Monday, November 30, 2009

The Gold Horse Prophecy & Crystal Skulls

I was doing some research into two unrelated areas (I thought) - the 'crystal skulls' and 'gold prophecies' - more their alchemical attributes. First I came across the Nick Nocerino - Crystal Skull Interview [Part 13], a discussion about the Native American Skulls with 'Swift Deer'. A few days later in my 'gold' search, I suddenly found the information below relating to Swift Deer's 'Path of The Twisted Hairs'.

How did my mind know to surf the information and join the two through apparently unrelated searches. The answer was: "We are the Crystal Skull". They represent us in clear terms. They embody some connection to our eternal soul. We have to awaken to this truth and not look 'outside' at the world or at the skulls, or at the prophecies. We have to look inside and find the reflection within, find the truth within and from that observation understand the external world.

The Gold Horse Prophecy
For three years prior to 1254 BC, they dreamed and worked together with the Ark of the Crystal Skulls to "see" the potential and probable paths of evolution for humanity and planetary destiny. Their collective vision, recounted by a trained orator, is 24 hours in the telling.

The prophecies are told as a metaphor of a horse race with eight horses of different colors representing mankind's different choices at critical turning points in our interaction with each other, with nature and life in general. In the original speaking of the prophecies, the sweet Medicine animals were seen as dogs for the dog is the "keeper" of the belief systems of a people.

As a result of the impact of the Spanish destruction and conquest and the introduction of the horse to this continent, the elders saw that the "medicine" or alchemy of the race would change. The medicine of the horse is that it is the "carrier" of the belief systems of a people; thus it became a Race of Horses.

Of the eight horses in the race, there are four that represent the four directions of the wheel of life and they hold the balance in the race. They are The Red Horse, which carries the earth changes. Earthquakes, floods, droughts, reactivated volcanoes, critical changes in weather patterns - all these are the earth's way of rebalancing and purifying herself. These have escalated in the recent years both in frequency and intensity, as she has to deal with the destruction and imbalance humans continue to propagate.

The White Horse carries the impact of economic, industrial, technological and scientific forces on people and countries. The sacrifice of nature and people's freedoms and inalienable rights worldwide on the altar of profit and power are the legacy of this horse and feeds directly into the impact of the Dark Horse.

The Dark Horse carries the dark energy of mankind. Quite simply, it carries the worst in us.

The Gold Horse carries Beauty, Power, Individual Autonomy and Freedom in Peace. It also carries humans living in harmony with each other, caring for and protecting the Earth and the life she gives to us. It carries a world without ignorance, war, poverty, pestilence, and famine. The Gold Horse carries the best in us-our shining, our potential for greatness as enlightened humans, as Rainbow Warriors.

The Prophecies speak of the need for the collective presence and intent of 144,000 rainbow Warriors, i.e., awakened humans, fighting for peace, harmony, and individual autonomous freedom to bring the Gold Horse to victory.

According to the Prophecies, the Dark Horse is leading the race at this time and lunging ahead of the Gold Horse. What does this have to do with you and me, really?

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Keywords: The Deer Tribe - Elders of The Twisted Hairs - Nick Nocerino - Crystal Skulls - A Civilization Shift