Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Demolition Dust: Venta Air Purifier [Part One]

I am one week into my Venta Air Purifier experience .. that I chose in order to to deal with local across the road major building [fine] demolition dust. I personally know of Scottish ship building workers [1905's] whose lungs were damaged by asbestos dust.

Asbestos related deaths death are similar to the recent deaths in Japan's Mount Ontake eruption where the people closest to the eruption could not breathe due to the volcanic gasses. The lungs are filled with particles and gasses .. where the heart can no longer function.

Naturally we all have to face death at some point in our lives... A close encounter with a volcano one cannot overcome! But .. some situations we can prevent. Our lungs are our life force!

Week One: Testing The Venta
I am still testing Venta and have not edited my videos because I am looking for a long term view of the reality of this type of Air Purifier. I have to admit the Venta Air Purifier does increase air humidity. I will try to expand and explain this...

The Venta LW 15 has two levels: One low and one high [fan humidity distribution]. At first I used the high output and I kept the Venta close to me [working at the computer] and then close to me when sleeping. Always set on the highest level .. that I later found produces higher levels of humidity!

At first I thought: The closer the better!

My room humidit was between 65% to 70% .. and with the Venta set a level two I observed an increase in humidity to 75%. But .. I was not too worried about this as all I wanted to do was make sure micro-fine polluting particles were washed out of the air I was breathing. I have to add that from day one this was true!

At the same time I noticed over the next few days that if I kept the Venta close to me at the computer and when sleeping that my clothes were slightly damp and my duvet was slightly damp. Now .. Venta advise to keep the Air Washer in the middle of the room away from furniture and beds. Now I know why!

I moved the Venta into a central point in the room and turned the setting down from two to one. When using the second [higher] setting more moisture is sent into the room atmosphere. I used a small ceramic heater to offset the humidity from the Venta .. and that worked!

Once I moved the Venta into a central position I noticed that the barometer air humidity then dropped from 75% to 65% .. with a reduction in the damp effect on my clothing. I am not too bothered about humidity .. all I want is to filter out the micro-particles that can damage the lungs.

One thing I noticed is that all nose throat and lung irritations [day and night] were removed when I used the Venta Airwasher. Technically .. room air is sucked into the Venta Airwasher by a rotating fan [that is totally silent]. Cool humid air is silently blown out of two side of the Venta Air Purifier.

I am not a scientist .. but I noticed the cool humid air from the Venta seemed allow my lungs to naturally expel water fluid internal irritation without harsh / aggressive inflamed mucus I had earlier. Basically .. since using the Venta Air Purifier I no longer have the dry irritating "Demolition Dust" issues / problems.

Eye dust irritations disappeared .. I could open my window to outside air! Throat dust irritations disappeared .. and bronchial lung irritations also disappeared. The only technology issue is the water and the humidity.

I controlled internal room humidity issue by moving the Venta away from my computer desk and not placing the Venta close to my head when sleeping. If you have 65% humidity and you place the Airwasher close to a duvet then all you get is a damp duvet cover!

When I moved the Venta away from all absorbent materials such as clothing and bedding then the damp issues were no longer a problem. I also noticed that if I keep the Venta at Setting 1 [low] then Barometer humidity returns to normal. Otherwise I got +5 humidity reading above local humidity.

Next I did some research and I discovered that ultra-modern UV Plasma Ionisator Air Cleaners do not filter out pollen and other similar micro particles... I won't be testing those .. and this is why I instinctively opted for the Air Washer!

Being Scottish I do not want to endlessly buy AIR FILTERS !! At the same time I do not want asbestos dust and fiber-glass embedded in my lungs...

I don't know why I feel this ?? But I feel that we may be facing more and more inner city demolitions as the economic crisis develops. The reasons for this are two-fold: 1. Breaking down the old to build the new is an essential part of economic growth and ecological adaptation. 2. Our inner city buildings are adapted to an older climate model that is currently changing.

I have more to say on this subject later...