Friday, October 31, 2014

International Relationship Wars

Sun Tzu defined elements by their relationships, what they do, and how they interacted with other elements in the environment. A position is strong or weak, not in itself, but depending on its comparison with similar positions. Iron is soft when compared to a diamond. Tin is hard when compared to water. Science of Strategy

The quote above is related to relationships defining objects strength and mass .. meaning that The Elements play a key role in all areas of the material world [including human relationships]. I found this quote after I had formed my own understanding of International Relationship Wars.

Let me try to explain this in terms of the relationship of elements and their effects. When humans use certain force to attain a strategy these forces equally affect the creators of that force [or strategy]. Because of this law of the elements .. ancient civilisations had to be aware of and consider these unseen relationships that later became known as cause and effect or karma.

If your infrastructure has water flowing through copper pipes that allows black mold / fungi growth and other forms of contamination then the individuals using that water get affected by the inner pipe contaminants. Some systems attempt to use chlorine to counter the elements of contamination .. but as a result the added chlorine can be more dangerous than the elements it is designed to destroy.

Let's imagine we experience International Toxic Relationships.

The first element to consider is that National Relationships are simply individual human behaviours expanded to International levels. In this respect the humans and their mindset are the ELEMENTS. The related elements are technology and the art of killing .. in terms of toxic relationships. These toxic relationships are not giant planetary demons. They are small individual human responses and reactions.

Internationally we think in terms of: This is big .. big .. big! When in reality the reactions are small but are shared by different factions of opposing forces. Humans reactions are not big! The reactions are small and are based on personal standpoints. Let's take my own childhood as an example...

I was born with a deep awareness of honesty and self-discipline. To use lies was a betrayal of my own inner integrity. At the same time people around me used lies to gain an advantage and to redirect accountability for their own selfish actions.

I was aware the elements of lies and underhand manipulation was a very dark energy. One day I gathered my whole family together [I was very young] to explain to all of them the consequences and guide them to internally change their ways. I then explained to them the future consequences of their actions and behaviour and exactly what would result if they did not change.

No one changed and no one listened = everyone was insulted .. angry and upset!

Everything I had warned them of came to pass exactly as I explained it to them at that time. The funny thing is that many many years later the family remembered this strange talk and they later blamed me for the manifestation of the elements in their lives that destroyed them #_#

What Are These ELEMENTS?
1. The elements are inside us.
2. We internally manifest the elements.
3. We are the elements.

I am saying that we create these elements. At the same time we become the elements we create. In some cases the elements we create possess us. They sort of take over. Why do they take over? Because we are weak. We create the karma in the now and then we succumb to it and we suffer the consequences.

What are we in relationship to? We are in relationship to OURSELVES!

On a physical level International wars and conflicts seem to be about RESOURCES. But .. is this true? Is it possible something else is taking place behind the outer doors of the Casino? Is there a player dealing cards who is almost like a ghost within the human psyche? That card dealer is the SELF!

Human beings may think their motives are outward / external .. rational physical / material motives .. but this may not be the case. The unseen and undetected "Ghost In The Machine" may be the deeper inner human psyche and the actual state of our minds.

In this sense we are The Ghost In The Machine!

We humans on Earth have experienced let's say two thousand years of brutal wars and killing over material resources. The Roman Empire created an International killing machine that has existed until today. The only difference is that today we have more powerful weapons .. but our relationships are still at the level of the ape smashing the skull of his opponents.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey Kubrick portrayed apes fighting over a pool of water.

Although I warned my family over the physical consequences of their actions .. it was because I could see the energies involved as well as the deeper power of the psyche and how our inner states affect the physical world around us. We are spirit [psyche] born into physical matter in a relationship with the ELEMENTS.

I am trying to share with all of you to simply be aware of your own relationship with the inner psyche. People are born into physical karmic situations that require an inner psychic response. I think many of us think: How can I be born into this situation? The key is in Self INITIATION.

The world situation is not MATERIAL!
It is part of the inner psyche [state / karma].