Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How We Use Energy

Everyone today thinks: WHAT do we use our energy for?
The key to life is HOW we use energy in our lives!

I have to find a way to write this in a more comprehensive way .. but for now I am going to do shorthand. From early childhood we are generally programmed to follow the signature of what do I want and what do I do to get what I want? If you watch cats and animals in general the cats effortlessly know HOW to get what they want. Nature knows the HOW and humans simply WANT.

If you want and you don't know how there is conflict!

Wanting is a different energy use than THE WAY. How you make things happen is THE WAY and has a powerful relationship to what you do or what you get. In other words the key to life and happiness is The Way and has little to do with what you have or what you get.

Today I wanted to eat fried tofu rice with Chinese cabbage and the way I cooked the food mattered more to me that the manifestation of all the ingredients that I ate and was soon gone. I wanted to eat the rice and the food became part of me .. but the most important aspect was how I cooked the food = The Way rather than just getting what I want.

When we humans die and leave the physical body we do not take anything from the physical worlds with us. You don't take the furniture and you don't take the money and you don't take the body with you when you die. Another thing you do not take with you is the physical mind. The physical mid is simply an interaction tool for use on any Planet.

I want to drink some water...
I discover in my life how I drink the water is as important as the water itself.
How we effect reality through our actions creates our life = The Way.

You could say the Sun .. the Planets and Nature know The way. This is related to natural balance of the forces of duality [yin / yang]. It is not that the Earth orbits the Sun .. but HOW the Earth orbits the Sun. This may sound very simplistic .. but in reality it is highly complex.

My whole life I am taught that it is not so much what I do in my life .. but HOW I do it that matters most of all. When I had Candida Albicans overgrowth the key was HOW I dealt with the situation. In our modern world how we deal with something is associated with what we do. There is a subtle but powerful difference between these two energies.

How We Use Energy
Let's take pollution and smog! There is a simple electro-plating charge that would bring an end to most of this pollution. The charge is THE HOW and the pollution is WHAT. This is a very powerful technical Zen that can be used to change all our lives .. but the transformation in energy has to begin within the human being and within the human mind.

A lot of the difficulties we face on Earth is related to how we live our lives.

If you observe cats .. or any animal .. they develop the HOW aspect of their existence and psyche. How do I catch the mouse? How do I catch the bird? How to manipulate the human? Nature uses the path of HOW [The Way] to attain or manifest WHAT.

Nature is the HOW of manifestation and humans are the WHAT.

At the core all of this is about how we use energy. How we use our minds [energy]. How we develop or do not develop ourselves. What is missing when a person dies? Energy is missing! The deeper inner meridian circuits are dead .. and so the physical body can no longer function.

Even more mysterious are the Dark Energy Meridians !!

Because we measure everything in terms of light .. fifty percent of our existence is hidden. In a strange way the HOW is sort of hidden in plain sight in the form of Dark Energy or Dark Matter! All this exists within the human body as long as the body is alive.

The excessive yang mind-set believes that LIGHT is the superior power. You see what you want and you go get it any way you can. At the same time .. what you CANNOT SEE also plays a hidden part in events and how your life [society] proceeds. The hidden is often more powerful that what is seen with the eyes.

How we use life-force energy is more important than what we use it for.

The HOW has much more energy than the what .. and this is a karmic learning curve [so to speak]. When we live in the what .. the what .. the what .. that is as far as we go. The what leads always to a dead-end. We can see the results of this across the entire world we live on. Manipulating the human mind / the human psyche to reaching for WHAT I WANT.

Very few people understand that this is an ENERGY FLOW.

If I add too much grated ginger to my cooked vegetables the ginger destroys the taste of the food. The ginger root is the WHAT and the adding of the ginger is the HOW. It is the same for inner energy = HOW we use ENERGY and not what we use it for. Energy is energy! HOW we use energy defines levels of consciousness. Subtle .. but true!