Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Dark Side of Enlightenment

You can see very far in great depth and be short sighted.

Far Away .. Is Very Near
In my last post I described an unusual encounter with Enlightenment that I called: Fragments of Enlightenment. I was trying to say that Enlightenment is real .. as real as the Stars and Planets. Some people would call it a force .. but I call it another dimension. The obvious question is: Why are Earth humans separate from those dimensions?

The answer is just as obvious! Our current timeline is separate from the Enlightened Dimensions because of the way we live in this Solar System on this Earth. Before inhabiting Earth the Martian genealogy had the same problem on Mars. I suspect that not all the races on Earth come from Mars.

Why am I talking about earlier extraterrestrial migrations from Mars to Earth?

I am talking about this because Planet Earth inherited problems and issues these extraterrestrial races carried with them in terms of aggressive behaviour and inter-spatial wars. Higher levels of technology do not mean higher levels of enlightenment.

When the Presence surrounds you .. you can see far away and you can see very near. There is no linear time involved. Far away and near are ONE. Some mysterious intelligence observes your internal reaction to the process [the Presence]. This is maybe like a karmic assessment or Initiation.

People who encounter this mysterious force of Enlightenment can have various internal reactions to the encounter. The dark side of enlightenment is how humans react when they have this extraordinary experience. Some people can feel: I am superior being and all these worthless humans are dumb slaves.

You see! Enlightenment is very dangerous phenomenon!

Some people feel like a god .. and other people see the advantage [everyone is asleep .. I can use that] .. and other people see power like Saruman in Lord of The Rings. The mind altering experience is real but the inner reaction is deeply personal. Most people pretend that they don't know that they just experienced something extraordinary [they run away and hide].

You might ask: Why does enlightenment visit everyone?

Enlightenment is a Path [guidance along the Path] for all incarnate beings. The Path is not physical but is a spirit path. You get born on Earth and you can do what you want and live any way you want .. in terms of how you behave .. but that freedom can lead you in ever decreasing circles.

The dark side of Enlightenment is a higher trend towards power .. control .. setting your agenda [one ring to rule them all]. Basically .. because .. incarnate spirits in human form react in different ways to this powerful awareness presence experience. I was shown that when you see a mass of human beings lost and unaware of this divine presence .. some people feel they are superior and some see those humans as 'trash'.

I am superior you are inferior.

Compassion is the desire to free mankind from ignorance .. but very few humans on Earth today feel this energy of compassion. Most people are out for themselves. They want to be powerful. They are greedy and want to be rich. Excessive wealth can be an internal issue. In the spirit world VERY big can be very SMALL.

The spirit of Enlightenment is powerful and non-intrusive. It visits you and yet it does not affect you. There is no influence. The powerful encounter creates an internal action / re-action. In a way you could say the experience is ultimately subjective. In a way: You get to choose according to your nature.

You might ask: What is the point? The point is the Path and the guidance are ONE.

Earth humans do not have to follow the GUIDANCE .. humans can do what they want. No one has to follow the Guidance. No one has to walk upon the Path. Humans can go their own way .. do what they want .. live only for themselves .. follow their own path. As the wheel turns.

The presence of Enlightenment is powerful [but it does not crush you] .. there is no force that takes over the mind or the psyche. There is SEEING and fundamentally deeper experience .. then it is up to the individual what path their life takes. In a way this powerful meeting is INITIATION.

Maybe from past lives and spirit world training I know this. I know the danger and I know not to stray from the Path. The fact that I can see this so clearly shows that we are in a world in transition. When power visits us we have to overcome ourselves. That applies to all levels of humanity and not only the higher levels.

I keep saying: The head of the horse and the body of the horse are ONE !!

Enlightenment visits everyone .. in the body of society and the head of society.. without division .. without restriction. There are no higher and lower layers within dimensions of Enlightenment. I am talking about a REAL dimension and not a theoretical esoteric state of mind.

How does an entire Planet resolve conflict? This aggressive conflict is older than the Earth. Planet Earth is simply another reality platform for genetic races to play out their Solar System conflicts. Technically the entire Solar System is in a lower dimension. Is there life OUT THERE? YES! Life is out there!

If Earth humans shift to higher awareness levels it will affect entire Solar System.

Enlightenment is out there guys! Enlightenment is also inside! Those are the sort of basics I was taught in my life(s). If I was an elite I would say: I want the body of the horse to be healthy [right]. If the body is not healthy what effect does it have on the mind? I already know what effect it has.

When I had toxic colon experience and my organs could not detox because the colon was in a state of chronic inflammation .. it also effected my brain [and my nerves]. The toxins in my colon were effecting my nervous system and my brain. Sick body effected the head [mind interface].

Your brain [mind] is only as healthy as your BODY.