Sunday, October 12, 2014

Emotional Qi Ghosts

Emotions are shared by the whole human family.
The emotions relationship to Qi [energy] is little understood today.
I keep having dreams I am writing a book .. and then I am holding the book or I am researching the book [that does not exist]. These dreams continue like a dialogue one layer upon the other. I just remain silent and observe all this activity until a key point [Qi point] enters like a compass where things start to make sense. This process is like a spiritual builders level [pendulum / plumb line].

My mind likes to go into and cover many areas in a world where we humans are trained to have an expertise [a career] and stick to that one line. How is it that I can enter my mind into so many areas and really explore these areas? It is like a fluid mind. All I can say to you: Do not restrict yourselves! Humans restrict their own Qi flow.

Emotional Qi Ghosts is my basic signature of understanding. Part of me asks: Do I really have to write this book? Because I have my own understanding .. I don't need to write this! Blog posts are fun .. but writing books is a LOT OF WORK !!! I will try to keep this simple in terms of the dynamics and nature of Emotional Energy Qi Ghosts.

When I have many years of understanding inside me .. I need a framework or artistic signature to be able to relate this to others when sharing the internal knowledge and experience. The actual experience is not all love happiness and enlightenment .. but the artistic vision or cave painting is impressive and dynamic. How do I teach people how to access this inner freedom and creativity?

This is where the Emotional Qi Ghosts come into the story. I guess the Emotional Ghosts ARE the STORY! This is a shared history of mankind in terms of the human psyche .. in terms of genetic history and in terms of the Qi of the incarnate spirit. Already this post is getting too complicated!

Emotional Qi Ghosts
At school age I would get really excited reading books about the history of acupuncture and meridians than about maths and arithmetic. When I would see a picture of a model showing the acupuncture meridian lines it would blow my mind. If I had to add 33+33 I would write 3333 as the answer .. 6+6=66 #_#

At the same time I was born with an awareness of other lives and I had inner knowledge that I did not talk about .. I simply applied it in my life. One of those key areas was energy. I probably remained silent about 80% of my inner awareness and deeper knowledge. That is called energy conservation. Throughout my life I had to apply this inner knowing [find out if it works or not] and that is called INITIATION. This is not your college degree type level that we are currently conditioned into.

The signature in the dreams for this knowledge was: Emotional Qi Ghosts.

Essentially .. Qi is sexual life force. The Qi travels [flows] through the meridians. Emotions are shared by every human being. It is not your emotions and my emotions. Let's say that a shared emotional Internet exists. In other words .. emotions can be transferred to and be shared by many people.

When a person has a high level of QI [life force] the emotions of other people can be transferred to them [sort of like a magnet]. People with low Qi transfer low energy input to the emotions. When emotions are attracted to people with high levels of Qi [energy] .. the fireworks can begin.

Emotions can transfer between human beings [psyche] .. in that sense they are neutral .. they are simply emotions. The psyche becomes aware of these emotions and immediately the EGO jumps in: I FEEL .. I AM. As soon as an emotion appears we immediately think [thought / ego] .. I am sad .. I am happy .. I am depressed .. I am lonely .. I am afraid .. I am in love.

This part of my study will be related to attachment!

Buddha is said to have overcome attachment! Where?
Inside .. to overcome inner attachment!

What about the ghosts? The emotions we experience also come from the past. This is really difficult to describe or convey .. but imagine that emotions are a lower form of energy connected to the psyche. Imagine that the human psyche is like a Universal Operating System. Emotions function within the human psyche where the psyche is The Master Program.

Humans share past and present emotions that have nothing to do with I AM.

These emotional ghosts enter the human psyche and the next level is that they feed off or attract Qi [life force energy]. The Qi gets blocked or sucked into the emotions and the ego spins the spin = I FEEL. THIS IS ME... You could say that the EGO-SELF is the mouse click on the desktop #_#

What I am saying is that emotions are Universal .. that they contaminate the genes .. that they transmit between humans [psyche] and that in worst case the emotions embed into and suck up the life force Qi draining most of the energy we have [when we identify with these emotions].

As soon as we feel an emotion we immediately think: Oh! I am so sad... I am so so sad! Oh! I am so happy .. I am so so happy! We go from sad to depressed to happy to enlightened to afraid to sorrow... We do not realise that behind the scenes these emotions are drawing on and using up our vital Qi energy.

I call the emotions "ghosts" because more often than not they transmit themselves into our psyche undetected due to a general human Wi-Fi system set up within the human psyche. But .. as soon as you pick up on the signal it is like visiting a website. You get the download. Next you accept the download .. you do not question it because thought says: I AM FEELING...

What I am trying to convey is that these emotional energy ghosts drain the vital QI [Chi life force]. Obviously this is too complex for one post .. but the essentials are there for you to be aware of and question. I call them ghosts because of the invisible transmission of which we humans are not aware.

This is an old but new concept. In the past the Masters did not teach Martial Arts as a PHYSICAL practice. The Martial Arts were primarily an internal force .. internal silent protection and an inner intensification of Qi life force. The physical development was dependent on the inner Qi Force and Psychic Qi. I don't know how I am going to write this! Dreams collide with reality!