .. how does the future connect to your dreams and communicate with you? First of all there are different futures. The future is not a linear one path event! The future is full of holes. You could say dimensional holes of many probable futures all existing now .. but we usually cannot see other dimensions.

The next misconception is that we all share the same future. Not necessarily .. as people of like mind travel together through space and time creating and experiencing their paths together through many portals of existence. So .. the Dali Lama may incarnate into an alternative future timeline .. but he may not incarnate into this created future.

Why would the future then warn us to change direction? Compassion!

Our World is currently in a primary child state and we are not making the grade of self-responsible planetary communities who are balanced and capable enough to govern our own affairs in peace and with respect. Europe does not want to admit it! But they are fractured and divided in their direction and outlook. Major fault lines are appearing and no one seems to know how to deal with them.

In the age of technology and the internet .. countries and states are still using political and financial systems from the Middle Ages. Just think about that! Do you drive a car or a horse and cart? The political systems still drive a horse and cart! Politically and financially we are living in the past within a modern highly technological World!

How do horse and cart political system use the Internet?
Spying #_# Oh! Wow! That is really advanced !!

What is currently happening is that the so-called Independence Movements are slowly becoming a political force within Europe. Rather than fight to destroy the system .. they say: Okay! Let's create something new based on new principles. They are not going into direct conflict! They are saying: How can we move around the system to create Federal States.

The key problem we face today is that it is acceptable to create change through war protests and violence .. but it is not okay to create change through peaceful referendums. In this respect we have the last Hexagram 12. P'i Hindrance / Stagnation with all that is implied.

The communities calling for Independence are not trying to destroy .. they are trying to build. Here we are back to the horse and cart analogy. The horse and cart system does not want to be overtaken by a car! Even on the motorway we all have to drive behind the horse and cart.

We have this technological revolution together with the Internet .. but the human being is to live back in the Middle Ages psychologically and also physically in terms of poverty and social deprivation. This is what I mean about mankind living in a primary child state.

The communities calling for the creation of Independent Federal States are not destroying society. These people want to create modern systems that work. The key positive energy behind this process is that it is peaceful [therefore superior in its goals]. At the same time the sign of Stagnation relates to an attempt to keep things as they are = corruption.

I may be wrong? I think the I Ching is indicating that change will only come about through a shared response where the greater society understands what is at stake and there is a peaceful shared transition. As the current situation is that those who seek change are perceived as "a danger"
When, owing to the influence of inferior men, mutual mistrust prevails in public life, fruitful activity is rendered impossible, because the fundaments are wrong. Therefore the superior man knows what he must do under such circumstances; he does not allow himself to be tempted by dazzling offers to take part in public activities. This would only expose him to danger, since he cannot assent to the meanness of the others. He therefore hides his worth and withdraws into seclusion.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
The cracks and fragmentation with the EU are getting bigger [not smaller] and no one seems to want to even consider that this is because there is something inherently wrong with the model and operation. Related to this is a much more subtle factor that everyone underestimates.

The subtle factor is: Who changes the program!

It's kind of like the question: Do you overtake the horse and cart? Are you ALLOWED to overtake the horse and cart? If there are laws that state: Thou shalt not overtake any horse and cart under any circumstance... Then everyone has to drive behind the horse and cart system.

This analogy is related to the Internet and society at large as well as those currently running the political and financial systems. These are a generation who do not understand the Internet in any way shape or form. That is partly what I mean about the horse and cart.

The Internet is not about having a mobile phone! The Internet is an extension of the human mind .. where we humans are interacting with the internet and interacting with our own minds. You have many layers of the Internet all seamlessly interacting .. and it is ALL ONE INTERNET. Even the spying has to seamlessly interact with the whole Internet = we are all interconnected.

There is a standing generation who have no clue about the Internet .. why it exists .. what it is for and how it will develop in the future. So .. what are they doing? Because they do not understand it they are trying to restrict it. Again we are back to the horse and cart! Let's slow down the Internet!

Not only do they not understand the Internet .. but they really do not understand the changes it is bringing to the Planet. Trying to use the Internet as a medium of control is like trying to bang a nail into a piece of wood using your mobile phone.

The Internet can be used as a platform for peace. It is not really about social interactions. Social media is the sideline of the real force that is the Internet. Social media is part of the interactions that take place .. but it is not the core function. The Internet is like a brain .. like an external brain [mirror to ourselves] and everything that takes place in terms of interactions relies on that open interactive structure. Seamless operation of multilevel communications.

In a way the internet is already a Planetary Federation in cyber space!