Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hadron Collider Creates Event Singularities

Deep down under the earth, at a location near Geneva, the restart of the Large Hadron Collider experienced an unexpected power cut. Testing was stopped because 100 meters above, on the surface, a little bird eating bread had apparently shorted out a compensating capacitor. With power cut to a cooling plant the subsequent rise in temperature led to the cancellation of the test. The short circuit had caused a power failure affecting a quarter of the 27km Large Hadron Collider, resulting in a temperature increase of three degrees Kelvin (K).

Fascinating situation, lets call this the 'Baguette Singularity'. In essence, the collider has created a time travel paradox, coming from the future and haunting the monster of its own creation. My theory of the Baguette Singularity is based on one question. Do they know what they are doing? Probably not. If they knew what they were doing would it change anything? Probably not.

"One theory is that the Higgs boson has traveled back in time to prevent its own creation." Could it be that the Hadron Collider is being sabotaged by its own future? Not exactly, this is a rather simplistic view of the forces that move around a Higgs boson particle.

The Higgs boson particle does not exist. It is simply a methodological structure applied to try and imagine the unimaginable. A singularity is the force that transforms anti-matter into matter. The Higgs boson is a tiny shadow, a nano-particle in the never to be imagined field of a Singularity.

The human mind cannot imagine a methodological structure for a Singularity, because to imagine it the mind would have to experience it, and once experienced the physical form ends - leaving only pure mind. Any Singularity theories eat their own tail.

The essence behind my 'Baguette Singularity' theory is the fact that birds do not carry around baquettes. They arrive and eat them where they fall, but they do not fly around with large pieces of bread. Therefore it has to be a 'Singularity' occurring on the surface, creating chaos in a chaotic string of events, the outcome of which is at present unknown.

The collider may be buried deep underground, but is already creating event singularities within its circular caverns. A more sophisticated theory is the 'Samhain Singularity', the time of the crossing of the ancestors, where the bird is the Phoenix and according to an old European legend, anyone who bakes bread or journeys after sunset on Samhain runs the risk of conjuring bad luck. Should a candle suddenly go out by itself on Samhain, as though being blown out by wind or by breath, this is said to be a sign that a ghost has come to call.

In European traditions, at the end of Summer, bread symbolizes harvest, fulfillment and material security. Summer for growing, Autumn for harvesting and winter for the eating of bread. If you look up to the heavens, the stars tell another story. Crossing the November night sky, the Constellations Lyra and Cygnus can be seen almost overhead. Cygnus, the Swan, is sometimes called the "Northern Cross" as it has a distinctive cross shape, but this Constellation is normally described as a flying Swan.

"The Madrid Codex also contains star-studded information. Near the dead mummy of the Death God, is a Turtle with three "bread" units on his back. (M.71-A) If the Turtle is Lyra (once called the Turtle constellation (See Allen, Star Names and Their Meanings), then, again the three units on its back should also be stars. Lyra, or the Turtle is located where the stars of the Summer Triangle is located, and sure enough, the three "bread" loaves on its back are in the shape of a triange. It is from this triangle that a blazing nova appeared and a meteorite from that direction fell into the Atlantic Ocean." From: A Loaf of Bread or A Star In the Dresden Codex

The particle accelerator, 100m underground near Geneva, was undergoing tests ahead of its restart in November 2009. The testing process was stopped after the power supply to the collider was unexpectedly cut.

Keywords: Cygnus X-1 - Hadron Collider - Cernunnos: Gundestrup Cauldron - Stars of Noah's Ark