Friday, March 25, 2016

Heart Current Duality Flow

Secret key to duality lies in the Heart ...
In the last few Yin*Yang posts I try to show connections between physical 3D reality and what I have been saying in this Blog related to energy / electrical current / consciousness connections. I do this so people are not confused that I talk intellectual non-physical concepts! These principles are true for me .. they may not be true for you?

The reality is so many people in this World today use electricity and they do not understand it .. WHY? I am fortunate in that I instinctively understood the nature of electrical current since a small child. I do not understand why people are kept ignorant about the nature / rules / applications of electrical current.

You use it every day in complete I G N O R A N C E

In that respect you are also partly to blame! You like to use all the appliances without understanding how they work .. why they work and how to fix them. Electrical current kills! Right ? Go ahead and be afraid of it .. #_# .. the electrical god current!

In the last two Yin*Yang blog posts I try to show you in simple terms that electrical fields affect and influence the human body. That the physical human body and psyche operate using natural bio-electrical currents.

Basically you are a walking electrical field!

My question to you is: If your everyday electrical appliances have to be grounded to Earth .. then why is it the electrical industry in the last 100+ years do not pay attention to the fact that H U M A N S [the human body] also has to be GROUNDED [ to Earth] ???

I'm sorry! many of you may not understand what I am saying due to the fact you have never-ever never-ever been educated trained or informed about something you USE every day [DUH] DA ElEcTriCiTY .. ELECTRICAL CURRENT = keep you dumb / keep you STuPiD #_+


I am fortunate to have this built in internal awareness gift .. but I do not see any harm in people finding ways to be FLUENT in electrical current. You learn languages .. you learn the Kung Fu .. how to cook .. you learn how to drive a car .. you learn gardening: How to grow vegetables .. brew beer!

So .. be at peace! Remain in your ignorance! Don't learn anything real and essential!

Everything in the physical body .. the blood .. the glands .. the organs and the cells .. the muscles and bones .. the tendons and brain .. the nervous systems and the spine .. all depend on bio-electrical current to operate as ONE.

Then we have thought .. the mind .. psyche and consciousness >_<

Secret Key To Duality Lies In The Heart
I am briefly going to say what I was shown about the true nature of the HEART. Personally I am not comfortable or accepting that the heart is a manual physical pump. I am comfortable with my own perception of electrical capacitor gland.

What is a capacitor? Unlike a battery that slowly releases electrical charge over time [quartz watch battery] a capacitor releases its energy [charge] rapidly .. in seconds or less .. producing bursts of energy in a fraction of a second when fully charged.

The human heart is more advanced and more complex that electronics.

In my view [vision] we do have duality / polarity .. I may be wrong ?? but in the heart there are four poles 2 x 2. One-two-three-four .. one-two-three-four .. squaring the circle. The heart is Yin / Yang [Male / Female] polarity. In every human heart is the male and the female as one.

In my view the heart is a GLAND .. or is the KEY GLAND in the body. The duality is the heart has relationship to the glandular [circulatory] system .. as well as the blood. Then there is the key deeper relationship to the kidneys especially to adrenal glands.

The deeper key to the HEART is electrical [current / flow].

The heart [gland] is charging the blood with electrical charge also using oxygen from the lungs. Essentially every part of this biological process is dependent on bio-electrical charge. If the body is low oxygen / acid PH .. the cells and blood will not have the essential electrical charge necessary for biological health.

The yang dominated [out of balance] male has built an electrical world that is destroying him .. his family .. his friends and his children. Where is the Yin / Yang balance ?? Right now .. nowhere to be seen! I show this in my posts.

When yin [female] denies the male principle and when yang [male] denies the female principle .. there is chaos in the world. We see this division in how we develop and use electrical current. The heart beat or pulse is an electrical current. Like the Sun .. the human heart is fundamentally electrical.

The human heart is configured to the Yin / Yang principle of male female as ONE.

Within the female is the male principle [electrical current] and within the male is the female principle [electrical current]. Entire Universe is based on polarity [Yin / Yang] current flow. Within the heart [double 2 x 2 = 4] gland is more advanced secrets of higher more subtle electrical current activation.

I explain later: Organs / glands electric current relationships