Saturday, March 19, 2016

Earthing Mat [Tech Geek] Test

I decided to test an Earthing mat for my friends .. 29 Euro .. called Earth Connections EU .. with instructions sent for the bed sheet that was not ordered.

The mat is made of foam that contains conductive carbon fiber. Other than this there is no information about the mat or conductivity / test specifics other than: Place mat under keyboard or feet.
First Conclusions
1. Try to find out technical specifics of product [like conductivity / efficiency]
2. Always have a way to test the product in real world use [how it will be used]
3. Do not have anything that smells bad chemically directly on the skin
Test Findings
Foam carbon fiber conductive mats suck! They smell of chemistry! Do I want to touch that with my skin or have my feet on that even with socks? Noooo .. I don't! I cut the Earth Connections mat in half with scissors and covered both pieces completely with aluminium baking foil #_#

I used my alligator clips grounded to Earth for the comparison test of the mat and my Alu Foil innovation. What I discovered is that the Alu Foil taped to an insulating mat / camping mat or cardboard is more resilient / warmer and lasts longer than just having the Alu Foil on the floor.
Test Results
Aluminium baking foil 10 / 10
Foam conductive carbon fiber mat 0 / 10

How I Conducted My Tests
Carbon fiber conductive earthing mat test with clip to Earth

0.209 Volts [with socks]

Alu foil test with alligator clip to Earth

0.016 Volts [with socks]

Earthing mat bare heel test

0.113 Volts

Alu foil bare heel test

0.003 Volts

This Earthing mat test was really disappointing all round.

My friends and I are doing a colon cleanse regime together with a glandular detox ESSIAC / Flor Essence Teas .. and the last thing we want is a product that may be chemically toxic. Leaving us with a question: Can carbon fibers potentially enter the body through contact with the skin.

I noticed websites give no technical specifics for foam carbon fiber conductive mats. Wearing light socks I had readings ranging from 0.256 +/- [if that range was on a website I would not buy the product]. No claims are made other than the mats "ground you". Get a Tech friend and test test test.

The other issue I have are the cats .. because the mats are warm [isolating materials] .. cats go anywhere that is warm cozy and well isolated. I don't want the cats lying on these chemically smelling mats and then cleaning their fur.

I am going to test other materials that I find or innovate myself.