Saturday, October 11, 2014

YouTube Censorship? Go Check "Safe Mode"

All you YouTube creator channels out there...
Go check your accounts for censorship of content #_#
On one level this is funny .. we have to have a sense of humour .. and on the other level this is über-control of the internet in the most insane and disturbing ways. I am laughing but at the same time I am not laughing! What I am about to describe will require some level of technical research skills and basic understanding of statistics [hits] and understanding weird discrepancies = manipulation ??

I am going to go through this step-by-step to show you what YouTube are doing to innocent content creators and Channels who post videos onto YouTube. Because .. you have to see it to believe it .. and it really is unbelievable what is taking place and is Hidden In Plain Sight. This YouTube joke is right in front of you and yet no one sees it. When you see what YouTube are doing then maybe you will laugh .. but maybe not ??

I recently discovered that many of my innocent OrgonArt Channel YouTube videos are being removed / blocked and made unavailable when in "Safety Mode". I am using this as a way to show the most idiotic censorship and removal of totally harmless videos. All I can say to you is: CHECK YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!

My videos do not contain explicit disturbing content. I am an artist .. I create art videos. In this video research I discovered a dark deep pool area where videos about growing food and videos about AIKIDO are being censored and removed from YouTube when set to Safety mode otherwise called YouTube SafeSearch.
Safety Mode: Safety mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users and other signals. No filter is 100% accurate, but it should help you avoid most inappropriate content. Safety mode also enables Google SafeSearch, and turning it off will disable Google SafeSearch. Safety mode will be enabled everywhere you use YouTube with this account.
I discovered from 32 videos on my YouTube Channel 25 videos appear when I switch to Safe Mode. Now this gets sort of technical. To switch to safe mode on YouTube you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click: Safety-off / Safety-on. The next technical part of this is that you have to open two browser windows from the same YouTube Channel. One browser window is set at Safety-on and the other browser window is set at Safety-off. Then you compare the two.

In "Safety Mode" YouTube are removing my ChemTrail UFO May 20 2014 video .. but be patient as I am going to take you through this step-by-step. What are the seven videos on my Channel blocked by YouTube in Safe Mode? Try not to laugh #_# .. Two blocked videos are Bamboo Form and Bamboo ZenQi and another blocked video is Growing Turmeric and Galangal Indoors. Is someone jealous...

When you search "tai chi stick form" on YouTube [safety-off] there are 23,000 results! When you search "tai chi stick form" [safety-on] the results are 13,200 results as YouTube claim that: Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. The tricky part is seeing which tai chi stick results have been removed #_# .. what the f#ck ??
HELP CENTER: Safety mode is an opt-in setting available on the computer and mobile site that helps screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don't want others in your family to stumble across while enjoying YouTube. You can think of this as a parental control setting for YouTube
YouTube's Objectionable Content
If you have a YouTube Channel and you are a creative video content creator all you have to do is open one window in Safe Mode off and open another window in Safe Mode on to find out if your work is being censored and removed. I will show you how this works.

GALANGAL is a plant of the ginger family. Seeing that my indoor planting video was removed as inappropriate content I checked out how far this censorship has spread. All you have to do is open two windows on YouTube: Safety-off / Safety-on .. and then search for galangal in both windows. What you see is this: Safety-off 6,040 results / Safety-on 4,220 results = Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. For GALANGAL YouTube removes 1,820 results flagged as inappropriate explicit content!

Doing a double window search for ChemTrails creates a statistic search glitch of the improbable kind. Searching for chemtrails with Safe Mode off results in 779,000 results but a chemtrails YouTube search with Safe mode on results in 1,270,000 results + Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. DUH ??? This is why I say one has to have some kind of small technical understanding to realise that a lot of this cr#p just does not add up.

But it gets even WORSE !! If you go check out AIKIDO Aki Lab Kakushitoride video page and you open the same link page in Safety-off and Safety-on .. you can see that some videos are being removed and censored on YouTube and for what reasons?

It takes a little bit of research focus to observe what is being removed / censored.

Most probably it is mostly YouTube content creators and Internet researchers who will take the time to go through the task of searching and observing just how much innocent and non-explicit videos are being filtered out by YouTube in the so-called Safe Mode!

I will show you how stupid this can get...

Mark Wiens is a food video blogger and seriously does not produce objectionable content and yet if you open two browser windows on YouTube and you set one window to Safety-off and one window to Safety-on then you get the following: Safety off 4,250 results / Safety on 3,250 results = Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. At the same time I find it highly suspicious that YouTube search roulette wheel results always fall on round numbers... This is mathematically impossible!

When doing research you have to check the bottom of the page setting for Safety-on / Safety-off. As YouTube make it difficult to change without being reset to a general page unrelated to the searches. I wont go into endless details .. but I tested some of my favorite video Channels on YouTube and you would be surprised how many innocent and valid video channels are having their content removed in SAFE SEARCH mode.

I have to be honest .. this slight of hand is not transparent nor easy to follow. One has to have a good eye .. be visually and mentally focused and able to constantly compare the two browser windows that requires DETERMINATION .. to be honest. The easiest way to check this is to do a direct YouTube search for xxx .. and the most difficult way is to do a YouTube video Channel search that compares the videos being blocked / removed as UNSAFE on that Channel.

Across the board I am seeing thousands of videos removed / blocked for NO REASON... Maybe other than jealousy or various petty business conflicts. I see this dark pool spreading across many innocent and valid YouTube Creators who are in no way OFFENSIVE nor OBJECTIONABLE!

One small example .. if you go to UFO site "third phase of the moon" Channel videos [Safety-off] and then you check "third phase of the moon" channel videos [Safety-on] the evidence becomes clear!

Doing this research you always have to check the bottom of the YouTube page to see when you are in Safety-off setting and when you are in Safety-on setting. Because.. as you change the YouTube Safety browser settings there can be some bunga-bunga tech confusions and re-directions.

Use [open] two different [right-click] new browser windows to navigate.

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I tested "grow turmeric" search on YouTube and I discovered that with Safety-off my OrgonArt Indoor Turmeric video appears but with Safety-on the Indoor Turmeric video DISAPPEARS [is removed]. DUH ?? Later I discovered that this censorship covers the most non-offensive YouTube Channels all across the board!