Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Qi [Chi Energy] Dark Matter?

As I was thinking in my last post that I want to paint 111 Qi Ghost paintings .. this morning when I woke up I was told by my guides that 111=3 .. that is 3x11=33 / number 6. This made sense to me because I like simple numbers: Three artistic themes of 11 paintings in the style I saw [experienced] in the dream. One theme may be realism .. one theme will be time-travel and I don't see the third theme yet.
As I was working all this out I saw a report that: European Space Observatory claim they detected Dark Matter streaming from the Sun. It is suggested this is the first direct detection of Dark Matter's Signature.

In earlier posts I suggested [using only my brain] that so-called Dark Matter is related to water .. forms of water we currently do not understand nor recognise. Current physical sciences want to understand fragments of reality. Like one specialises in understanding a single cell. But .. you are not going to understand the functions of a single cell unless you understand its conectedness and energy relationship signatures in relation to the whole spectrum of life.

In my mind gathered from profound experiences I have had in my dreams since I was a child .. all matter [sound / light / energy] comes from the same source. For fun let's say you have a white goddess and a black god [yin and yang] .. sorry I got that the wrong way round. Let's say you have a white god and a dark goddess perfectly matched in force and energy [balance] .. out of which the Universe is created and maintained in all its forms.

In other words .. Dark Matter is Light and Light is Dark Matter.

Humans today imagine they rely on light .. daylight .. the light of the Sun to survive and humans do not think that the darkness and the night [Dark Matter] is also essential for their survival and well-being. If you look into a clear night sky most of the sky is dark [filled with hidden undetected light] and there are tiny points of light of the Stars and Galaxies.

Let's take a totally new hi-tech computer in the future...

Computer technologies today rely on light = quartz crystal electrical impulses to carry information and like the human body to function on a day to day basis. In terms of my theory that our world today relies heavily on excessive yang out-of-balance energies [psyche] .. this is what I mean: Computer technology = yang male light fire [electricity+heat] that is also related to spirit [intellect / mind].

Excessive yang-tech principles ignore = are unable to comprehend in their out-of-balance state: Yin female matter / Earth water [opposite the yang fire principle] and cooling [darkness]. In this sense I imagine we are talking about obsidian crystals .. smoky quartz .. amethyst crystals. Most interesting of all is that obsidian [volcanic silica glass] is the result of lava coming into contact with water!

Is Qi [Chi Energy] Dark Matter?
In the future they have structures that gather and store energy more efficiently from the night [darkness] than can be gathered during daylight. To be simple about this the reason is that light bounces around and is very difficult to absorb. Even in the future it is more costly to catch and absorb daylight from the Sun than to absorb energy from darkness [Dark Energy].

It is the same with the human body. It is exactly the same principle with Qi [Chi energy]. Electrical energy heats up your computer and light bulbs .. and motors .. but does life force Qi heat up your body wearing out your cells? No .. it does not! The life force Qi maintains inner balance of physical cells .. organs .. the brain and the psyche [psychic field].

Inside the body life force Qi seamlessly interacts [powers] the physical body .. the glands .. the heart and the nervous systems .. the energy field .. the brain / mind and the psyche. Is Qi the Dark Matter signature within the body?

If yin and yang are one .. male and female are one .. then light and dark matter are one #_# .. it is really very simple building block geometry. For example .. your physical body is powered by the same force that powers the Universe. But do you feel this power is blowing your consciousness .. nervous system or your mind?

This is what I mean by Dark Matter!

The Catholic Church got their Black Madonna from the earlier Tibetan: Thanka Black Tara! Why black ?? Yin feminine dark cold night [some say death but it may be re-birth]. When you consider that the male force gives life [fire / Sun] and the female force gives birth [water / Moon] then you also have to consider that light and dark are one and the same force.

What is a Dark Computer?

When you take time to meditate what do you see feel in your mind / consciousness? In my mind the brain is mostly dark [at rest / passive] and within that inner mind resonance electrical [light] signals effortlessly go back and forth over the whole body. Just as with yang active male and yin passive female the body follows the same inner principles as male-female / yin-yang!

I have another crazy idea!

Is most of your internal energy conserved in the light connected process / impulses .. or is most of your internal energy conserved in the dark water that makes up most of your physical body? Water cools .. fire heats. Water transmits energy flows .. light travels through water. Darkness absorbs .. light travels effortlessly through darkness.

What I am trying to say is you have Dark Matter within and around your body / brain .. there are Dark Matter processes in and around the Earth! It is incredibly stupid to imagine that light processes are the only factors operating in matter within a yin yang duality balanced Universe!

The ultimate secret code of all is Life Force Qi.

Either Qi is Dark Matter .. or Life Force Qi is a yin/yang combination of light and dark as one core process. I tend to go for the core process signature because I can see and feel both forces working within me. But .. at the same time .. what DUALITY allows us to do is isolate and adapt those processes in terms of physical and energy technology. IN BALANCE!