Tuesday, April 05, 2016

New Dimension: Ascending Descending Single Gland [Theory]

Earth has associated dimensions that interact and communicate.
Imagine you can interact with other dimensions related to Earth and communicate with them. Alternatively those associated dimensions can communicate with you! Continuing with Glands Organs and Bio Electric Current .. my Single Organs Theory is not taken from ancient medical traditions [but it is related].

Tradition is like a path .. and sometimes you have to wander off the path to see things in a new way. For me .. wandering off the path can be visiting other dimensions or seeing other dimensions interact in our current time-space.

I don't get theories from thought or from my mind. I get theories from observing Nature. Observing Nature can also be awareness of other dimensions and their interactions with Earth. Theories are like painting a picture of what you see.

I am aware of elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine .. acupuncture channels .. the Five Elements and Daoist Healing. In past lives I have been masters in these disciplines. In this life I do not recall the details .. because everything is new.

On the other slightly higher dimension they said they do not fragment the organs of the body into single unique organs with their single purpose functions. Although my theory is similar to the Five Elements Traditions it is also different. There is ONE principle that we all understand in our own ways.

Eastern and Western medicine are looking at the same phenomenon .. forming their own theories about WHAT they are seeing. Western medicine is based on chemistry and eastern medicine is based on alchemy. The principles are not WHAT we see but HOW we see [it].

Ascending Descending Single Gland [Theory]
From the tip of the tongue to the anus is one single organ. From the sexual organs to the pineal gland in the brain is one single organ. These are electrical current systems. The ascending channel moves through the spine from the sacrum to front of the skull. The descending channel runs down the front of the body.

The break with tradition is that I don't know what I am talking about [no training / knowledge] .. but I am simply explaining what I SEE. It is exactly like painting or drawing a picture. In THIS dimension I do not have knowledge about these unified systems.

The ascending electrical energy current system is one single organ [gland]: Sexual gland .. kidney/adrenal gland .. heart .. thalamus .. thyroid .. hypothalamus .. pituitary .. pineal gland. The descending electrical current system is one single organ [gland]: Tongue .. stomach .. liver / gall bladder .. pancreas / spleen .. small / large intestines.

... I know !! Where are the lungs ??

In my theory the ascending and descending single organ [glands] are a dual system: Duality .. yin / yang .. positive / negative .. male / female .. North / South .. polarity. I was going to say that I tend to throw away the word organ [division .. organs / glands]. The fact is I have already thrown away the "organ" division .. and stay with unified gland only theory.

In this dimension I have to kind of use the word "organ" .. because .. how do I communicate without confusing people? I cannot write in ET / Martian! No one would understand #_+ Dividing organs / glands is totally wrong thinking.

Jiddu Krishnamurti pointed out: How the WORD conditions the brain. This is why I have already thrown away the word division "organ". How many names are you going to give each layer of an onion ?? as you peel the complete onion into little bits !!

For YEARS .. I tried to listen to the heart: You can hear the grasshopper sing .. but can you hear the beating of the heart? I now feel like a complete idiot +_+ .. it is not a heart beat .. the heart is an oscillating pulse. More specifically the heart rhythm is an electrical pulse [electrical current].

This is the same for every gland in the body.

The only problem is they are not "glands" but a unified singular connected system. Then I had to figure out the lungs; An electrically [bipolar] connecting current that actively connects front and back channel electrical polarity.

I could be wrong .. but the way I see it is: The lungs are the only "organ" actively connected [directly] to both ascending and descending electrical channels. This realisation was like a light going on in my head !! Western science comment about the bad design of the lungs [breathing air] connecting to the same system used by the gut: Breathing or swallowing!

My theory of single gland energy current transmission [electrical body] can explain why lungs and gut are connected = onto the same electrical energy circuit. An electrician will have more understanding of what I am saying than doctors.

You have the Larynx [windpipe] breathing air to the lungs and you have the Esophagus [swallowing] gut taking food to the stomach. Then you have the channel connecting circuit: The Pharynx .. a chamber shared by both the digestive and respiratory systems. The lungs are the Third Principle [triangle] connecting positive / negative [yin / yang].

I am saying: Dual currents have to be connected.

Duality is the connected flow of current between the two as ONE. That is the Third Principle [triangle] mostly unseen and undetected. The higher force connecting the two lower forces = the principle of the third dimension. The lungs connect ascending and descending channels.

As an energetic electrical principle the lungs are connected to the gut channel and the heart channel. I mean directly physically connected to ascending and descending electrical circuit. This is not really a "microcosmic orbit". Both ascending / descending channels are simultaneously oscillating in polar directions on the same frequency.

The heart is the middle point between the sexual organs and the pineal gland .. and it is one complete system or gland. When you experience total body reaction you realise there is no TIME involved. The internal function is faster than the speed of light. From the sacrum to the front of the skull there is no time involved because it is one system.

Connect ascending and descending channels and you have one complete system.

The principle of this is electrical field oscillating current [energy]. We think electrical current moves in straight lines. It is not true. There is a North South / positive negative polarity .. but the whole system is electrical field oscillation. This brings in the more complex principles of North South East West.

The polar field is North South East West circulating currents.

Third Principle field theory is the triangle.

Duality connects through two sides of the triangle. Duality is connected [triangle within a circle] at any of the three points. You have three dualities: 1-2 / 1-2 / 1-2 .. then imagine this as a circular rotating field. Ascending and descending [+/- electrical] channels are the same principle as positive negative / yin yang = one complete oscillation.

I am describing a new mental paradigm .. because you cannot see this through fragmented mind. You have to stop seeing the organs as separate systems with their own isolated little functions. In terms of excessive yang male [out of balance] consciousness .. there would have to be complete awareness from prostate to the pineal gland.

The prostate gland is as powerful as the pineal gland. Oh! Sorry! The lower prostate gland is close to the dirty anus and the higher superior pineal gland is close to the clean brain #_#
Male [yang] superior .. female [yin] inferior! Right ??

As in any electrical energy system when the entire system loses polar [magnetic] balance then the system collapses. It's an identical system .. but I cannot explain it !! To think BIG brain [powerful] little gland [secondary] is to lose contact with oneself.