Sunday, October 05, 2014

I Ching: Hong Kong

39. Chien Obstruction / :
Water on the mountain:
The image of OBSTRUCTION.
Thus the superior man turns his attention to himself
And molds his character.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
Having been a British [no rights to vote] Colony for 156 years Hong Kong saw the end of British colonial rule in 1997 .. when a transfer of authority to China was undertaken under the One Country Two System policy. After 156 years of British colonial rule most people in Hong Kong were denied a British Passport #_#

I was born into this world with very high ideals .. and more than anything else I wanted to see the growth of a world society based on love respect and honour. As a young child I would hear of all the news my parents talked about and it caused me heartache. When people think that little children are just "a child" with no experience .. this is not true. The experience is there!

I have to be honest! At the same time in my life I was aware of and was being taught by mysterious beings who were like Ancient Masters much older than the Earth and Mankind. These Ancient Masters called us humans: Their children. I was using the I Ching [Wilhelm English translation] from around the age of 13 years old. I used the Book of Changes and I taught myself by studying the book.

Partly using the I Ching and partly through direct communication the Ancient Masters taught me not only about direct confrontation but they more importantly taught me that living is an ART. They taught the Art of Living. I wanted to get involved in politics during my student time and they said to me: No! You are not going to waste your life .. it is too precious. They mean .. throw away my life!

Maybe two days ago I decided to use the I Ching to understand the dynamics of the events unfolding in Hong Kong. When I saw the Hexagram I thought to myself: I am not going to post this! I just use it to understand the energies of the future interacting with the now. I placed the large book on top of some Bleach Manga DVDs and I went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up and in the next nano-second the heavy book fell down with a loud crash.

There was no reason for the book to fall as I always sit it on top of the DVDs beside my desk! In the early morning I looked to see what had fallen in the night and to my complete surprise it was The I Ching or Book of Changes. Then I thought maybe there is a reason I should share this reading? For reasons that I currently do not know of!

39. Chien Obstruction / Hardship: Difficulties and obstructions throw a man back upon himself. While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself, and through this introspection the external obstacle becomes for him an occasion for inner enrichment and education.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
Usually people look at life as two opposing forces and we think one is good and one is bad .. one is righteous and one is corrupt. Using the I Ching I was taught to seek the balance of forces and not ask weighted questions. Actually I do not ask questions .. I just look with balanced mind at the energy involved directly balanced as yin and yang forces.

If you ask the I Ching a weighted opinionated question this will influence the resulting Hexagrams. The I Ching will then teach you according to your own nature. On one level the I Ching shows us ourselves and state of our own minds. On another level a calm mind can remain silent and look into the future.

It is important to understand that the future interacts with us now like an ocean. If you are a dolphin and you swim in the ocean then the water around you at any point in space and time is the NOW... The rest of the ocean represents the past and the future. For example .. you just swam from eating fish close to the shore and now you are migrating deeper into the ocean itself. So .. where you are going is the future and it already exists. The I Ching shows: HOW you get there is more important than where you are going.

We currently do not know the physical future as such .. but the energy of the future is touching us now and interacting with us now .. and it is never what we THINK it is to be. In relation to Hong Kong [or any situation] everything is ENERGY. Not only is energy necessary to power our world .. but energy is the key force of the human body and the mind. All physical events are dynamic movements of energy that can also be dynamic stillness.

I use the I Ching to understand the energy or movement of life force.

Life force is much greater than the sum of all humans on the Earth. Life force is so powerful that it seamlessly interacts with every human on the Planet individually while at the same time interacting with the collective. I should also have said that Life Force seamlessly interacts with the individual karmic human where past and future incarnations are related.

The I Ching reading: 39. Chien Obstruction / Hardship has three moving lines. Nine in the third place - Six in the fourth place - Six at the top .. leading to the associated Hexagram 12. P'i Standstill / Stagnation. To understand the energy in terms of yin and yang... What I am trying to say is that EVERYONE is constrained. Events currently stand at an impasse.

I hope this makes sense!

One could say that many diverging interests currently seek power at a time where all those involved are constrained by hindrance: Difficulties and hardship are obstructing all parties. In The Complete I Ching Taoist Master Alfred Huang translates this as Jian Hardship: Originally, Jian meant lame or a lame person. From lame, its meaning extends to encompass difficulty in walking or hardship. Sequence of the Gua: If there is misunderstanding and diversity in a household, surely hardship will result. Thus, after Diversity, Hardship follows.

I could be wrong? I suspect that this is really indicating the need for retreating into general overall necessity of working on one's own inner character [at all levels]. For everyone the current energy is not favourable to moving forward and so we are seeing a restriction.

Never look only at one side .. always look at the energy involved as an undivided whole. In terms of a Planetary Society the entire world is currently unable to find balance. As I observe this I do not think that little by little one fragment of the world will create balance. There is going to have to be what I would describe as a reboot. Installing a new Operating System that interconnects seamlessly.

The struggle that is effecting everyone is the Economy. I think everyone has to be realistic about this. We humans like to see ourselves as intellectual beings who have risen higher than the animals. If we are honest we are not living any different than the animals in terms of survival and reliance on basic needs. It is these basic needs that drives everyone [from the background].

Very often the WAY something is done is much more important than the action taken. It does not matter what you do but the governing principle behind all action and re-action is HOW you do what you do. It is the HOW and not the WHAT that defines the FUTURE. This is the hidden key of life that is so subtle very few people are even aware of the hidden force that governs the future.

Both males and females are caught in this ultra masculine matrix of the power model in which what you do is more important than how you do it. Women are using the same .. let's say excess yang model of the active expanding male principle - forceful direct action. The whole world believes that WHAT you do is the real power that defines the future.

If you study the I Ching it is clear that HOW you do something creates the future.

I am trying to say that how comes back to haunt us and what we do is simply the process of direct action. People today do not question how something is done and so we have lost the Art of Living. The future comes back to haunt us until we listen and pay attention. How an action is taken is much more important than the action itself. This is like a navigation compass guiding us.

In the same light how we view something is more important that what we are viewing or looking at. If we look at an event only from our own point of view this will create "how we act". When we look with much greater vision and become aware that everyone is effected by the same circumstances of a cycle .. this creates how we act. Looking beyond self is not easy as it means we have to question ourselves most of all.