Thursday, December 20, 2012

Are Space Gravity Waves A Form of Water?

Sorry! In a future life I was an ET !!

This is a complex post .. sort of like Bilbo Baggins (the Hobbit) running out of the door at Bagend, not really knowing where he is going to end up .. or even where he is going. But the journey changes the Hobbit and affects future generations of Hobbits as well as affecting all of Middle Earth !!

I was looking for the 12 particles at CERN and I ended up taking a journey I did not intend to take .. although Gandalf would say that strange and mysterious forces affect the destiny of Men and Hobbits...

Then I read: Van Allen Belt Instability As Monitor for Earth Seismicity

Keywords: particle bursts earthquakes - energetic particle bursts sumatra

I came to this because I noticed a chart on the Van Allen Belt Instability PDF that showed: Sumatra - December 26, 2004 - Examples of Particle Bursts.
Observations from space support the evidence for detectable precursor phenomena influencing the magnetosphere producing precipitating particle burst taking place 1-3 hours before major earthquakes. - Roberto Battiston (INFN) Nov 7, 2012 CERN
In simple English .. Observations from space satellite remote sensing detected phenomenon hitting the Earth's magnetosphere 1 to 3 hours before major earthquakes occur. I hope I got that right !!

Next I found: DEMETER satellite observations of energetic particle prior to Chile earthquake Chinese Journal of Geophysics
Abstract The lithosphere activity during seismogenic process or occurrence of one earthquake may emit electromagnetic waves which propagate to ionosphere and radiation belt, then induce disturbance of electric and magnetic field and the precipitation of high energy charged particles induced by pitch angle scattering from interaction of wave and particle.

This paper, based on the data detected by DEMETER satellite, presents the high energy charged particle burst (PB) with 4 to 6 times enhancement over the average value observed about ten days before Chile earthquake in the center of epicenter within longitude 10 degrees and Mc Ilwain L 0.1. The obvious particle burst was also observed in the northern hemisphere mirror points conjugate of epicenter. The energy spectra of the PBs are different from average value within the first three months in 2010. At the same time, the disturbance of the VLF electric spectrum under 300 Hz and in 13~20 kHz frequency band in ionosphere over the epicenter detected by the DEMETER satellite are also observed in the same two orbits.

Finally we calculated the coupling relation between the energy of PBs and frequency range of VLF electric spectrum disturbance by wave and particle cyclotron resonant interaction, then obtained the consistent result of observation and theoretical calculation. It is indicated that the PBs are indeed caused by VLF electromagnetic wave in ionosphere possibly transmitted from earth's surface or lithosphere, which is a typical wave and particle coupling event. Eliminating the possible origin of PBs including magnetic burst and solar activities, we think the PBs and VLF electric spectrum disturbance are likely to have a certain link with Chile earthquake.
The scientists are talking "gravity waves" in space hitting the Earth .. and I am thinking it has to be some form of water! I may be wrong but I think water can be light or water can be heavy. I don't know why I think that!

In the same light, gravity can be light or gravity can be heavy. For example .. the way gravity interrelates with your body .. it does not crush you .. but apparently gravity waves from space can trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.

Are Space Gravity Waves A Form of Water?
I have this theory that there are many forms of water seen and unseen, known and unknown. There is water on the Earth and there is water in deep space. I mean! Obviously water has to come from somewhere .. like that it forms on Planets from the Cosmos.

The ancients said, as above so below. Essentially, the human form is a tiny microcosmic system .. a tiny compact reflection of greater Cosmos. The Cosmos from which the human being is formed.

An example of this is: Sperm (comet) and egg (planet) or sperm (spaceship) and egg (planet). Inside a human female the egg is in a womb of water. The sperm comes from the Fathership [don't laugh] .. and the sperm finds a landing site on the surface of the egg (Planet) / physical existence.

That is the Interplanetary occupant landing on Earth "-)

We humans just copy Nature !!

I am talking space, navigation, magnetism, gravity, water, earth.

It is all "water" .. the waters of life.

Imagine that there are unknown manifestations of water in the Universe, in Galaxies, in Suns (Stars), on Planets and Moons, in Comets and surrounding Star formations, and inside you.

Is Dark Matter an unknown form of water?

Are Space Gravity Waves unknown forms of "water"?

I am thinking of penetration and mass. Water (rain) falls to Earth and soaks into us. Water penetrates the skin. In the same way Gravity Fields easily penetrate the Earth, or Particle Bursts easily penetrate the Earth. It is all life!

Gravity Waves spread out like ripples in a pond.

It is the expansion of the wave hitting the Earth that cause successive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the Planet, days and weeks after a major mega earthquake.

There is water out there .. in deep space...