Friday, February 13, 2015

Dark Zen: Not From Earth

As a child I would talk to Stars inhabiting dark skies.

I wanted to call this post: Hybrid Earth Humans...

I never write anything until I observe deeper into the totality of what I am seeing [understanding]. In this respect I am drawing on experiences from childhood mixed with deeper understanding from life experiences. Then add to this past and future life experience.

As a child when either climbing onto the roof of the house or camping in the mountains I was blessed with the freedom to be able to watch the night skies and observe [for hours] what goes on above Earth during the dark night. On nights that were cloudy I was undeterred in my observations. Sometimes cloudy nights were the best of all. Ultimately the observe is the mind and not only the eyes.

As a kid I had no radio .. no TV and no telescope. There were no Tablets or Mobile Phones. There was no Internet = human built Internet. We did not even have a phone. In a way I was born into what modern society would call "poverty". As the rest of Britain expanded into the modern world after the 2nd World War .. Scotland remained for a long time in the backward impoverished boon-dogs.

My Great Grandmother was a travelling Gypsy [yes .. with a horse and cart] and my Grandmother was the last house in her small town to have gas light and no electricity. My family were still in the generation of knowing stories of the past and telling tales of their origins. I tell you this to make it clear that my behaviour of going out at night to look for lights travelling in the skies did not come from any other source than from myself and my own mind.

I always found it strange that human beings destroyed the Earth = the Planet they live on.

As a child I experienced strange Initiations more suitable for an adult than for a small child. Even more strange is that I passed these dark night Initiations without all the problems other children had. What do I mean by other children? There were lots of children going through the same Initiations. We could call this: The Dark World... Simply because no one knows that it exists!

I share with with you to create a realistic picture behind my own Timeline Observations

Our shared journey is like water. We are flowing and travelling through 'time' in many ways. One way is you take one step after the next step. Another way is that you fall asleep and wake up. Another step is that you fall asleep [die] in one life and you wake up in another life... The experience is relative to yourself.

Hybrid Earth Humans
I am going to say this straight out: We humans are not from Earth! Not only do we not originate from Earth .. but we seriously do not fit into the life dynamics of this Planet. I am not going to cut corners [because I love this Planet] .. we are Earth Aliens. We currently live here but we do not belong here.

I can give you a long list of WHY we humans do not originate / belong on Planet Earth .. but I am not allowed to do so. All I can say to you is PAY ATTENTION !! Look around you... Observe NATURE. Look around at your NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Pay attention to the birds and the animals .. observe and watch them.

Animals support us .. but we humans do not belong on Earth !!

Let me explain Human Hybrids... Observe your own life! You need ENERGY to power your world. You do not have your own skin. You naturally interact with and understand electrical fields. You need fire for heat. What animal on this Earth needs fire for heat?

You cook your food !! DUH ??

Humans did not originate on Planet Earth! We are not only fighting each other [for thousands of years] but we are destroying the environment and killing birds .. animals and sea creatures as if there is no tomorrow. Why would Earth Humanoids totally and completely destroy their living environment? It makes no sense.

You destroy your living environment and you destroy yourself...

On one level Earth Humans have brilliant minds and have brilliant technological capacities. At the same time why do we not have living-empathy and a balanced sense of compassion to the environment we live in? Are Earth-bound humans [in some way] strangers living in a strange land?

What would happen if Earth humans became aware they do not originate on Earth?

Recently I walked around and observed the surrounding human world as if I am an extra-terrestrial. I looked at our world with new eyes. The eyes of an inter-dimensional visitor to the world that we live in. Not only is this fun .. but it can open our eyes to who we really are. This was a short introduction...