Monday, October 06, 2014

Change is The Economy!

It's the economy .. stupid!
All change is economic .. not political #_#

Earth Federation Chronicles - Timeline 2114
[Future Incarnations ZenSu]
I am putting this with the I-Ching posts because the I Ching taught me this .. or revealed this to me. Actually it is very simple: We live in an intellectual world of illusion and we worship THOUGHT. The human intellect is thought to be the highest factor and basic economy is the lowest factor. What I am about to say next is not POLITICAL in any way! It is simply the Art of Obervation = seeing.

Economy is based on one thing: RESOURCES.

Basically the economy is what YOU need to live. The resources are water .. food .. metals .. oil .. plastics .. stone .. wood .. energy and one could also say LAND is a resource. These are some of the physical resources without which your life would be ?? pretty miserable.

Let's go through this step-by-step using observation! Take a few minutes out of your life to do this exercise in observation. You can also take a few hours .. or take a whole day .. a few weeks .. months or the rest of your life to be aware and observe what is!

You start by looking around you and asking yourself what would your life be like without the support of all the resources that surround you. Stone wood or concrete .. what are the walls of your home built from? Metal or plastic pipes bring water to your home. That water flows out of metal taps. Otherwise you would need a bucket to go collect water.

Oh! A bucket! Another PHYSICAL RESOURCE.

What about heating your home or cooking food? The fire .. the knife .. the mixer .. the mortar and pestle .. the pots and pans! What fuel do you use? All these are physical resources. What kinds of foods do you eat and where do they come from? All these are physical resources.

Try and imagine you have nothing that is around you now! How would you live?

The next level is the people who work to create everything we use in society that makes all of us rich. By this I mean that if I have a bowl of rice to eat then I am rich. If I do not have that bowl of rice I am going to eventually starve. Then there are the people who make sure that water flows to my apartment every day. If someone does not grow the rice and if someone does not maintain the water flow? Have you ever gone without food for over a week? Have you ever had your water supply cut off for maintenance?

All the humans who produce those resources are at the bottom of the ladder and probably receive the smallest share of the total economic gain and riches. I am sure now you understand why I say that this observation is not political in any way. I am simply being a realist!

Change is The Economy!
Having studied various world situations using the I Ching or Book of Changes .. I began to digest what I was seeing [or being shown]. Of course I want a better world for everyone and not only for myself! Let us put all this aside and simply pay attention to what is = the day to day reality. That is really our own reality! The challenges that face all of us every day.

Much higher up the scale are the intellectuals and political money systems. These higher intellectual positions receive the greatest share of the financial system in return for keeping "order" and "stability". You pay the head of the horse to direct the body of the horse [society].

If you study the human brain this social order model changes .. because the human brain actually works to maintain the whole body .. the glands .. the skeletal structure .. the organs and the nervous system. The Temple of Man is the BODY where healthy functions of the body are the secret codes of future society.

For the physical brain to be healthy the whole physical body has to be maintained [in balance]. The brain works tirelessly day and night to balance the benefit to the whole physical body: The temple of man = your body here and now. Also .. unknown to current science the brain is inside and directly connected to every cell in the human body.

Not only does the brain have its own seamlessly interconnected WI-FI [Chi] system that also runs back and forward through the meridians .. but the brain is inside the cell connected to all the organs and body functions. The brain maintains health by maintaining the functions of the body at all levels. When you sleep .. the brain is still working 24/7 serving and maintaining the body.

The intellect maintains that politics govern society and that politics and finance are at the heart of social order and change. In the real world it is the economy and economic activity that alters society for the good or the bad. Economic activity can create growth and it can also create societal collapse.

Look at the world through new eyes without focusing on the political viewpoint. Libya .. Egypt .. Ukraine .. all received NEW POLITICAL SYSTEMS over the last few years and they are all in an ongoing state of [economic] crisis! China has not changed its political systems and has benefited from a longer period of sustained economic growth.

Let us look at the next paradigm lie: That European countries grew stronger because of advanced political systems of Democracy and Universal Suffrage! The painful reality is that change came with economic growth .. improved life styles and an increase in economic activity. What makes Europe different to what we see today? Politics? Democracy? No! RESOURCES #_#

Go back historically to the Spanish in South America or the fight over the newly founded North American Colonies... These were resource wars based on economics of trade. Physical resource trading [I should say the control of physical resource trades and trade routes] is the foundation of every Empire and/or society and the development of shared wealth.

The fact is that countries remain stable through times of wealth and growth and become unstable during times of economic hardship and decline REGARDLESS OF THE POLITICAL SYSTEM !! Physical economic development is the change factor in society and not politics.

Why is Europe facing a growing crisis? After the 2nd World War all European countries made a fatal mistake. A mistake that could only create short term growth but would never create long term growth. Following the colonial lead of America's economic model [after the war] the Europeans began to solidify economic growth into the hands of a very few giant corporations sucking the base of the pyramid foundation wealth out of the day to day economy.

Just imagine the base of the pyramid is being turned to rubble...

China has survived so far because the economics of trade still filters down to the smaller masses in terms of functioning small businesses and street trade. Over fifty years European small family business trade was totally destroyed until the small business model became virtually extinct.

Democracy destroyed the small family business model!
BIG IS BETTER [for the state].

What I am trying to say is that there has to be a realistic understanding of the dynamics of economic trade [resources] and of how economies function .. including the relationship between resources and base level economic activity. Then you have to curtail the various taxes including financial institutions taxation on pyramid base level transactions.

When you destroy the pyramid base .. no one at the top is going to survive!

I may be wrong? Over the last two years I watched a lot of videos about Hong Kong and it seems that as the demand for physical resource space grew and grew = due to extreme economic success .. the small base wealth distribution declined. I am not an expert #_# .. but I imagine that as the small family businesses were pushed out by expanding retail and property markets .. that this lead to more and more resources allocated to large institutions plus large corporations and less resources allocated to small businesses.

Do not forget that land [physical space] is a resource!

If you have a small property [land area] to trade then you have an income. This no longer exists in Europe and is probably dying out in Hong Kong. By destroying the small amount of base resource and economic trade for the societal pyramid base .. you can forget any idea of politics .. then you have a real ECONOMIC CRISIS.

I hope this helps some people big and small to waken up [before disaster hits].