Saturday, July 18, 2015

Inner Power Paradigm Shifts

Today I woke up ...

The Coming Paradigm Shift
I woke up this morning and I realized this drawing or alternatively I saw this drawing in my mind.

This pictograph was the answer to observing the problems we create in this world and asking why are we creating these problems?

What is behind the world's social and political [and banking] chaos? I also understand these shared issue in terms of a paradigm signature. What do I mean by: Paradigm signature?

The drawing makes it all clear in pictograph form. I woke up and I could see the drawing as you see it now [top left] .. and then the way the brain works is that we have to understand this visual language in terms of idea concepts. I was working on a new post: Beyond Meditation .. when into my brain comes this Art Glyph related to my questions about the way humans currently order their world experiences.

The human on the left: Power / Influence [Outer] was shown to me first in the form I have drawn it. This human has ruled / influenced the world for the past ?? thousands of years... I think that 1000 - 500 BC was the transition period into the current paradigm of small man / big outer power influence.

If you are a visual artist [psychic] and you study the signature you will see a LOT more than I can or want to write about my own understanding of this pictograph.

Let me make one thing clear [my own understanding] .. this [outer] Power Influence is Male / yang [active penetration] and that the feminine true Female / Yin influence is [passive receiving]. The female political influence in this current paradigm is not feminine. They are using outer [excessive yang] penetrating force.

At the same time I have to add that men and woman [in balance] are combinations of yin yang force currently not understood by this paradigm. Men can be balanced [yin / yang force] .. and women can be balanced [yin / yang force]. In our world today woman can be more yang and men can be more yin.

It was shown to me that most people who influence our world today are inwardly not developed [sounds bad] .. and what I mean is that these individuals have an ability to affect extended outer field way way beyond their own internal Qi [Chi]. The person who has this natural large field of influence does not have [in this life] a deeper stronger inner development.

I do not mean this in a bad way! One example is that there are people who do a lot of work to benefit mankind and work for mankind in many ways. The power [outer] influence of these people is massive way beyond their inner Qi power. One could also say in some ways this is karmic or paranormal.

Power of The Future
What I was shown is the Inner Power Development [paradigm] is the future. One pictograph [right] is of an energy that is being demanded of us today .. even though we are currently inside the out-of-balance excessive male yang influence. The other pictograph [left] is the current paradigm experience.

Some may think the small man [male excessive yang] influence is more powerful than the Inner Power Development pictograph / glyph. I am still studying this to understand it... The deeper power is a different paradigm and one we cannot understand completely from this perspective.

What was explained to me is that: The small man who has neglected his own Inner Power and his own Inner development [the small yang including women] .. can have an almost paranormal outer Qi effect [influence] many times beyond their own inner Qi development.

This has nothing to do with right or wrong / good or bad .. such a person has the Qi to extend their influence outward in excess of their inner Qi development. I was shown that this ability is a signature of our current paradigm. That is also coming to an END. We are at the end of this current paradigm!

This is a rough drawing on paper of what I was visually shown. I just drew it as best I could. This is not a developed drawing. This is basic !! The drawing is okay .. it conveys what I was shown.

Inner Power .. is the new emerging paradigm!

I imagine this will be the next 500 years dramatic change where in the next 1000 years Earth humans will experience the beginning of a totally new paradigm change displacing the old paradigm [system]. If you look at the two drawings it is clear that the process is INTERNAL even when we express ourselves out into the EXTERNAL worlds.

Inner Power [Development]
Inner power Qi is that the person does not extend their influence out in massive paranormal ways [that is essentially out of balance no matter what] .. but that Inner Power has a more powerful effect close to the Qi and has an added effect slightly beyond the Qi [life force].

Actually this is more powerful!

One example .. look at the way we use and generate electricity: Power / Influence [outer]. An electrical power plant sends electrical energy to extended locations way beyond its own capacity / space / size. Alternatively a tiny local unit within the home [shelter] generates electrical power / energy close to its local field.

When you are connected to the past present future [inner time travel] something happens inside you. You begin to wake up. You begin to realize what you do today affects tomorrow. So .. inner power development is really much stronger. It is beyond paranormal.

You would have to understand Inner Power Development at this point in time.

Space-time flow is like a river .. its nature is like water. Space time is a cosmic flow beyond human influence. We humans live within the space-time flow [the space-time flow is not determined by humans nor human activity]. Inner Power Development flow totally understands this .. and adapts!