Friday, July 24, 2015

Star Humans Electrical Fields

Human body supported by many [energetic / electric] Radiant Fields

Human Star(s)
In this drawing I try to show the basic Radiant Fields connections to the human body. If you see a dead body .. animal .. bird .. fish .. insect .. tree .. all of these energetic radiant fields are no longer operating.

Why human star(s)?

The body functions on the same basis as stars. There is a central radiating inner core resonating in harmony with the central star system and the body operates in the same way as local stars [any stars].

Humans are stars walking on Earth!

Without the central Qi / Chi core there is no physical human life form. The radiations from this central core can be associated with the energetic meridians. They go beyond the meridians and connect physical form with mind .. psychic fields .. the paranormal / supernatural fields and all levels of electrical [energetic] fields surrounding the physical body.

The correct term is: Star Humans [not human stars].

It is not an accident that the central core is orbiting / rotating around the colon [naval]. Radiating out from the colon is a network of supreme intelligence built into every aspect of physical existence on this Planet.

Something deep within the physical 3D human body has to seamlessly connect all these layers .. including energy .. electrical current .. psyche .. mind .. physical movement and Qi [as one].

A hundred years ago there was a scientific split / question: Probiotics or antibiotics. The probiotic researchers were crushed and the antibiotic researchers took over .. antibiotic [$$$].

Guess what #_#
Antibiotics destroy beneficial healthy probiotic gut bacteria! Yey!

In my drawing I am trying to show the deeper interconnected energy [Qi life force] to the physical body .. related to the mind / psyche and hidden in plain sight to the unseen probiotic internal electrical cellular communication systems within the 3D physical body. The body has to be designed to effortlessly interact with the mind .. electrical current .. energy and the psyche.

Star Humans
Humans walking on Earth are tiny stars walking on the surface of the Earth. The central star [Sun] gives energy to the tiny Suns walking on the surface of the orbiting Planet [Earth]. The Earth is not the only Planet in the Universe giving life to orbiting inhabitants.

I am saying the Star Power has to be active inside inhabitants of a Planet no matter if the inhabitants are trees .. plants .. birds .. fish .. animals .. insects or humans. That tiny star energy has to be active within you.

If you study my drawing .. inside the central core there is a tiny star fragment that radiates out like the energy of the Sun. The inner core Chi energy and the outer energy are all one.

If your internal communications systems are disrupted your mind and your body cannot function. The incarnate spirit may be strong .. but if the spirit cannot use the inner communications systems of the body then nothing can be achieved. We could call it a systems crash. The mind / psyche has the power but the body does not respond. There is an internal disconnect.

There are essential micro-physical cellular structures that connect electrical meridian pathways with the glands .. brain .. nervous systems .. psyche and mind. When the micro-flora within the colon are healthy .. the body is healthy. Like the central Sun.

If you study the drawing it can tell you a lot more than I can write...

This is why you see many deeply empowering ancient drawings and cave paintings speaking in a language we do not totally understand .. because we do not listen to that deeper more ancient language.

Let us say that beneficial probiotic molecules within the body are a primordial language or primordial art. This living art has pathways. These primitive microbial drawings create pathways that allow inner communications of mind .. body .. spirit .. psyche and intent.

Everything in life has to have pathways. If the Sun sends out Solar Flares and some anti-force blocks the flares ?? The Solar Flares implode back into the Sun. There have to be universal pathways that channels Solar Flares in beneficial ways.

The meridian [acupuncture] pathways not only need electrical pathways .. they also need probiotic pathways. It is difficult to translate earlier knowledge into this current paradigm .. partly because earlier civilisations did not have this problem .. they relied on fermentation and fermented foods [not pasturised foods].

Chronic fungi yeast mold overgrowth within the body creates a totally different electrical field [abnormal electrical fields]. When antibiotics destroy beneficial gut bacteria the walls of the colon become a feeding ground for Candida [yeast] .. mold .. bacteria and fungi growth. Those electrical fields are anti-human health.

If researchers would study human electrical fields .. they would understand.

The colon is the number one detox organ in the body supported by the kidneys and the liver. Inside the colon the essential elements are probiotic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria also have to have an electrical energy signature. When beneficial probiotic bacteria are wiped out? Yeast .. fungi .. mold take over producing [acidic] toxins.

When I had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut my body was misbehaving and was not listening to me. I had a disconnect with my body. There you have the [abnormal] fungi electrical-signature disconnect. We humans are a series of electrical signatures [interconnected electrical fields].

The point I am trying to make is that the physical body is INTELLIGENT [no matter what] .. and the body works to create life force no matter what .. and so there is a paranormal / supernatural intelligence operating within the physical body. We have to discover this intelligence from 3D physical to brain .. energy .. nervous system .. mind .. psyche and spirit.