Monday, August 03, 2015

Fragments of Enlightenment

Meditation & Enlightenment are REAL .. like the Stars and Planets.

The Universe Is Listening
Be careful what you ask for ..

It is a long time since I made this drawing. I do not date my work and so I do not know how many years?

The moment it hit me was July 27 2015. You can draw things and not know. Much later you know what you know!

I was working with Invisible Worlds [as I have done all my life] .. and now and then I ask for Guidance. Each one of us has to figure that out for ourselves because Guidance can mean many things.

Our eternal spirit is semi-compromised when experiencing physical material incarnations. Like that it all has to go through the physical .. in the same way your Internet connection has to go through an electronic network.

I was doing some intense work [it was not short term] .. and when I walk somewhere I switch off [power down]. I was returning from small local town [this is not a big city area] .. and as I turned into the courtyard there was a presence waiting for me.

I have experienced this presence [consciously] throughout my life. You could call it Eternity [Love] The Presence [Universal Mind] ONESELF .. but the word is never the thing. There it was and there I was. The change happened on The Path before I reached the courtyard.

One Day of Transformation
Transformation in the life of a human being is not 10 or 20 or 30 years meditation .. or a lifetime meditation. Transformation is less than a nano-moment and your life is changed whether you want it or not. The hidden secret of Tibetan Masters is that they knew this.

For some reason religion coming out of Tibet to the West made Enlightenment a mind [warp] that was beyond physical and was beyond matter or material existence. I am saying that this is a load of cr#p #_#

Many times in my life [not that often] this other force would appear to descend and be EVERYWHERE within and around everything. The divine presence can be felt within the stones and walls and buildings and pathways .. in the trees .. grass .. plants and animals.

When it reveals itself the presence is inside every human being [humans are not aware of this in any way]. You experience this incredible presence and you see the lonely isolated humans beings .. and tears fill your eyes.

All matter accepts the presence .. that there is no division or separation. In humans there is division and separation .. this is why the tears sting so much when you see this and experience this.

The next time you walk into your home look at the walls.

Humans are so arrogant about physical 3D matter and resources [apart from arrogance towards animals birds fish and all plant life]. You go into your home everyday and you are BLIND. How often do you look at the walls that protect you?

One day walk into your home and look at the walls .. look at what is around you .. be aware of the walls [intelligent matter] watching you. That is Enlightenment .. when you look at matter it looks back at you.

We fall in love with the people .. but we do not fall in love with our daily surroundings [the backdrop]. In reality the love is coming to us FROM the material WORLD. The ancient Celtic people [who are related to Tibet] .. they knew all this.

Then came the Roman Empire and everything that followed in the West where matter was a source of PLEASURE and POWER. That warped paradigm exists until today [although it is now coming to its end] .. nothing lasts forever. Physical matter was/is simply a form of power or personal pleasure [wealth].

Returning Home
You can return home in many ways .. but all ways are the same: Returning Home! Before I reached the courtyard where the presence was waiting [it began inside myself]. There was no presence and I was the presence. It began inside me. These are the fragments of enlightenment.

I was watching this .. because all awareness is observation [without reaction]. The Zen Masters were supreme companions to the presence because they did not react .. they silently observed without self. The presence observes itself when there is no [ego] self.

The tears were stinging my eyes [without any emotional reaction] .. I did not move [inwardly like a mountain] .. as this is the way the Invisible Guides taught me. As I turned into the courtyard the same presence was filling every space and every atom of all physical structures.

The presence was in every blade of grass .. on the path .. in the stones and bricks .. in the sound of the birds .. in the sky .. in the light and in the shadows. Then it was in the door of the house and in the walls of the house. It was the stairs that I walked on to get to my apartment and it was my apartment.

The presence was the floor and the walls and the computer and the computer keyboard. This is the Eternal presence you live with every day of your life but do not know it. The Art of Zen is to see yourself [awareness] reflected in the walls of your home.

You are not protected by a solid physical material wall. You are building with and are protected by an indescribable force and all you have to do is begin to be aware of this one day at a time .. one step at a time.

We see ourselves as imperfect because we are not using AWARENESS.

My drawing shows you everything I have written in one picture. This drawing was made way before I had this new experience. Think about that for some time: The drawing was way ahead of the experience. How much ancient ART from the Ancient World is/was way ahead of the collective human experience?

In the next post I have to explain the REALITY of Enlightenment in more detail.

The experience I describe appears to be mind / consciousness .. but this is not what took place. The presence revealed a real world path that cannot be created by rational thought. The human mind is a TOOL for INTELLIGENCE. I will try to share with you what I was shown.

Earth humans are tools for INTELLIGENCE [not the MASTERS of intelligence].