Friday, March 11, 2016

How I Make Ozonated Water

Making Ozone water with 10 minute cycle Ozonator setting

Black Forest natural mineral water [still] with 22 PPM reading using TDS Meter. See my video: How to use TDS meter

Water ozonation 10 minutes

Wheatgrass watered with freshly ozonated water
Roots are clean strong and healthy

Five day old garlic sprouting in daily changes of fresh Ozone water

I do not only feed fresh ozonated water to my plants. I drink three glasses of fresh ozone water a day. If the indoor plants are not enough to give some idea why I use an Ozone Generator to make Ozone water and Ozone oil... I explain why I do this!

Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen / ozone 03 is oxygen. It just so happens that ozone 03 is a powerful cleanser. Our blood can be enriched with oxygen [oxygenated] or blood can be low on oxygen [creating low oxygen environment within the body / tissues / organs / colon and brain].

In a healthy human being the cells and blood have high levels of oxygen. Any type of dis-eased state is a sign of low blood oxygen together with acid PH. A healthy body functions in a state of high oxygen and alkali PH. Cancer cells [as one example] can only exist in a low oxygen acidic environment [like fungus].

The cells of our body have no energy left and die [decompose] in low oxygen environment with high acid PH. Out in Nature when plant cells or tree cells reach the end of their life cycle and die .. the role of fungus is to digest this lifeless no-oxygen structure and return physical matter back to its molecular state.

Fungus mold Candida yeast are designed by Nature to digest and break down physical matter when the cells die and enter a no oxygen state. If my intestine is full of a lot of old rotting pile of crap .. then the yeast and the mold and the fungus is going to expand and grow to digest all that garbage into its original molecular state.

That is why I drink freshly ozonated water each day.

I received two aeration stones with the Ozone Generator. One stone is for water and the other stone is for oil. One stone is grey one stone is white. After I make the Ozone oil I have to clean with warm water [especially with coconut oil] or the timy holes get clogged up with oil.

I only ozonate water and oil in glass containers and never plastic. You cannot use tap water. It has to be high quality low PPM mineral water / good quality low PPM filtered water or distilled water.

Fresh Ozone water acts in a similar way to 2x capsules of colon cleanse Magnesium Oxide. If you drink a glass after food it will have a cleaning action in the colon / intestine. I take 2 Magnesium Oxide capsules once a week at the weekend. If I take them on Saturday it will have the colon cleanse effect on Sunday.

I drink Ozonated water to get oxygen into my gut / colon / cells and blood. I am also testing the Ozone water on seeds and plants .. because plants and roots are very sensitive to water. If the water is low quality the plants and plant roots will rot or there will be problems with fungus.

What is chronic inflammation of the intestines and chronic tissue inflammation [fat]? Maybe it is low oxygen high acid PH inside the cells and the tissues of the body? I am not advising anyone to do what I do #_# -- I just love posting nice pictures on my Blog to create good positive natural loving environment.