Friday, July 10, 2015

Pulling It Together

I should have called this post: The Art of Losing It .. because that is the secret key or hidden internal signature to the Art of Pulling It All Together. How I got there is a long story. The THEME runs through my whole life. The World is currently obsessed with CRISIS. People are not thinking clearly.

My own experience of crisis is radically different than the rest of the world.

The last major crisis I had was some years ago when Candida yeast [fungus] took over the complete inner gut and threaded its way through the walls of the colon = leaky gut. It got so bad I thought I was going to die. No doctor wanted to know the SOURCE all they did was try to treat the symptoms.

I knew I was on my own and that gave me the courage to just figure it out. It took me a couple of months research and trial and error solutions. I knew it was the gut .. I just did not know Candida. The key is and was: Pulling it together! All that really happened was that I just never gave up.

Inner gratitude was key. Such a simple yet powerful skill. When the colon gets out of balance it stores [neutralizes] toxins as fat .. as fatty tissue. I never had to deal with that in my life because I was always healthy and strong. The pulling it together is not overnight. It is a way of life.

It took a year to get my gut back in balance and the physical body slowly began to detox. The point I am trying to make is that eight years later the process of pulling it together is still taking place inside me. I could not have done this without the help of essential probiotics. This is also where the gratitude comes in.

The gratitude is that I can be who I am because of the healthy micro-flora in my gut .. but they are also in the blood .. bones .. nerves .. glands .. organs .. brain and skin. Did I leave anything out? We often do not express gratitude for the really small things in life.

I never did any kind of weight loss program. I did colon cleanse .. but this: Clean your colon in 8 weeks is total rubbish. I tried those programs and they do not work. Cleaning the colon also means keeping it clean. I simply never stopped keeping the colon clean. This is not 6 months .. but it takes years.

Science teaches people to think that the body naturally ages = goes into decline [loss of health]. Given the right cellular conditions the body effortlessly retains electrical and cellular cohesion.

The thought that you can resolve anything [any crisis] with one-off solutions is a from of collective insanity. We extend the crisis by NOT RESOLVING the issues that face us. We end up living INSIDE the crisis. It never gets resolved. The problem is that wrong thinking is the problem and not the crisis itself. The human mind [how we use the mind] is the problem.

I was very patient and I watched my body reverse the effects of Candida overgrowth over the YEARS. This is what I mean about pulling it together. The body is still reversing the whole degeneration process that slowly takes place as we grow 30 years / 40 years .. and our inner gut gets full of toxins .. bacteria .. yeasts .. mold and fungus.

You could apply the same principle to economics: Toxic assets.

I don't like lifting weights or doing push ups [animals don't do that stuff] .. and so I taught myself some exercises that I created for myself and I do each day. It took years to observe if there is any change. There are changes. I think the key is do something every day no matter how small it may seem and eventually it has a big effect.

The Art of Losing It
The strange experience I have had at key points in my life is almost paranormal or supranormal encounter. Always at key fundamental points in my life I totally lose my nerve [for no reason]. There is nothing rational about this. It just happens out of the blue. It is a feeling of losing one's nerve at a key point.

Then that feeling goes away on its own [for no reason] .. but is life changing in its effects.

Alternatively the feeling comes just in the moment of a life changing transformation. Maybe the feeling is like an energy transition pathway. Something very powerful happens but you cannot see it and do not know what it is. Like you are coming out of a tunnel and you do not know what lies ahead.

That phenomenon happened recently as I was doing important work on a website. Usually it happened at times in my life where I am in the middle of nowhere on a mountain or rock face and I have to make a decision. I totally lose my nerve .. cannot see the way ahead .. and then suddenly the path all fits together and my life has changed .. the way ahead has changed.

Obviously it was not the website I am working on .. but to complete the site I have to have my nerves and be able to focus and know what I am doing. The feeling came out of the blue and I just could not complete any task. I totally lost my nerve and could not see the path ahead.

The next day it was gone and I could make decisions cleaner and faster than before.

There is never a day off with regard to: Pulling it together! There is no point where you reach the final solution. This is the problem with finding solutions. Nothing in life is static. The Masters often lose their nerves. There is no fixed and static state of mind. The static mind IS THE PROBLEM. Change is inevitable. Nothing can be held fixed in time and space.