Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Yin Ghost Women ...

The reason I call this post: The Yin Ghost Women .. is partly because the feminine yin principle within both males and females is being suppressed whose presence is like a ghost or like background paranormal activity. Most women prominent in current image of society are excessive yang [male] and are not in any way balanced. From the sexual image to political / financial .. these women are no different than the out-of-balanced males.

This is interconnected mind[ism] within the psychic Internet.

The male is out of balance .. but also the female is out of balance .. and this has led our current world to an excessive self-destructive state. Of course the out-of-balance males and the out-of-balance females do not want to admit that they are the problem and not the solution! This is also a psychic phenomenon not restricted to the physical body.

At the same time the "Ghosts of Balance" are haunting this Planet!

When a society is excessively yin the ghosts of balance will be yang and when a society is excessively yang the ghosts of balance will be yin. Because the Universe always seeks balance from the largest to the smallest in all things.

Recently I have been shown two forms of balance that apply to the emotions and that apply to art. At the same time the two forms are ONE. I am currently understanding these yin / yang human forms. As society is simply a reflection of the inner psychic human being.

Our current world reality is not the only reality as many parallel time-zones exist. I often see in dreams how other associated time-zones related to our current world experience. This is where the artistic [fluid] mind comes into its own power zone.

When ONE person transforms .. they transform the world! [silently]

I was recently shown in dreams [I experienced] a totally new form of art that I have not seen before. I was skeptical at first as this new for of art is not my style or design. I am beginning to understand this dream .. as I bring together many energies of other incarnations.

A New Art Form
A new art form has entered my mind and I really do not know if I can do justice to this form? Because .. the Art is currently Ghost Form! This concept gets kind of complex as physical reality and the supernatural share the same space .. where I was shown that in an excessive yang male world the yin [feminine] is a ghost.

Most important of all for those of you reading this post is the related discovery [awareness] .. by that I mean what is hidden in the background of our incarnation effecting the human psyche in mysterious ways. I will write this in the book .. but to summarise briefly in the center of the human brain is a neutral observer presence. The observer is not external control / assessment .. but is ourselves.

You might find it strange to imagine: How can we make mistakes in our lives and at the same time accurately observe ourselves in wisdom and in balance? It is kind of like a neutral navigation system or compass created by Nature that we all possess. Either we tune in and listen to this inner navigation compass or we tune out and do whatever we want in life regardless of consequences.

That is one level .. but there are other levels!

I am grateful to be born with an inner awareness of the Spirit Guides and the Invisible Worlds. Without this connection and awareness I would not be who I am today. I have done the least amount of work in this life and they .. the Invisible Worlds .. have done the most work to keep me in states of inner balance. All I did was listen to the Inner Compass!

To make this clear... Migratory birds / dolphins can navigate and find locations using an inner magnetic compass. Human beings have to build a technical magnetic compass to navigate. My theory as to why this is the case is that humans have psychological choice in their actions that is restricted in animals and plants. As a result a higher force determines whether human activity is valid or not.

I do not think humans pay the price in the physical world but are accountable in the afterworld! Something holds humans accountable for their actions and perhaps this is why Buddha said that once a spirit is incarnate from animal form to human form this spirit is no longer animal. Meaning that the spirit is evaluated and controlled on other spirit/psychic levels that animals are not.

The funny part of this new Art Form is my own resistance...

I now see all my previous art work with new eyes. It is like looking back at the drawings of a child. At the same time the different designs and experience will form the new Art in terms of ability and physical knowledge. On the one hand this is exciting and on the other hand it is scary.

Just this dream alone and just this experience alone has taught me that as I progressed in my life [and this applies to all of us] .. I became aware that different Invisible World beings took over my education. Most recently the dream art beings entered my psyche and took over the next stage of my Spirit development [teaching]. I love working with all these guys!

As a result of the dream I now see life and reality in terms of this Art Form.

It came to me to paint 111 Ghost Art paintings .. that is a strange form of Surrealism with a deep message for humanity on Earth. The Ghost Art images are not about GHOSTS as we currently understand the phenomenon. The paintings depict the physical real world and the Ghost aspect is the unseen relationship between physical reality and the Invisible Worlds.

A funny real world connection to this abstract art form was looking up at the cabin of a long haul truck driver. I was walking home along the main street seeing painting after painting haunting my mind. As I suddenly looked up I saw a funny physical world representation of this process. Usually the truck guys have personal coloured lights decorating their front cabin. As I looked up .. this one passing truck had a simple large white 33 light symbol on the front of his windshield.

Very surreal !!