Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Illusion of Anti-Gravity

Gravity does not exist!

We currently have popular disclosure themes running across the Internet that anti-gravity exists and will save mankind. When the human brain [thought] is fed a meme often enough the mind begins to go down that path and believe everything it is told. The rational behind these themes are usually coated in sugar candy: A list of benefits taking you to candy mountain!

Another attractive angle is to add a squeeze of "mystery" .. UFOs use anti-gravity technology! The main reason I am writing this is to show you how you can free your own mind to think beyond the box. In general we humans accept shared illusions so that we appear as "family" and "together". As a result mankind is not creating a future worth living [for ourselves and for our grandchildren].

After writing: Future Space Cities post .. my mind went into hyper-drive and the next key related area came into my consciousness. Why is this important to understand? Because mankind is going down the wrong road applying false science to achieve nothing.

Gravity Does Not Exist!
If it is true that gravity does not exist then anti-gravity does not exist = both are false precepts that do not accurately define our physical reality. What I mean by this is that gravity and anti-gravity are conceptual explanations of a natural phenomenon that is badly if not terribly badly misunderstood by science. This is the crap all of you are taught to believe!

Gravity is the Santa Clause of modern science #_#

If you go back to: Future Space Cities .. how do future sky cities float effortlessly within the Earth's atmosphere if they do not use anti-gravity! Because the idea behind gravity is wrong. The reason the current mathematical models appear to hold up is because in a yin-yang Universe all stages of mathematical theory and structure can be applied [even when they are flawed].

The Universe is an endless infrastructure that allows small awareness and greater awareness .. small particles and massive Galaxies to exist together [without weight] within one unified compassionate source. When I say: Without weight [being applied] .. I mean that the smallest particle and the largest Galaxies co-exist equally within the same FIELD.

If gravity exists then this would not be the case!

Gravity theory is not a REAL phenomenon .. it is an intellectual structure of explanation within the human mind that follows the linear measurements of THOUGHT. I give you one example of this. I experienced two house shaking earthquakes hitting the same location and the tremors were different. The Mag 4.2 quake hit the house flat and hard like a truck and the recent Mag 3.8 rolled under the house like an energy wave.

The Mag 4.2 quake energy punched the house with one hard jolt and the Mag 3.8 quake energy rolled into and through matter. With the hard hitting Mag 4.2 there was no sound or warning .. but with the Mag 3.8 there was first a bang and then a rolling sound and physical reality shook like a non-material wave.

What I am trying to describe is that in one unified moment as the wave passed through the house everything shook with the same frequency. The ground .. the walls .. the floor and my body were simultaneously and equally effected by the energy wave rolling out from the quake area like ripples in a pond.

After the quake I had a dream where I returned to my apartment and someone was sleeping in my bed. I pulled the mattress to wake them up .. not recognising that it was my own body asleep on the bed. I gave up and lay down in the opposite direction and I suddenly woke up exactly where I had seen my physical self asleep. The reason I could not wake up the person sleeping in my bed .. is because that was my own body. This body would only waken up when my astral form returns.

I am trying to convey that there is a paranormal energy effect within earthquakes. Our failure as human beings is that we have formed theories such as "gravity" to explain forces we really do not understand. As long as we do not understand these forces .. we cannot develop anything new and that we cannot develop floating cities .. because we are stuck in the illusions of gravity and anti-gravity.

In a future life this is one key area I want to work in...

I cannot access this knowledge in this life in terms of technology. I think it has something to do with the ancient abilities of women who were effortlessly able to manifest inner field of kinetic force that also includes psychic kinetic force. Women were always physically weaker than the male .. but their applied [inner] kinetic force made them stronger.

What women have to do in THE FUTURE is to apply this deeper understanding to life and technology. The current problem is that this awareness cannot function within a distorted male excess yang environment. The excess yang sciences are so obsessed with their theories that it blinds them to reality. They worship these theories like a religion.

Inner kinetic Martial Arts can gently move around these obstacles...

You may ask: If gravity does not exist .. what are we talking about? I personally experienced the non-existence of gravity during and after the recent Mag 3.8 earthquake. I think we are talking about FORCE and the various applications of FORCE [within the FIELD].

I could be wrong? But .. I feel that the ancient applications of energy meridians .. of Qi energy and the Martial Arts could play a major role in defining a new science and a new understanding of Nature. If anti-gravity does not exist .. then what force allows giant space cities to float effortlessly within the Earth's atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere allows it to take place...