Monday, October 13, 2014

Emotional Qi Code Structures

As no one understands the energy structure of emotions ..
nor the emotions relationship and dependence on Life Force Qi .. humans develop intellectually with child-like emotions.
Usually I can convey in one post what I want to say .. but the relationship between human emotions and Qi life-force together with the interrelationship to the nervous system is so complex that it has to be broken down step-by-step almost like a biological code. Most people on Facebook and Twitter are not going to understand this. But .. some people will understand once I bring it all together.

Let me digress to this "women's karma" for a moment to try to convey to you women out there that you cannot fit into the current excessive yang [male system] unless you try to become excessive yang. The missing "karma" link that no one is understanding is similar to the Catholic Church. Being born a woman IS your KARMA and in the next life you may be lucky to be born a man!

In an excessive yang culture the feminine is suppressed = held in check.

I am saying that as a woman you can ignore the old brain and simply develop your own insight and philosophy .. because when you bring back the balanced energy into this world the excessive yang will automatically correct itself. I am going to show you what I mean in this post. Yin yang balance is not only for women .. but it also affects men. A lot of excessive yang men and women wont like what you have to say = just ignore them!

The rational mind and emotions have their own code structures [limitations]. You could call this code an internal system coding that seamlessly connects to and depends on the human psyche. The psyche is like an advanced Operating System on which the intellect and emotional codes run and function.

The mathematical code structure of the intellect is: 22+13=35
The mathematical code structure of emotions is: 22+13=8
22+13=35 / 3+5=8 / 2+2+1+3=8 [that is the emotional code]

The way the rational intellect works is: I have 22 one kilo bags of rice to which I add another 11 one kilo bags of rice. I now have 33 one kilo bags of rice. I divide the bags into two groups .. 22 bags in group one and 11 bags in group two. That is the coded structure of the intellect or rational mind.

The missing link .. one the excessive yang society [mind-set] has not figured out yet .. is that emotions function according to a set of codes .. that also restrict them [I explain this later]. This is a coded framework allowing the frequency of emotions to function within the human psyche and interact with essential Qi energy [life-force].

Emotional Qi Code Structures
I think it is obvious that the emotions do not operate with the same codes as the rational mind / the intellect. Emotions do not care if 11 one kilo bags of rice are in one group and 22 one kilo bags of rice are in another group. Emotions only become active when one of the bags disappears .. when the intellect counts ten bags of rice and one is missing. Either we get really upset and angry or we shrug it off and remain calm. The person who is supposed to guard the 11 one kilo bags of rice may feel afraid of getting into trouble.

The actual coding of the emotional system uses this model to function and structure itself: 26+118=9 .. where 118+26=144 / 1+4+4=9 / 1+1+8+2+6=9 .. already you can see it is a bit more complex but that the result always comes back to numbers from 1 to 9. For example .. 5+5=10 / 1+0=1.

What I am trying to say is that this is an energetic system encoded into the human experience on Earth. This emotional system response interact with the nervous system and the meridians as well as the psyche and the mind. An excessive yang system is never in a million years going to even try to observe and understand this highly sophisticated system.

In the present world emotions are "ghosts" .. invisible ghosts that fly around and are treated in the same way as any research on the paranormal = it does not exist .. it is irrational .. there is no proof and let's not waste our time on this! Currently emotions are treated as ghosts .. are treated in the same way as ghostly phenomenon = disturbed .. are treated in the same way as the paranormal .. as the emotions generally remain in their childhood state at all stages of adulthood.

There are situations where emotions [like ghosts] can overrun the system .. but the emotions do operate within coded restrictions. Emotions have to co-exist with the physical process of the body and day-to-day survival. In some cases excessive emotions can lead to a blue screen and an automatic systems reboot .. where the psyche attempts to maintain order and correct the emotional glitches.

The excessive yang mind-set is also restricted within its own limited field.

In a way the excessive yang system is laughing at all those women who are trying to be more yang than the out-of-balance males .. just so that women can compete or be taken seriously in this imbalanced world. Then they tell you: Behave yourselves and you may get to come back as a man in the next life!

The ghost in the machine is a woman #_#

Women and men in balance [yin / yang] can have a much greater effect without any effort. One does not have to try to change anything or make an effort! One only has to be in balance. The other ghost in the machine are the emotions. This is a very ancient but totally new science. It is the difference between being a coder or being a person who simply uses the software.

Emotions are a lot more sophisticated than one might imagine.

The problems with emotions is that they can get stuck in areas of the energy body .. organs and meridian pathways where they create blockages. The related problem is thought / ego-self that is the essence of attachment and experience. We always think we ARE the EMOTION being experienced. The emotion is my identity .. I am going through a crisis .. or I am feeling so happy! I hope this beautiful feeling never ends! But .. usually the more problematic emotions get stuck within the energy pathways.

In ancient times teaching the Martial Arts was about teaching high levels of inner psychic maturity and inner balance where the child-like emotions are transformed into higher intelligence. You could spend ten years learning one punch or ten years learning one kick .. depending on the levels of inner development.

The emotions that we get stuck with most of our lives are simply the first stages in human development and awareness that exist to teach us through the early stages of life on Earth. Most of us never move beyond or overcome those first stages of growth emotionally. Well .. we are "educated" not to transcend the emotions [the paranormal ghosts of the soul].