Monday, March 28, 2016

Glands Organs Bio-Electric Current

Heart oversees all electrical activity in the body [in my body].
I cannot talk about other people .. I can only talk about myself.

The reason I say this is not for "external" reasons = that I am not a professional ExPeRT [and so on]. The reason is a philosophy [awareness] I was born with and have followed since childhood: Do not focus outside .. but look inside.

My inborn philosophy is to see the outer through inner observation [awareness].

This is an inner form of Shaolin Kung Fu awareness [anyone can practice / learn]. Our minds are traditionally drawn out into the outer world .. contact / reaction .. contact / reaction = inner reaction to the outer [contact]. If someone tries to insult me .. what do I do?

My own question began like:
What inner action negates the auto-pilot ego petty self [mechanical thought] from reacting faster than my own inner calm awareness? Calm awareness is always there even when we react = inner thought [emotion] against outer thought [emotion]. We do not use intelligence that also exists inside us when we immediately react.

What I am saying is important .. because it is why I am able to do what I do and see what I see. Thought reactions waste all the energy we need to be aware .. to be silent = energy of the psyche.

This is where the electricity comes in! Many people do not have the electrical frequency needed for the full functioning of their psyche. I am saying: Mechanical thought is a very small part of the brain function and thought depends on but also continually drains the psyche to indulge in all its little functions.

When I observe outer events through inner awareness a space is created between the outer event and the inner psyche. There is no petty ego reaction [being drawn off-balance to the outer]. You don't observe the outer = get drawn outside into something you cannot "control". You see the outer events by observing the inner field.

In general you are taught that you see the OUTER .. but in reality this is not true! We do not see the outer .. we see ourselves .. we see the inner action [reactions]. To show this more clearly .. try walking around seeing the OUTER. You may become aware that you are always seeing / perceiving YOURSELF.

The physical body is not an open system walking around on Earth. The physical body is more like a space biosphere. The body is like a travelling [closed] space biosphere that is able to visit and explore an alien Planet. The body is like a spacesuit. It is not an open system.

Everything In Life Requires Electrical Activity
Humans are taught fragmentation of all the processes of life. The body's glands have one function .. the heart has another function .. the nerves have one function .. the organs of the body have other functions. I am very strange in that I do not see this disconnected / fragmented system. I see things differently!

This may not be true for you .. but it is true for me. We go back to what I said about observation / awareness and the inner bio-sphere. I experience what I experience on Earth .. I learn what I learn on Earth .. but this may not be true for you!

Last night I had a dream experience that the heart is the major gland in the body .. connected to the glandular system. I see that the glandular system / veins are compatible electrical circuits connected to the heart. The heart is generating electrical current through the glandular system as well as though the veins and is affecting blood cells in various ways.

Blood cells moving to the lungs have reduced charge. The heart tweaks the charge to attract oxygen. Those blood cells go to the lungs and draw in / become electrically charged. The electrically charged blood cells from the lungs re-enter the heart and the electrical charge is transformed to body electric charge frequency compatibility.

To explain this better: What is incompatible electrical charge?

Mold / Fungi / yeasts have different electrical charge frequencies incompatible to life force of the human body. They have their own electrical charge that reacts in different ways to the Earth's atmosphere. Physical bodies [complex biological forms] are designed to resist electrical charge during thunderstorms [for protection].

Fungi mold yeast are designed to energize [activate] during increased atmospheric charge.

In my inner world spirit [incarnation] requires electrical charge to connect to the physical body. The first principle is electrical charge. The cells .. blood .. tissues .. glands .. organs .. bones .. nervous systems are all electrically changed. Physical chemistry [biological compounds] are the physical operating system that physically conducts electrical charge.

Obviously the entire body is sharing the same integral electrical frequency. That means a complete [non-fragmented] bio system where everything is operating on the same level / same frequency. There is NO DIVISION. The physical body is a complete system.

The bio-electrical current exchange and operation of the glands and organs is ONE SYSTEM. The glands and organs are bio-electrically compatible. There is dual organ: liver/gallbladder [organ/gland] on right side of the body. There is pancreas/spleen [organ/gland] system on left side of the body.

Kidney/adrenal [organ/glands] sit at the center directly on the spine.

We divide: Organs and glands... In reality organs and glands are connected = yin/yang: The male within the female! The female within the male. The organ is in the gland! The gland is in the organ! THEY ARE NOT SEPARATE SYSTEMS !!!

I have a dream where I am on other dimension or parallel world. This was a long intense dream more real than the reality we inhabit on this Earth now. The people in the dream are showing me the thyroid "gland" is a mini heart. They connect the kidneys [electrical current] to the heart [electrical current] to the thyroid [electrical current].

It is all one integrated current within the body.

In the other dimension there was no organs/gland .. glandular/blood [disconnect] system. Even Tradition Chinese Medicine today fragments: This disorder .. that disorder .. because earlier traditional disciplines were burn and destroyed over hundreds of years.

The original was non-fragmented bio-electric frequency resonance discipline.