Tuesday, July 07, 2015

No Black White Opposites Only Yin Yang

Do not push and shove against your opponent ..
simply balance [internally] all energy interactions.
I was one part of our small video-tech background crew behind the cameras filming a recent friendly international conference meeting. I add intuitively-filming .. because we have no professional technical video training living in a world that is obsessed about BEING TRAINED...

I did not go to Art School .. because I AM an ARTIST .. and I don't need TRAINING.

The SYSTEM trains you to be part of [serve] the SYSTEM .. and that is why it trains you on all levels of society. If you do not follow the system CODE .. then you cannot be part of the SYSTEM !! Inside that system there are layers of black and white = opposing opposites.

It is my own theory that ALL PARTIES are "victims" of THE SYSTEM! This includes the individuals and organisations who believe that by using the system they gain an advantage .. that they are superior .. better off .. ahead of the game .. more powerful .. and in a superior position.

I will say to again [as many times as it takes] = The HEAD of the horse is attached to the BODY of the horse. When the body of the horse gets sick .. the head of the horse gets sick. When the head of the horse gets sick .. the body of the horse gets sick.

Yin yang .. the body and head are ONE !!

If you have earlier Chinese / Asian physical incarnations and you maybe have studied or study the I Ching .. you will understand what I am talking about. If you have not studied the I Ching .. then study it! There is no black / white struggle anywhere on this Planet or in the surrounding Universe.

I still have to talk about the latest ESA / Philae Probe / The comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko discoveries RT - Home to extraterrestrials? - Philae probe could be sitting on comet filled with alien life.

Basically these comets swing around the Sun and yet
they contain LIFE [Yey!] = Yin yang intelligence.

Only Yin Yang Balance...
It does not matter how much aggression you use .. how much you bully and threaten the weaker opponent or seek to crush and humiliate them it will all come back to you one day! That is yin yang balance. For 2000 years the Roman Empire tried to dominate the power structures on this Planet [our current time-line Earth].
They are still struggling for dominance after 2000+ years! Why?
The whole system is out of balance!

Yin yang / East West .. now begins the planetary Yuga cycle of the rise of the East and the demise of the West. We already experienced a much earlier [pre Roman] Yuga cycle where the East fell into decline thousands of years ago as the western powers ascended.

If the East adopt this current out-of-balance system? We're done #_#

You have to stop thinking in terms of opposites = black white positions / black and white solutions. Let the outer World do what it does .. but YOU stop thinking in those terms: Black opposite white / white opposite black .. my position / your position .. my future / your future .. my success/ your defeat [and so on].

Our World is in chaos!

At the same time each one of us are SPIRIT incarnate in 3D physical reality.

There are multiple time lines and we all inherit the associate [attracted] world that we internally create inside ourselves. The bullies may very well inherit future worlds where there is a much worse situation than here and the otherworld bullies are a lot worse than here .. where bully attack spirits from this world are the victims.

Yin yang balance applies to this principle .. on deeper Spirit levels.

People who work really hard to create balance / harmony in this World are also working not to end up in the brutal worlds their opponents may inherit. This may sound like spiritual self-preservation .. but really it is spiritual intelligence.

In AIKIDO and true Martial Arts .. it is not who opposes you .. but it is about who YOU oppose .. or if you seek to apply higher levels of compassion and gentle deflection [not to attack / hurt anyone]. Your problem is NOT who opposes you!

It is irrelevant who opposes you or who tries to bully you or who tries to stop you or who tries to attack you .. crush you .. humiliate you .. all that does not matter. What REALLY matters is who you are INSIDE. What really matters is how you internally deal with the situations and most important of all the ENERGIES!

That is INTERNAL Qi [Chi] life force! [Applied]