Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ghosts of The Future ...

Can the future come to us in our dreams?

If so! Can we recognise it?

Ghosts of the Future Weave Into Our Dreams ...
In the early hours of the morning I had the most amazing dream. I think it is clear from the pictures above that as an artist I love working with deep and dramatic colours to get the effects that I want to portray. I have a lot more art work from water colour to acrylic to fine pen work all using colour to convey the atmosphere of form and imagination.

The powerful dream [in the early hours of the morning] challenged all that...

In the early part of my life I did not use such dramatic colours .. I would paint with fine inks in Chinese / Japanese styles or I would draw elaborate black ink Celtic designs. I know how to use the minimum to convey the maximum. I know how to do this in words and I know how to do this through visual art [including videos]. I taught myself how to do this in Martial Arts [in the most simplistic form] and I know how to do this in cooking.

This dream was related to my: Emotional Qi Ghosts exploration. In fact .. they most certainly come from the same source. The visual art form is totally different than the written abstract form! Because a small number of people understand where I am going with this .. I try to convey: Never give up on your DREAMS.

Our dreams are like the special Free Energy of our existence... [ART]

In this dream I got very upset .. because my friends had moved all my colour paintings to their location and on the walls in their place I saw totally new and different art forms [that I had painted]. I looked at these new paintings on canvas covering the walls and it freaked me out.

It was so funny... In the dream I threw an emotional fit that my colour paintings had been taken away from me and moved to the location of my friends .. and in their place was this totally new form of art. At the same time I had created and painted the new art form I was observing / seeing !!

But .. the colour part of me was having a nervous breakdown #_#

The strange thing is if this happened in real life I would not be upset .. I would be totally calm and not in any way emotional. The next clue in this dream is the location of my friends: The Dali Triangle in Catalonia! From an early age I loved the paintings of Salvador Dali. I would study his work in large art books long before I began to develop my own art style and interests.

This is the ghostly part...
Everything I had ever drawn or painted had been removed from me and all I had around me were these totally new paintings .. the like of which I had never seen before. But .. I had painted these new forms. But! At the same time .. I was upset at losing everything I had created until now!

I woke up out of these dreams and I did not understand anything.

I then fell into a very deep and peaceful sleep .. and I woke up again with the art dreams clearly visual in my mind. I then went through a process of cerebral altered mind state where I became the artist of those future paintings now. I hope you are still with me #_#

I have to admit that I have no current interest to create these strange paintings! When working with colours I can easily and with no effort create artistic forms on paper or canvass using any artistic medium I choose.

The new paintings I saw in the dream are not in this [my own] style!

When we are faced with something totally new and innovating .. we humans can experience "traumas" .. emotional traumas .. and this is probably related to the Qi Ghost [energies]. I imagine the same applies to changes in society .. economic and financial systems as well as structures that govern human social relationships.

As I fell asleep and woke up I experienced an inner transformation from my old colour expressionist self to a new kind of art that runs parallel to the insights I am having into the deep inner transformation of emotions transmuting human consciousness to higher levels.

Once the colour paintings of the past had been removed [in my dreams] .. I fell asleep and woke up and fell asleep and woke up into altered states of consciousness where I began to see .. feel and understand the new art I had experienced in the dreams. Where .. I became the new art form.

As I write I still do not know if I can pull this off? Technically I understand the art form! I do not know in real terms if I can bring this to Earth. I can do this in my mind .. but I do not know if I can do this on canvass.

At the same time I am excited .. as no one has done this before!

I have a lot more to say about this in terms of human transformation and change! I think in this technological age that we humans do not have to resist transformation of our lives and consciousness. At the same time the process of transformation has to be from the source of deep intelligence and also compassion. In Nature change comes from the soil. The soil of our dreams...