Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Totally New Woman

A totally new woman exists...
In the future!
Everything I am currently writing as part of Emotional Qi Ghosts is related to a phenomenon I became aware of over the last three years. The phenomenon began in 2011 and continued to reveal every aspect in the same way crystals grow within the Earth. You can fined a seed crystal and it will not appear to be very much as it is just a seed. You can find a thousands of years old crystal and it will reveal its own power.

I was always interested in Geology and so at 11 years old I got a special Geology hammer for my birthday. Then we went camping in the Highlands of Scotland .. and I had never used this hammer until then. After all the tents were pitched I picked up my Geologists hammer and I walked far into the mountain area until I reached a gully.

I stopped .. looked around .. and with no training I chose an area I wanted to find the crystals. I used the Geologists hammer to open up a thick stone vein at the side of the gully and out fell two hand sized quartz crystal druze clusters. I tried to get more and Nature stopped me in my tracks.

Above and just to the left of me a very large rock and dirt overhang suddenly broke off and fell vertically past my head to tumble into the gully below that was a winding dried river bed. If it had hit me directly it would have crushed my head or broken my neck. I never did that kind of crazy thing again .. because I knew I was being warned in the most severe way possible.

Other families in the camping site below told my family I would not find anything. They said they had searched for many years and there were no crystals in the rocks of this area. On returning to the camping area .. I had the crystals in my pocket as they repeated to me that I should take their advice and give up my search. I pulled the crystals out to a scene of complete silence.

What I am about to write is a similar kind of discovery .. only the crystals I discovered will not be seen until the future. These crystals are not dependent on the physical human. They are buried and growing in the psyche. The rock overhang made it clear: Do not dig them out. The clusters remain in the psyche to be accessed by those spirits altering human awareness.

A Totally New Woman
Looking back at my great grandmother .. my grandmother and my mother .. in this respect I am a totally new woman. It is as though I am from another world. At the same time this came into being because the Invisible Worlds taught me not to align myself with the conditioned [emotional] past. Emotional restrictions are passed down from generation to generation. Our forefathers are caught in these emotional restrictions and we inherit the old Operating System and never upgrade!

The key to all of this are the emotions!

We currently live in a Western excessive yang environment where the leading alpha males are living mentally back in the Middle Ages or the times of the Roman Empire. In this high-tech world the people running companies .. political and financial systems would fit better into the era of the witch hunts 1450-1750. Everything we have inherited and depend on to function as a society comes from a non-technical archaic world of the Middle Ages.

At the same time there are a few men and women on the fringes who are not caught in the excessive yang mind-brain dominance. Some people do strive to discover an inner yin-yang balance. The missing link is the understanding of the elusive emotions. After two thousand years of allocating the emotions to the realms of the supernatural and paranormal .. humans rarely overcome the child-like emotional state.

To add to the insult .. esoteric traditions and gurus have led a world-wide mass programming to convince adult humans that they have to return to and attain the enlightened "state" of a baby. The problem is that a baby is totally dependent and cannot fend for himself .. herself !! A baby needs someone to look after them like a guru or a state. This ideology is not the integral inner transformation state of an adult human being.

It bugged me for a long time: Why is the Buddha laughing?

One day I thought... I want to experience this! It was a time in my life I was under a lot of pressure and I wanted to understand how one can laugh like the Buddha under pressure. As if by magic I one day entered that state as a supervisor was threatening me that he could easily cancel my employment .. to put me under psychological / emotional pressure.

In the same moment an energy of enlightenment descended upon me and I said: Don't threaten! Do it! It was not "ME" talking... Then out of the blue I began to laugh like the Buddha! I was not laughing at him. In fact in that moment I [me] ceased to exist and I was FREE. I knew in that moment why the Buddha is laughing. What I want to convey is that this is NOT like a BABY !!

The feeling was gentle but very powerful. I did not become some little child-baby state of mind. It was more like a Zen Master or a very powerful capable Master of the Martial Arts. In those minutes I was not some cute little love all forgive all child. I became very focused .. and although I was laughing I was very dangerous [hard to explain]. I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew exactly who I was.

I wont describe how the supervisor crumpled into a broken heap of wires...

In some strange way the crystals I dug out of the rock face are myself. Who knows how old they were? I do know that these crystals grew hidden in the rocks over tens of thousands of years as wave after wave of human incarnations took place on the surface of the Planet.

You find the crystals and you are holding part of yourself!

The reason I feel that the "New Woman" has the advantage is because the feminine is better suited to transform emotions. Currently women do not transform emotions and enter higher awareness .. because most females have adopted and have shifted into the excess male-yang state of body and mind. Women do this for many reasons. Partly because the women worshiped by the excessive male-yang systems have to be excessive yang #_#

The males who balance inner yin-yang are better off than the women!

I have seen these balanced men and women in the future. I have met with them and talked with them .. mostly in dreams. I have also experienced and felt their presence .. and this taught me the higher Initiation of the emotions. I am / we are the past .. the present and the future now.

The old Operating System is on its way out!