Monday, February 02, 2015

You Are Fighting Yourself

I wanted to write about hybrid Earth humans that is the REAL issue of so-called 'Disclosure'. Instead I find myself walking in a forest of Martial Arts and all of it is related. I tell you this to show you that we cannot take a straight path .. but that we have to move in fluid motion. This also includes the movement of the psyche.

I have no idea how I came to this video: Kung Fu Quest - Praying Mantis. It just happened... The video appeared out of street food search but in relation to something I was learning [that is kind of strange].

I have the ability to interact with Masters Across Time. They know what I can do and what I cannot do. For example .. I am a small woman and I do not want to hurt anyone [even if they attack me]. When in danger a force surrounds me that is very dangerous. Even if people attack me psychologically .. I still do not want to harm them directly.

Everyone thinks that POWER is the ability to directly harm someone. This is not true power. People .. friends .. family .. politicians .. institutions .. nations when they are hurt hit back at each other from the small to the large. This behaviour .. this action is not POWER. Human beings are very petty. We hurt ourselves most of all.

Even if someone attacks me I do not want to hurt them because I hurt myself.

All the people hurting each other hurt themselves. All the politicians hurting others hurt themselves. All the institutions hurting others hurt themselves. All the countries hurting each other hurt themselves. Around and around it goes from the smallest levels to the largest levels .. but both small and large are one and the same.

The Buddhists call this karma: What you send out comes back. Each one of us is directly responsible for who we are .. for what we send out and for what comes back to us. We are fighting ourselves. This is the key to all Martial Arts. Some people may think Karate Do is violent .. but it is not violent. Karate is not intended for violence.

If someone attacks you and you fight back then you can also break their nose or do some kind of serious harm to them if you are not trained in a Martial Arts Discipline. When you know how to defeat an attacker without using violence then you can reduce the harm you do to your opponent.

Most people go for the face when attacked [males] .. but the Masters said to me as I was teaching myself: The inner thighs .. the outer thighs are more sensitive. The knees are more vulnerable. The lower legs [ankles] are vulnerable in terms of balance. The same laws apply psychologically and on other levels.

You do not have to totally destroy an opponent in order to establish non-violent balance.

In the Praying Mantis video @ 44:04 he says: In the process you are wrestling with yourself. I realised that all Martial Arts is fighting with ourselves. This is a very powerful form of self-realisation. The Master does not want to use external power .. but to use internal power. Because external power can do a lot of harm to your opponent .. but internal power can stop the attack without doing terrible harm.

Learning to use the vital points in the Martial Arts is not brutal or ruthless because it can end a confrontation using the least amount of force. The reason our societies do not learn or apply these rules are because of the laws of application. There has to be respect. There has to be honour. Brutality has no place. You cannot just behave any way you want. You cannot just crush your opponent.

This basic Martial Arts principle is so subtle that very few people today understand this. Those of you who practice the Martial Arts will know exactly what I am saying here. Even when you practice alone [most especially] you are fighting yourself. Maybe less obvious is when you fight with someone. It is the same: You fight yourself.

This rule or basic law applies to everything we do in life. It applies to politics .. governments .. institutions and world powers. We collectively become the energy we put [send] out. So how does one defend oneself against these kinds of self-destructive energies?

Well .. stay true to the higher laws!

Not only stay true to the higher laws .. but apply them directly. The Martial Arts came through very brutal times. Hitting the vital points was not brutal or ruthless. What do you want to do? Break someones nose? Break someones back? Kill them? Ultimately the Martial Arts were not about killing someone.

The Martial Arts are not about defeating someone. Destroying your opponent. Breaking the back of a Nation. Crushing those people who do not agree with your principles. Using force in these ways is not destroying the other but is self-destructive. I will inherit what I do to others. It all comes back full circle in one way or another.

True martial Arts is a form of Compassion.

What is internal power? When you think you only hit an outside force .. this is actually an illusion. The Masters taught me both psychologically and physically that all actions have internal [not external] influence. THAT is true karma. People may think karma is something they have to face in the NEXT life .. but in reality karma is inside us now.

According To Our Nature
I learn first that the strength and flexibility of the hips or flexibility and strength of the diaphragm is essential to Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Then I later understand that this applies to all forms of Martial Arts practice. For a long long time the Masters have been trying to teach me that ACCORDING TO MY NATURE what is close to my body is strong.

In ancient past lives we had to fight very close to our bodies and not in any way similar to this world today. Everything was immediate and very close. There were no big long movements. The energy .. the art of war was very close. The same psychic principle applies today.

Physical reality today is based on hitting hard at a distance... Psychic reality is always very close to the body [to the mind]. According to our nature has nothing to do with being male or female. Even if I am male energy movement close to my body is a strength for me. Long movements are not strong.

When we learn we have to learn about ourselves...
To be true to our own nature!