Saturday, August 30, 2014

Volcanic Masters of Water [Alchemy]

In a future life .. I fly anti-gravity sky disks #_*

Okay! So: The future is the present .. is the past!

To understand volcanoes and their relation to "climate" .. you have to somehow understand the past - the present and the future. How do you understand the future? You understand by observing the past [geology] .. by observing the present [your life incarnation timeline] .. and this helps you understand the future. Essentially .. the signature of the future exists now.

Why are volcanoes [fire] the Masters of Water?

Fire and water are related .. but science does not understand this relationship. In the future we will have to understand the yin yang relationship of the elements fire and water .. understand the relationship of masculine and feminine .. of positive and negative and magnetism = the four directions.

Water is very important to mankind and fire is very important to mankind. All life forms on Earth are a precise combination of fire and water! Life is a precise combination of water and fire... Water and fire have the same origins. There is water in fire and there is fire in water.

Volcanoes: Masters of The Future
North America was once covered in a gigantic sheet of ice .. covered in absolutely giant glaciers that we call The Ice Age. All this ice melted to create the world we know today. How did all that ice melt without an industrialized world and cars and greenhouse gasses ??

Planet Earth is a living beyond intelligent life system .. of which volcanoes are a part. Volcanoes and volcanic activity are not only about heat fire and intense pressure! Volcanoes are also about ice .. water and life!

Volcanoes create more life than they destroy!

In the icy Northern hemisphere [Iceland / Alaska / Kamchatka Peninsula] active volcanoes [eruptions] combine frozen glacial surface water with deep underground fire [magma] and deep underground water vents. Yin is the female force .. the Moon [Water]. Yang is the Male force .. the Sun [fire].

On Earth fire and water combine to create life on this Planet.

When volcanoes in Iceland erupt there is an intelligent combination of water and fire .. of fire and water. Ice .. fire and deep underground water all expand out into the lower and upper Earth atmosphere. This activity is not an ACCIDENT.

Within the Sun there is water and within the hot magma there is water [life].

Yin and yang .. hot and cool .. is part of one unified process throughout the whole Universe. Also .. in the Universe there are hot star clouds surrounded by cool [water] dark matter. The cool dark matter [water] contains the vibrant fire of hot star clouds and Suns...

Here on Earth the same process is taking place as in the deep space Universe. As above .. so below! Volcanoes .. glacial ice and deep underground water sources play the same intricate game as the deep space Universe. The same process is going on within human beings: Heat / fire .. cool/ water.

You have to observe and understand your yin and yang forces!

Volcanoes are the MASTERS of WATER ...

If you can put your mind deep underground! There is an unending process of deep relationship between explosive fire / heat [magma] .. and water [surface ice] but also deep underground water. Under the surface of the Earth there are magma vets and there are powerful water channels.

Why do they exist?

Just as male and female create life .. fire and water create life!

Volcanic glacial eruptions on Iceland will [over time] alter the Earth's climate .. the same as your body !! You are maybe not aware of the ongoing intelligent temperature process within your own body that regulates your health? Your body regulates its temperature in relation to the Planet you live on!

When there is glacial volcanic activity [eruptions] on Iceland .. you are talking about deep underground water vents as well as heat / explosive magma combining with surface ice glaciers .. all of which are sent out into the Earth's atmosphere as heat water and gas.

I have a deeper level I want to go into later related to climatic balance.

This is the combination of heat [fire] and oxygen [ water] balance.