Friday, August 15, 2014

Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Contamination & Probiotic Bacteria

BACKGROUND: Probiotics are live microorganisms, which as drugs or food supplements help to maintain health beneficial microbial balance in the digestive tract of a human or other host. Probiotics by their properties may help strengthen homeostasis and thus reduce side effects associated with cancer treatment. Experimental evidence suggests that probiotics might have beneficial effect on the toxicity of anticancer therapy.

METHODS: A computer-based literature search was carried out using PubMed (keywords: "probiotic" and "lactic acid bacteria" in association with the search terms "cancer" or "oncology" or "chemotherapy" or "radiation"); data reported at international meetings were included.
Probiotic bacteria in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

This is not intended as "health advice" .. it is simply my own personal theory gathered from my own experience and observation = I am not a researcher. I would suggest that researchers look more closely at the effects of Nuclear Radiation [contamination] effects on healthy probiotic bacteria in the body.

To understand beneficial probiotics one also has to understand their relationship to bacteria .. fungi and yeast [candida]. It is all one cycle. Yin yang balance = bacteria yeast and fungi break down unhealthy or dead matter. That is what they are designed to do. Beneficial probiotics build healthy tissue and functions within all physical material bodies.

What does Nuclear Radioactive Contamination do? It promotes the growth of fungus .. bacteria .. parasites and yeast [Candida] while destroying natural healthy probiotic bacteria. Where does Nuclear Radioactive contamination destroy healthy probiotic bacteria? In fish .. plants and animals .. birds and humans? On the skin .. tissue of the eyes .. nose .. mouth .. gut .. deeper tissue and organs.

You have to think of the skin as being an undivided whole connected to the deeper tissues .. blood .. organs .. muscles and skeletal / glandular systems. By this I mean that beneficial gut bacteria are not only in the intestines .. but they are all over the body. One could say they are the Grail Secret of Life for physical material existence.

I am quite sure probiotics keep bones healthy and elastic!

Having read other materials from other sources it would appear that chemo radiation therapy also completely destroys any health probiotic bacteria in the gut! That cancer is a fungus! What does fungus do when beneficial probiotics are removed? The fungus and yeast take over the local environment. Just apply this to the world outside...

I imagine that radiation has two sides like yin and yang. Natural radiation supports life and human use of radiation destroys life. Why does Nuclear Contamination destroy life? Because it is a background force TO LIFE !! Therefore .. life can give life and sustain life or the same force can withdraw life = destroy material existence and return all molecules back to the molecular source.

Plutonium is not "out of control". The problem is that humans do not understand what is taking place. Humans are in awe of God like destructive forces. People worship out of control forces when in reality they can be reduced back to a non-invasive state. The raging tiger can be transformed into a kitten. The raging tiger can kill you .. the kitten is another state [stage] of the same force.

Is it possible Nuclear Radioactive Contamination destroys many levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria and promotes mold .. yeast .. fungi .. bacteria and parasites? Is it possible that beneficial probiotics can reverse those effects? I don't know?

February 2014 I wrote: Radioactive Contamination... Fungi & Probiotic Bacteria

The human race on Earth is relatively young in terms of the Universe and we are currently playing with forces we really do not understand. It is this lack of UNDERSTANDING and not the forces themselves that are a danger. If we understood those forces we could return them to their harmless colloidal state. We humans are dividing ourselves through endangering all levels of physical existence.

One could say we currently have a large percentage of four years old's [mental state] in the bodies of adults. The physical body may be an adult but the mental state is of a four year old child. Just give a four year old child radioactive materials .. they don't know any better than to play with it !!

In essence .. there is a relationship between radiation .. fungi .. yeast (Candida) .. bacteria .. mold and beneficial probiotics. I am talking about BALANCE .. positive and negative / yin and yang .. Qi life force. When the energy swings to death there is the growth of mold .. yeast .. fungi .. bacteria. When the energy swings to life there is the growth of beneficial probiotics throughout the body.

If you see fish dying? Look at their guts! Look at the probiotic bacteria! Look at the fungi/mold and parasites/yeast growth. If you see animals dying? Do the same! Observe the micro-molecular state of the tissue .. look at bacteria .. fungi .. yeast and bacteria and where are the beneficial probiotics?

I am not sure if anything I have written is clear enough? I leave it at that!

The next key is: Water may carry radioactive contamination around the world but it is not affected by it. There you have the secret neutralizing factor and the REAL POWER on this Planet or within the entire Universe .. the secrets of water !! The mystery of water !!