Friday, March 11, 2016

How I Make Ozonated Oil

Making Ozone oil with 30 minute cycle Ozonator

Using Organic Coconut Oil
I put the jar into a warm water bath

This is a mixture of two-thirds Organic Coconut oil and one-third Cold Pressed Olive oil

I ran 4x 30 minute cycles [you can do less] I sometimes do more than 4x 30 minute Ozonator cycles

After 4 cycles the Coconut oil starts to solidify even when placed back in warm water bath. When using 100% Coconut oil it starts to form bubbly crystals the more ozone you add

I make small amounts of ozonated oil to keep in the fridge and use as a body wash. Some people ingest the oil .. but I do not like the taste. Pure Coconut oil does not taste as bad .. I prefer to put the oil on my skin.

Coconut oil soaks into the skin fast and is not fatty smeary like olive oil.

Issues I had with chronic inflammation when my colon developed candida overgrowth .. chronic tissue inflammation and leaky gut where candida grows long branching hyphae fungal roots through the walls of the intestine allowing bacteria and contaminants to enter into the bodies circulatory system.

Eventually I was suffering from extreme skin allergies / food allergies .. chronic inflammation of all connective tissues [knees hips shoulders elbows wrists] not to forget inflammation in the spinal tissues. All a result of low-oxygen high acid PH that I gradually reversed by creating high-oxygen alkali PH balance.

I did not want to reverse the candida high acid PH too fast because my organs and colon have to detox all the bad stuff my cells throw out. I just gave my body the tools needed to reverse high acidity and create balanced PH. In the future humans do not use all this water we use today to "clean" the body.

When I would shower every day or take baths I was never as clean as I am today. The shower water and soap only dried out my skin. Because my internal environment was not clean .. I would still smell after a long shower because the inner environment was out of balance and polluted.

When we shower we remove essential probiotic bacteria from the entire skin surface .. while the hot water adds pollutants to our skin such as chlorine / fluoride and all the drugs humans pee into the water table.

Chlorinated showers and baths kill the essential beneficial gut flora. This includes what you breathe into the lungs on top of the water the skin soaks in during a hot shower or bath. Skin and lungs absorb up to eight glasses of water during a 10 minute shower.

I am better off using a wash cloth and a sink full of water than taking a hot shower. I personally find that ozonated oil cleans and feeds my skin better than using tap water.