Monday, July 20, 2015

Beyond Meditation

Interacting Electrical Fields
The reason I decided to do photo art to visually explore the interacting electrical fields I call: Beyond Meditation .. is to show exactly what I am talking about in real 3D terms within this physical material world.

The magic mushroom migrated West from its home in the Himalayas long before Buddhism [migrated]. The photo art [Panasonic HC-V550] defined the template pictograph that I was able to slightly alter to give me the whole visual signature as one.

Everything you see visually defines [in my awareness] what I mean by: Beyond Meditation. You have stillness action and silence. This prefect subdued color balance between all active objects .. crystals .. Buddhas and dragon. There are two silent forms of movement .. the open mouth of the dragon and the circle behind the dragon is also moving but silent.

In my world the pictograph photo art defines interacting electrical fields.

The effortless harmony behind interacting electrical fields is what I call: Beyond Meditation. This is because I include the body's electrical field harmonic and the essential hidden probiotic intelligence network that act like capacitors. Explain That Stuff: Capacitors. The clouds in the sky are giant capacitors. In my view probiotics have a similar function.

Probiotics are more complex .. but one of their functions is related to electrical field pathways in the body connected to the mind. I will explain to you how this works and why it is so important. I had to figure this out for myself...

From I was a small child I always had the ability to use my mind in powerful ways. Up until I had leaky gut and Candida overgrowth I could use my mind to heal [affect] the physical body. When yeast .. fungus .. mold take over the gut and spread into the organs and glands the electrical [field] environment changes.

Just imagine that beneficial probiotics are like micro-electrical connection / transfer ions. I don't know what to call them .. they are not biological or like cells. Probiotics are similar to primordial yeast cells but they are designed to bridge the cellular electrical gap and to provide an as yet unknown type of energy to the body.

Certain types of fungus mold and yeasts are designed to unlock physical cellular structures and break down physical matter to return it back to its primordial single cell state. If that did not take place then every physical form that died would exists forever and not break down.

The yeast fungus was everywhere .. leaked through my gut into every part of my body. My knees were swollen and painful [accumulated bacteria and fungus / yeast] .. my joints were aching .. I could hardly walk .. my tendons were f#cked .. my heart overreacted to re-potting a little plant into a new little pot.

For months [not understanding what was taking place inside the organs of my body] I never gave up trying to use the power of my mind to "heal myself". This is VERY important to understand #_# .. for the first time in my life my body was NOT responding to the power of my mind.

Now I will explain to you why and what was taking place...

The Bio-Electric Field
When I had Candida overgrowth symptoms and would go walk in the forest around Autumn .. I would smell [breathe in] the fungus smell of decomposing leaves and mushrooms and immediately all the tendons in my body would shrink and twist and I could barely walk. Once the fungus electrical fields activated in the tissues of my body there was a struggle between my brain / nervous system and the disrupting electrical field of the yeast / fungus.

I have never taken any kind of mind altering anything .. and not mushrooms either. The fact is that certain psilocybin mushrooms have the effect of taking over the functions of the body / brain creating altered states that are out of the control of the rational conscious mind.

In a similar way .. once I had leaky gut and this fungus / yeast all over my body .. in certain environments the electrical field of the fungus would alter my normal body electrical field resonance. I am saying that beneficial probiotics not only detox yeast / fungus overgrowth .. but the probiotics create the bio-electric field essential to physical body health.

I was doing what I always did my whole life .. using the mind / body bio-harmonic field and my body was not listening to me. The body was doing its own thing. That mess was only slowly cleared up when I gradually re-introduced healthy probiotic bacteria into my gut.

We are spirit incarnate into physical material experience .. and if the battery does not work the mind has difficulty connecting with the body. What connects spirit with body are electrical fields. Meditation is an electrical field. For example .. meditation has to have a physical material signature or the body would not be able to experience the bliss of the non-physical mind.

What connects spirit mind and body are electrical fields.

The reason I put probiotics in: Beyond Meditation .. is the intelligence. Probiotics are some kind of energy that allows communication at all levels of the body. They allow cells to communicate with blood .. bones .. tendons .. muscles .. organs .. glands .. nervous system and brain all within one singular electrical field.

Beneficial probiotics have a similar function to fungus and yeast within the life cycle of an organism .. and that is they alter the bio-electrical fields of the food we eat [digest] and break the food into electrical fields compatible with our physical bodies. That can be translated as: Getting energy.

Probiotics connect the communications networks within the body and fungus and bacteria are designed to block the communications networks at the end of life.

All communication pathways are electrical and if they continue to have electrical charge the material pathways will maintain the charge after death. Fungus and bacteria unlock the electrical charge to break the cells back down to their primordial states.

Beyond meditation is a higher electromagnetic charge or field that already exists regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. All we humans do is we harmonize with that field and enter that state. This is why it is: Beyond meditation .. because it is like the ocean.

The ocean exists no matter if someone is swimming or not.

Maybe most important to realize is that this is REAL. I recall it was a secret teaching in some past lives. That this is REAL. Then the reality was converted to: It is the MIND. But .. the mind inhabits the body! The body is designed to experience levels of meditation. Then the next level beyond meditation is that this is something REAL.

One real aspect that we have overlooked is that there has to be a real world element inside the body that connects effortlessly to this higher electrical field. Perhaps the triangle connecting body mind and spirit as one. Whatever we interact with on these higher meditation levels is totally real = it exists .. like another world that is as real as this world.

That which exists is BEYOND Meditation ...