Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Future Space Cities

I write what I see!
These are things that effect us all [aware or unaware] in the future.

I don't really care if people think my ideas are crazy .. as those people do not have to read what I write. Continuing from the last post: How We Use Energy. This also applies to future technology and societal change.

The funny future technology "problem" .. that very few people realise exists .. is ENERGY. Not so much energy as the question of the source of energy. You see .. energy has many layers and levels. By this I do not mean superior and inferior!

The inner-mind energy that used by corrupt [could not care less] human beings is the same energy used by humans who work for the greater good of mankind on this Earth. This same energy source can drop down to the lowest levels and it can rise to the highest levels just from the way it is used.

In a way coal oil and gas transformed into technological ENERGY that we humans can use .. all comes from one source. All the energy providers transform this technical energy into a lower frequency signal with high overhead costs. They have to sell the energy high to meet the high costs of transformation to a basic electrical frequency.

What I am trying to say is that the problem over the last 100 plus years in terms of ENERGY is not what we use for energy [coal oil gas] .. but the problem is HOW we use the energy = at what frequencies. I give you a future example: In the future they have the capacity to turn anything into an efficient energy frequency at low cost with unbelievable results.

In the future they could power a whole city for a year from one lump of coal. I use the term "for a year" to help make it clear what I am talking about .. but it is a lot more than that. I am saying that our problem on Earth today is not WHAT energy resources we use to power our technical world. The problem is HOW we use [convert] those physical resources and at what frequencies.

In the future they laugh at us and our GIANT coal plants and our GIANT oil plants and our obsession to transport gas through leaky pipes across half the Planet #_# .. and all because we were technically too lazy to research and understand the true nature of ENERGY [Quantum Frequency].

The WHAT is: Coal oil and gas.
The HOW is calibration of energy frequencies.

A professional Electrical Engineer once told me that you cannot obtain energy from NOTHING. This was related to the question of so-called Free-Energy. At the time I thought this statement was a retarded and conventional view of the Universe restricting our earthly potential.

In a way the statement is true [in its most limited sense]. Free energy does not exist! The reason I say this is because we incarnate into and live in physical material world. The physical material also includes the Sun and the Earth's magnetic fields. Our physical incarnations are restricted by matter. But not by ENERGY.

The last sentence is the reason a small group of people read this Blog #_*

Future Space Cities
The new technologies running these future Space Cities are using a totally different energy frequency. This is why our world today is currently stuck in a no man's land or a technological stalemate. It's all about the current [electrical current]. Highly advanced technologies [in the material world] require almost plant like receptors and transmitters to relay a certain frequency of current.

We cannot build this technology today because we do not relay [transmit] higher-energy frequencies. In a sense you could say that there is a case for the "Enlightenment of Technology". All human technology operates on the same basis as the laws of Nature. Basically .. Space Cities use Enlightened Technologies. This Energy Enlightenment is the cornerstone or the foundation of my Energy Qi Ghosts book .. because the two are related.

In the future there are key Space Cities on Earth all connected to floating Space Cities and orbital Space Cities. This development is not possible without the application of a new subtle energy. You can develop and develop base physical technology again and again with very little DEVELOPMENT.

If you understand current electrical charge .. then you will understand that most of the technical energy usage is waste = the energy drains off .. is lost .. and the amount of energy we use to power devices is MASSIVE. I don't know how to explain this ??

Your body operates through subtle energy charge.

The human body is the perfect template for a new kind of energy / technical energy. Your body creates the maximum out of the minimum. In terms of technology our world creates the minimum out of the maximum. For example .. imagine that it takes a giant dam to power your mobile phone #_#

Here is the issue: The Space Cities are not high-tech centers as we know them today. The technology is ONE with the ENERGY FREQUENCY. The energy frequency is ONE with the MIND. The human mind comes first and then comes the understanding of energy frequency and enlightened technologies.

In a strange way we are going to reverse engineer our existence back to what it was before the time of Atlantis. All this existed on the Earth and we lost it. Now we are going to discover it again. From what I was shown these three layers of Space Cities [ground .. sky and orbital] already exist inside of us. These cities are related to the mind [higher mind] and the psyche [in balance].

By creating the Space Cities we are going to give the Earth a rest... We humans are not going to be living all over the Planet as we do today. The human beings have to transcend to higher levels and allow the Planet to heal. The Space Cities will be the Guardian Caretakers of this Planet.

If the people you love get sick you do everything you can to heal them. It is the same for the Earth. Like a loving elder family member Planet Earth has supported all of us no matter what. It is now time for us [the younger members of the family] to give back to the Earth out of respect and love.

Those who are killing the Earth .. bombing the Earth .. destroying the Earth are not going to incarnate when the consciousness changes [as it will do]. Life is not a physical journey .. it is a spirit journey. We are all currently being "tested". It does not matter who you are or where you are from the base line test for all of us is the same.

I was shown these future Space Cities and they are a future worth creating.

Who know? It may be that many of us incarnate on Earth now are coming back in time from these eco-cities of the future to share the inner truths? Because the soul is a Time Traveller. If men and women today thought that they might end up being incarnated back in time according to their own nature? People might think differently about their current behaviour...

In my own experience? I know what can happen .. because I have been shown the paths many times. I have seen myself broken. I have seen myself destroyed. I have seen myself lost in parallel worlds choking in ChemTrail gas and a broken World state. The things taking place on this Planet now is nothing compared to how bad it can get.

I am writing this Blog because we have a chance to change.

The key stone or the corner stone of our future existence is elevation of our consciousness out of which we understand and create dynamic use of energy [new frequencies] and in accordance with this that we create a new technology base. This transformation is a large as Nikola Tesla's innovations in electrical conductivity and his understanding of the relationship between matter and energy. This is a complete revolution in energy transmission leading to a revolution in organic technologies.