Monday, August 24, 2015

Candida Overgrowth Chronic Tissue Inflammation

I am not an expert on anything [other than my own health] !!

The Art of Colon Health
I wanted to add this drawing that I made because .. if I had not reversed Candida Albicans overgrowth and leaky gut I would not be [today] producing my art = how I express my creative side.

I was going to call this post: From Candida Albicans to Skinny Jeans .. sense of humor.

I don't want to attract thousands of hits because of the word "skinny jeans". I am wearing the skinny jeans right now [I will explain that later] .. but this is my gut health and not about losing weight.

Diets? I have never done a diet in my life! Weight lifting? I don't like to lift weights! Weight loss training? I never did that either. My personal gut health was not focused on losing weight.

In June 2007 I was writing about my allergies and Candida research. In this post I am sharing eight years personal experience. I am not giving any kind of health advice. I am documenting my own personal experience with chronic gut inflammation and Candida yeast overgrowth.

At first I thought I was suddenly gaining weight and getting fat .. and as I did my own research I began to realise the so-called weight gain was chronic tissue inflammation. My stomach thighs hips and upper arms were bloated. Even worse than that was the growing connective tissue joint pain especially hips & knees.

My hips and joints became stiff [tendons] and at the worst stage I was walking slow and restricted like an 80 year old. This effect happened suddenly as if out of the blue. My body just swelled up and I was fat.

Earlier when the unusual symptoms were beginning I went to doctors .. specialists [allergies] and I was told by these professionals: You have food allergy reactions and there is nothing you can do other than learn to live with it.

The specialists gave me tiny anti-allergy reaction tablets [I broke in half .. and they were really tiny] .. because I never took medications in my entire life #_#

I was also told by the specialists and doctors that it is NORMAL to have aches and pains in the joints and for the joints to be stiff: AT MY AGE .. and I should learn to live with it .. DUH ?? They termed 45 to 50 as the degeneration phase where life goes backwards [hahaha].

What am I trying to share with you from my own personal experiences?

I can put it all in plain simple visual language that for me is related to my gut / colon health and is nothing to do with how my body looks .. but has everything to do with how my body FEELS .. because I live in here inside my body !!

Dynamics of A Healthy Gut
I personally healed my gut with Threelac [that is my own personal experience] gradually repopulating the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria. Later I made my own fresh Kefir using Kefir grains. I am lactose intolerant but once the Kefir grains transform the milk I can drink the fermented Kefir or add it to smoothies.

Much more than the food I eat .. I want to be able to digest the food.

I went from wearing 38 size jeans to wearing 40 size jeans and after 40 I should have moved to 42 size or more .. but I just wore my 40 size that I could not close nor barely zip up. My thighs were exploding exponentially and my stomach even more. The point I am trying to make is that with Candida yeast overgrowth the so-called fat is actually: Chronic [tissue] inflammation.

In my opinion [having experienced it] this is a lot worse than simply putting on weight and getting fat. I was suffering... The change in body chemistry was affecting my moods. My heart was acting kind of weird all on its own. I would waken up in the early hours of the morning with irregular heartbeats.

I see young women in their early to mid twenties with bloated fat thighs and bloated gut trying to fit into smaller size jeans [just like wot I did #_+] .. and on one occasion in a local store I heard some girls say: I wish I could have a body like that AT HER AGE. I am a very shy person .. like I try to be invisible in public areas .. I do not like people to compare themselves to me.

Worst of all is that modern day humans are programmed to deteriorate and accept physical deterioration = this is normal at YOUR AGE .. learn to accept it and learn to live with it! Apparently you are all pre-programmed to rapidly deteriorate around 45 to 50 years old. It is all downhill from there!

Or is it all downhill ?? Are we really programmed to deteriorate physically ??

Well !! What does your GUT say ??

At this point in time I have been personally working on my gut for the last 8 years. No diets .. no exercise .. no programs .. no medications .. only me and my gut. That is all I have in this life: MY OWN BODY. Reading this you may think: EIGHT YEARS ??? Well .. actually .. no not eight years! But a lifetime of dedication to health. My own health.

Aging & Deterioration
As I repopulated my gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria [that is my own personal experience in this life] .. I began to move from size 40 jeans to size 38 jeans. That was the side effect of my personal work on my gut health.

I was not using beneficial probiotics to lose weight. The primary reason was to repair my irregular and erratic or rapid heartbeat and stop the sudden irrational mood swings. Add to the list my joint tissue inflammation and dehydrated tendons.

If I had Facebook I would be photographing my jeans and posting it on social networks >_+ .. but I do not have Facebook .. Twitter or any other social media accounts .. and I do not want to go down that road. I tell you why !!

The visual is good in some respects! Like .. I can share with you drawings I make or visual art that for me is there to inspire. There is a line where you are your own person. You are your own individual. You have to find your own way .. your own path. As an artist you do not compare yourself with anyone else.

As a student .. 22 to 24 years old I always wore size 38 jeans .. but not skinny jeans. My body fat filled the size 38 jeans. Not anymore! I was wearing 38 size jeans from the last couple of years and they were getting baggier and baggier. Today I decided to look for new pairs of jeans. I was totally amazed.

This is not the six week mantra or the eight week mantra: Lose weight.

This has nothing to do with losing weight and has EVERYTHING to do with GUT HEALTH. You see .. Health Lies In The COLON. So .. what I am sharing with you is primary gut colon health and anything else is a side effect of a healthy gut colon. As a result of eight years hard work my size 38 skinny jeans are not even tight .. but my student size 38 jeans were tight.

Do not get me wrong .. I am not SKINNY and I do not have abnormal weight loss. I have not lost my skins fatty tissue. I eat well and I do not look out for carbs and all that stuff !! The issue I am describing of my own personal experience is this: My fatty tissue is HEALTHY and I do not have chronic inflammation as in the past...

I will probably write about this in more detail in a later post.

My key point is this: I have experienced chronic fatty tissue inflammation as a direct result of Candida overgrowth and leaky gut. I have also experienced healthy fatty tissue as a result of replacing toxic acidic yeast colonizing my gut / colon by adding beneficial probiotic bacteria to my diet.

At the same time I am careful of the foods I eat. Like that I eat zero processed foods. I do not eat meat. I lightly steam vegetables. I supplement my diet with smoothies and blended cold soups. My focus is on colon cleanse and not on my diet. After 6 months I no longer had chronic inflammation of the connective tissues. All food allergy reactions disappeared.