Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dark Zen: Martian Genetic Origins

They don't drink tea on Mars... Do they?

I have been working on this post my entire life. Who am I [who are we]? Where do I come from [where do we come from]? Where is home? Why are we here on Earth? Lots of questions and not many answers. The generally accepted answers never really answered the questions.

Last night [early hours of the morning] I woke up out of a really cool dream. I was trading with the Martians. We were trading between special kind of tea cakes I had .. and I am not sure what they were giving me in return... In the dream they were real trades and they were from Mars.

Martian Origins
The greatest challenge of this Century will be technology advancing and all the challenges this will bring to the World Table .. the International Table. In the future they do not say International. They say Planetary. In the future we are no longer National but we are Planetary.

The majority of our genetic material did not originate on Planet Earth. Our human genes and DNA developed somewhere else. The small mix of Earth genetics was necessary to allow the Martian Migration. You cannot go with an Earth genetic body and live on another Planet. Every Planet has its own unique bio-resonance.

It is possible to live inside a Planet creating your own hybrid environment .. but that is another story! In general it is not possible to simply land on another Planet and live there on the surface. You may then ask: How can Martians trade with us? The traders in the dream were humans [living on Mars in a hybrid environment].

There was some kind of long term disaster on Mars that gave people enough time to migrate to Earth. Atlantis is one part of that story. Egypt was a Martian Colony. All pyramids connect Earth with other Planets and other civilizations. All pyramids are active today [across time].

The big disasters facing Earth humans are largely self-created: Wars .. conflicts .. lack of humanity .. self-interest .. greed [which is related to fear]. These unresolved issues are sucking away our collective potential to deal with other disasters such as Solar Flares and/or Asteroids.

The rapid advanced technological world we are building is both a blessing and a curse. One example is: Different groups who have always fought each other are now fighting each other in more advanced ways. There is a natural limit to how much more advanced fighting each other can become.

The REAL so-called DISCLOSURE has nothing to do with Unidentified Flying Objects and extra-terrestrial contacts. The real disclosure that no one wants to make is about OUR ORIGINS. I will say one part of this complex story of where Earth Hybrid Humans came from.

Just as we have highly skilled people in different fields on Earth... In the distant past there were extra-terrestrial races who specialized in genetics. One part of this complex ORIGINS story is that this race helped the Martians mix their genes with Earth based genetics to allow these humans to live on the surface of the Earth.

Scientists are discovering some of those genetic signatures and manipulation.

Maybe similar to Tolkien's Lord of The Rings and various levels of betrayal >_< .. this control oriented race did their own secret thing [in the genetic mix] that has pretty much created the whole mess we have today. That fact does not let us off the hook in terms of incarnation spirit beings and what we do when we receive a material physical body.

When the media tell you: The Matrix is all around you... This is not true! The so-called Matrix was created inside the human beings on Earth. The incarnating spirit does have the potential to alter the DNA field of the body reconnecting to the Universal Psyche [balance].

Yes! I am saying Earth Humans originally came from Mars.

Much more important than the rapidly advancing technology that is going at its own pace no matter what happens. More important is discovering our true origins. The Martians were highly advanced aggressive warriors .. and look where it got them. It is beyond time to realize the advanced "Peaceful Warrior" within us.

As things stand right now the pace of development across the entire world is creating a new crisis = RESOURCES. We all need and rely on the same resources and all of it at an expanding rate. The common resolution for this type of Planetary crisis is conflict [war]. The war potential is such that we will probably need a new Planet !!

The necessary "Disclosure" is that Earth humans are a hybrid race that did not originate on this Planet .. but the hybrid race came from somewhere else and colonized the surface of the Earth. If we could recall what happened in the past to force this interplanetary migration then that is the first step to ending all wars.

A BIG part of the problem is that deep inside each one of us there is a feeling of BEING TRAPPED. We Earth humans are frustrated. We are acting like too many animals in a small space together. It is not the physical space open to us .. but it is something else. It is something inside us.

We originally came here together as brothers and now we are broken apart.

The whole fake science of EVOLUTION does not help in any way. It is time to go beyond science and advance to higher levels. Religion and science both come from the same root. The two disciplines no longer serve us .. but we serve them. Our intelligence has become the servants of religion and science. Because we have forgotten our ORIGINS.

I would say that because humans are a vulnerable hybrid race that makes us nervous. We hybrid humans do not adapt too well to hostile environments. The only reason we got this far is because of our technical ingenuity and sophisticated intelligence [our ability to build and use tools].

When humans realize this it is going to change how we solve problems.

There is some kind of deep sorrow hidden within the human being. A lot of our behaviour and insecurity comes out of that deeper hidden layer. All the mystery that surrounds us is simply a way to get us to waken up. It is not the light you see in the sky that is important .. it is the light within that is most important of all. The mystery is a mirror in which we see ourselves more clearly.