Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Carbon Empire's 'New Clothes'

The time period was Earth 2010, as the curtain was about to fall on the most brutal and the most ugly Empire the planet had ever known. In truth, the Empire was in ruins. The dynasty had spread its lie across every continent, bringing with it weakness, disease and eternal welfare.

From the mass destruction of the vast forests across Germany by the Romans, to ecological degradation of the planet by 2010, it should have been clear to even the most ignorant inhabitant that everyone on Earth was sort of going in the wrong direction.

But on every continent the fat Emperor wore his new excess carbon robes, and no one appeared to see through the lies and the deception. The mass populations were in agreement that the heavy carbon robes of the Empire were the cause of all suffering and our future extinction.

The Emperor(s), together with every man and woman, would have to take off their heavy carbon robes and lay them aside for the good of the planet, or at least attempt to wear less of the carbon robes, unless you want to be taxed or fined for over-use.

As the Empire paraded its new ethos to the hypnotised crowds, cheering aloud at how beautiful the naked Emperor's new clothes are ... was it that no one dared to point out that somethings do not add up?

"We cannot hope to find an alternative to our old heavy carbon robes within the next 100 years." Cried the town criers. "We are all hopelessly addicted to our heavy robes. With no solution in sight."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Yes, this is true. We should never have cut down all those forests, fought all those wars, ignored the superior works of Nikola Tesla and anyone else who tried to suggest that the Empire exists to feed itself in the least intelligent manner, for the benefits of a few at the expense of everyone else (including the planet).

As the Empire paraded its old decrepit Emperor on the streets of the worlds major cities, a young Irish voice called Steorn, shouted: "Can't any of you see, the Emperor has no clothes. He is naked."

A lot of people got very upset. How dare anyone voice criticism of the system - because in reality it is all 'welfare', handed out in little bits and pieces from the planet's resources, given to the most needy. Just enough to keep everyone dependant and in need of more. The system is great, you don't have to think or question - it just works fine on its own.

That one Irish voice really upset a lot of people who waken up each morning and love to tell themselves how beautiful their world is, with those sleek metal cars and their addiction to the petroleum drug they just cannot do without.

Observers from Lyr, could not begin to comprehend how the inhabitants of a planet would happily destroy the home they live on, and would attack anyone trying to save that planet. It really was hard to understand. Not really the attributes of an intelligent species. The Earth's populations would dance to the piper, fight each other for hand-outs and worship any system, even when their own security was at stake.

Yet, in the midst of social and planetary chaos small organic fields of consciousness began to manifest an old principle of timeless magic. Work with nature, listen to her ways, stay true to her principles and she will reward you with her secrets...

ZenSu is the author of Orgone Dream Codex and Webmaster of Light-Seeds