Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spirit World Internet

We are connected to and are part of all dimensions.

It would be arrogant of us humans to think that we - on Earth - are the creators of technology, think that our technologies are "advanced" and assume that our technological world operates outside of Nature.

The psychological structures needed to learn about, develop and teach everything required to use technology already exists before we develop it. Just stop and think about that for a moment.

What I am saying is that humans are pre-designed to develop, understand, share and use technology. Most important of all is that the actual technology is a construct of our natural world. It is an undivided part of Nature.

Our technologies have to be constructed from natural resources we take from the Earth. The communication frequencies already exist all around us .. called the Planet's magnetic fields. Humans did not create electricity. In fact, we did not create anything. We use what is around us, we adapt the physical resources to our needs. In other words, we totally depend on Nature and Planet Earth to do what we do.

The human mind is fully tuned to and is fully part of Universal Mind .. that is where we get all our ideas, abilities and potential from.

I love reading and watching Kubo's Bleach Manga Series. I thought it was really funny to see Soul Society using technology created by their department of Research & Development. But why do we humans assume that we are the only one's using these kinds of technologies?

Spirit World Internet
Since the Winter Solstice, 2012 there has been a dramatic increase in the spirit energies connection surrounding the physical world. You have to think more in terms of the psyche being an Internet connection between the physical 3D world and the frequencies of the spirit worlds that surround this reality.

It is possible that some people would have a high speed awareness connection to the Spirit Internet, some people may have a slower connection to the Spirit Internet and others may have little or no direct awareness connection.

The keyword is: Awareness.

To be born into this world one has to be "connected"; but in the last few thousand years "other world" spirit connections have been unconscious or sub-conscious. A lot of what we are building already exists in the Spirit World, where the connecting frequency is the psyche and where the psyche is the operating system of the soul / spirit.

Increase awareness and you increase spirit energy.

My first introduction to the "Spirit Internet" was in a dream. However, not only humans have a dream psyche! Cats, dogs, wild animals and birds etc .. the whole natural world has a dream psyche.

The Universe connects us...

In the dream I saw spirit world frequencies and various connecting spirit / energy levels. In the dream physical 3D was one small part of an infinite and complex cosmic mind awareness. The physical material worlds exist because they are created out of the chi energy of the spirit worlds.

Although, spirit world energies are more powerful than spirit energy in the physical worlds .. the spirit worlds do not use that power to force order or peace in the material worlds. Spirit energies incarnate inside physical reality to alter physical existence. That is why we are here!

Yin / yang balance between the physical and spirit worlds is love.

Awareness activates love and compassion as a living Cosmic Technology where the mind is the operating system inside the 3rd dimension. The brain is the computer. Spirit is the navigator.

Going beyond limited physical resource energy to develop free-energy is a spiritual process and not a physical process. It is the aware spirit-soul connection using the spirit-psyche that develops advanced non-central energies inside the physical worlds.

In the dream, people (spirits) were using highly advanced technologies to navigate and communicate inside the worlds of spirit. Only, their spirit technologies were powered by a living Cosmic Chi and not by "electricity".

The only thing that gets me excited is that once I return to the spirit world I can continue to do what I love most and that is to develop totally advanced technologies.

You may think that the advanced technologies on Earth are MALE .. sort of masculine .. but that is not really the way it is "out there". The advanced technologies are largely female, but are mostly a balance between male and female. Yin and Yang !!

When a man has a male/female balance he is advanced. When a woman has male/female balance she is advanced. When technology has male/female (yin/yang balance) then the technology is advanced.

The Spirit World Internet flows from the invisible worlds of spirit into the physical material worlds. We create inside physical reality what already exists in the spirit worlds.

Our spirit transmigrates .. back and forth .. between the spirit worlds and the physical worlds. That means there is a living connection between SPIRIT and MATTER !!

We are not alone !!