Monday, August 17, 2015

Human Gut's Adaptive Program

The human gut is a multi-program living technology.

Adaptive Human Colon
I chose this image of my indoor peppers and ginger plants because I did something unusual .. and it worked!

I planted container ginger sprouts in soil and added some pepper seeds from my own indoor 2014 peppers. I watch the plants adapt. I have 4 fully grown green peppers with smaller peppers still forming and in the soil I have large ginger corms.

As you can see from the image they are all pretty tightly packed in terms of planting density and the plants also support each other .. as the ginger stems tend to fall over but here the stronger pepper stalks help to support the ginger.

In exactly the same way the human gut [colon] is highly adaptive. Humans see themselves as above Nature or separate .. humans are something different. However .. everything inside the human adapts in the same way plants and animals adapt. In the same way Nature adapts.

The least understood organ in the body is the intestine. For obvious reasons science has - until now - considered the intestine to be a waste disposal unit not much different to the pipes in your house carrying away waste water.

The waste pipes in your home are not self-healing .. self-cleansing .. self-repairing or self-regenerating. The human gut is self-cleansing. The human gut repairs and regenerates itself. Even more important the human gut is highly adaptive. Let's call it Adaptive Intelligence.

I came to this more detailed realisation with my new fruit-veges smoothie diet. When we eat only cooked food the feces is light to dark brown. With 80% to 100% fresh green smoothies the feces is dark green. You might say: Big deal! I am going to explain it.

It takes 10-14 days for the colon to adjust its internal climate from steamed cooked veges to drinking four half-liter or 1 pint smoothies each day. The intestine is the Master Alchemist in the body. The whole gut track adapts to the food we eat in terms of micro-flora and other more complex chemistry.

The intestines are like a subterranean garden perhaps with similar bio-spheres to soil chemistry. The gut can take whatever food you eat [when it has a majority of beneficial probiotics] and it analyses the food and creates chemically an interactive symbiosis between the walls of the colon and the digested food.

Hundreds of years of science telling people the intestines are organic waste pipes is wrong. The intestines are designed to interact with food in highly complex ways and nothing about the process is focused on WASTE. Even feces is an intelligent product. That is what Nature is all about!

Colon Hardware and Adaptive Software
One day in the future people who understand computers and computer programming will adapt their understanding to the human body. Like a Notebook or Tablet there is the hardware and the software. The physical 3D colon is the hardware .. while the microbes and nano-particles .. cells .. bacteria .. yeast and beneficial probiotics are the software.

Both the intestinal hardware and software need an electrical charge to function and communicate [interact] .. and this electrical charge also comes from the food we eat. Even though living bodies have their own electrical fields .. the electric charge from food is an essential and key factor in the function of the intestine.

We say big and small intestines .. but really it is ONE intestine !!

The human brain is made up of multiple units inside the skull .. but the fact is .. it is ONE brain. In a strange way the gut is like the brain. All your [gut] feelings and emotions spread out from that central area. The Buddhists knew this on the most practical levels [not esoteric] .. that this area of the body holds a key [subterranean] intelligence energy or force.

You cannot have intelligent adaptation without programming. Restrictions also have to apply. The adaptations have to seamlessly interact with the environment. There has to be adaptive communications between different forms of matter. In this case the forms of matter are the inner intestine walls and the food we eat.

Variations in adaptations are infinite within the restrictions [DNA codes] of each World or each Dimension. We [hybrid] humans are changing with the environment as the environment also adapts to us. This process is an ongoing dialogue. It is also a coded dialogue .. because all forms of matter have to understand each other when they interact.

This process goes across lifetimes. Many years ago I was drinking Pu-ehr tea .. but I could only get loose leaves and not the cakes. So .. I stopped drinking it because it meant nothing to me. Then I was able to get the fermented Pu-ehr pressed cakes and something strange happened.

I watched so many videos in various languages how to brew fermented Pu-erh tea .. there are many ways and methods from around the world how to brew the tea. You waken up the tea in Yixing clay teapot and then you make the tea. It is okay .. but something in me was not happy with that.

I began waking up the tea at night before I slept leaving the hot leaves [no water] overnight. In the morning I would brew the tea as usual and drink it until the leaves are used up. If I do not use this method I am not satisfied when I drink the tea. Then some strange experience came to me like Remote Viewing myself.

The ancient Tea Horse road linked Tibet with Sichuan and Yunnan .. this trade route is more than 1,000 years. It would take a year to bring the tea across from Sichuan to Tibet and from Yunnan to Tibet. I woke up from an experience of an ancient trader on the tea route bringing pressed Pu-erh cakes to Tibet.

The trader on the route was awake before sunrise .. and this might sound strange .. but to get the most out of the tea before moving on the trail he heated the tea at night before he slept. In the morning he could quickly get the most out of the leaves before travelling [they did not have much time to hang around].

Another more important thing takes place. Once the fermented Pu-erh is heated and the water is poured out .. the leaves continue to ferment. This is why I do not use boiling water on the tea leaves. In this way the traders could also benefit from the enzymes of fermentation process that was good for the gut.

I do not start the tea process in the morning because Pu-erh is an activator and some older cakes can cause a 'buzz' and even rapid heartbeat .. especially raw non-fermented Pu-erh cakes. If I drink the tea at night I am not going to get a good night sleep. This is gut Alchemy.

How does this relate to Colon Hardware and Adaptive Software?

It is similar to how you use a computer. Each person uses or interacts with their Smartphone .. Tablet or Notebooks in completely different ways. The hardware is the same. The software is the same. What is not the same is how each human interacts with the hardware and software programs. Add to this .. some people are programmers and can consciously change [re-write] programs.

The colon is also designed to interact with the incarnating life form [life force].

We actually form an interactive relationship with the intestinal hardware / software according to our nature. In a way the modern food culture is replacing those natural lines of interaction. I am sure you are going to laugh at what I write next .. but it is true!

I have never been inspired eating a processed pizza or eating any kind of processed food. As a kid I did not like eating meat .. chicken or fish. This did not come from thousands of years ancestral DNA programming .. because my ancestors were meat eating .. fish and clam mussel eating experience. I loved vegetarian Asian food and Indian food.

The fact is eating vegetables and not liking seafood or meat was a feeling inside my gut .. and no one in my entire extended family was vegetarian. They were all big meat eaters! From my experience I can say that my gut adapted to the experiences from my spirit [incarnating life force].

Is it possible to adapt the gut / colon through moments of enlightenment? Those moments where you suddenly realise you can do things differently? There was one food I loved to eat as a kid even though I refused meat seafood and chicken. That was blood sausage and kidneys. I would eat the blood sausage and pick out the kidneys from the stew. I would leave the meat.

I made a decision [completely on my own] not to eat blood sausage and not to eat kidney. I did not think it was wrong to eat these foods .. I simply decided not to eat them. I made those decisions around 7 to 8 years old. This is why I say our relationship with the gut intelligence is interactive. The intestines adapt to the incarnating spirit as well as to the local environment.