Thursday, August 13, 2015

Unique Paths of Enlightenment

Sitting meditating under a tree does not cut it!

Paths of Enlightenment
You get to choose your individual paths of Enlightenment until you do not get to choose..

I shared with you my unexpected experience of the force I call: The Presence: Fragments of Enlightenment.

This was a real experience more real than physical [material 3D] experiences.

The image is what I was shown or what manifest in response to my questions.

There is no one-path to Enlightenment .. there are many unique paths to Enlightenment according to our nature. Let me try to explain how it was shown to me in those few seconds of guidance.

From an early age I learned the cooking art of the Asian World from Indian curries to Chinese and Japanese cuisine including Macrobiotic cooking [Miso / Tamari / Shoyu / Soy Sauce]. After University I became totally Vegan and then I moved to Living Foods .. Fit for Life [food combining].

I ate this way for many years .. but I found the wheat sprout fermented Rejuvelac method too acidic / alcohol fermentation effect in the gut. This is not the same as natural probiotic fermentation.

I returned to eating steamed vegetables and I stopped making blended smoothies. I am lactose intolerant and so I avoid milk products including pasteurized [heated] joghurt. Industrial joghurt and kefir are not live fermented products .. they are heated to kill the live fermentation process. Useless for your gut!

Many Unique Paths
All paths of Enlightenment grow from one unique seed to create many unique paths .. like the branches of a tree. All paths come from the same seed .. from the same root. This is how it was shown to me.

As I was walking the path appeared inside me. It was in those moments that I saw what I had to do. I now live from 70 to 90 percent vegetable and fruit blended smoothies that I designed for myself.

For many years I taught myself food combining and so I know what fruits and vegetables to combine in a smoothie and how to combine them. The simplest combination is: Cucumber apple lettuce greens water and lemon juice. Then it gets more complex with banana mango or papaya that can also replace the avocado.

Avocado banana mango and papaya thicken the smoothie. If I want more of a juice effect I sieve the non avocado mix through a plastic sieve. I blend only vegetables with apple and sieve out the pulp.

Create Your Own Path
When the presence was inside me I was the presence. There was no overwhelming force .. there was only myself. My own incarnation over many lifetimes. I saw exactly what I have to do. I do not know why I have to do this. All I know is that I have to do it no matter what.

Enlightenment in all levels of being is a path {guidance] that appears and there is no choice. I was not give A CHOICE. This was not something I could consider. It was not a choice. It was WHAT IS.

To be honest I just went for it [as though I was starving] .. which was also effortless transition [transformation]. I had so much experience I developed my own methods of blending / mixing vegetables and fruits. It is a science = you do not want the enzymes to oxidize too fast.

More important was the realisation that very few humans follow the path. Perhaps because we have a choice. When unique path is shown to humans .. they mostly turn their backs on this guidance path. Humans choose not to embody the Enlightenment on their unique level.

I was shown something that is close to my spirit lifetime after lifetime.

If I would turn away from the guidance path and just do my own ego thing .. there would be consequences. I would also be delaying my own unique path of Enlightenment. Because .. it is a REAL PATH. The path of Enlightenment is more real than the physical material 3D world.

The next ego trait is: What do I get out if it?

No one can really know the future .. all we can really know is The Path. To look for an outcome or a conclusion .. or to look for a result before you have even made the first step? We do not enjoy the moment when we are looking for the outcome. I may die .. but Enlightenment will embrace me.

Humans are so afraid of death #_# [transformation].