Sunday, December 06, 2009

ClimateGate Mass Manipulation & Fraud

No one knows for sure, but it appears that humankind is entering the end of the KaliYuga (the dark age) and will begin to emerge into the 'Golden Age'. The KaliYuga is the age of iron, the patriarchal age. During the age of the KaliYuga human society is said to reach its lowest ebb. This is the period where the 'unworthy' command power and where the ending of the KaliYuga manifests an inner revolution. Humans are said to move from base-matter to consciousness.

During the Kali age, all the Vedas become so scarce
that they may not be even seen by men.

The fraud uncovered as ClimateGate signals the ending of an Empire. Those of you who observe using your unique mind and using your unique intelligence will see beyond Carbon Tax and Carbon Trading - financial games that will do nothing to change the levels of Co2 in the atmosphere..

Beginning with the age of the Roman Empire, and continuing political and military control of the Earth's populations through Roman Catholicism, two parties are locked in an eternal embrace: The deceiving elite and the mindless/believing masses are one and the same entity. The elite equal the masses, just as the masses equal the elite. They depend on each other. In some strange way they are one organism. The desire to control and the desire to be controlled are one and the same.

For thousands of years the so-called 'gods' controlled the behaviour of humans by having them believe that sudden and dramatic changes in weather are a punishment. This is called the science of 'behaviour modification'. Today, people all over the world believe that drastic changes in the weather/climate are punishment from the father 'God', as politicians tweak the programme to read - human made climate change.

Powerful storms, destruction of crops, flooding, droughts, landslides and earthquakes are acts of God. You have sinned, you have disobeyed God's laws, and now you are being punished. It is the same principle behind 'man made global warming'. Rather than it being religious propaganda, it is now political propaganda.

Perhaps in the Middle Ages you would pay money to the ruling church and your sins would be absolved. Today you pay Carbon Tax...

Certainly, we humans on planet Earth are going to face catastrophic changes to our world, but not as a result of punishment of God and certainly not as a result of human Co2. These climatic changes are NORMAL. We live on a planet that has catastrophic cycles. These natural planetary cycles create times of stability and times of sudden and unexpected sea level rise. Volcanic activity will increase and then decrease. Warm climates will become cooler and cooler climates will become warm (hot even).

In 2009 the planet is cooler, the facts do not meet the Global Warming statistics as GoogleGate censors ClimateGate.

Those involved in this censorship of basic information are actually censoring themselves - because the laws of cause and effect mean that the controlling elite are as advanced and as intelligent as the controlled masses. In terms of consciousness the masses are not separate or divided from those who 'control' them.

By the laws of cause and effect - as the masses get dumber and dumber so too do the elite get dumber and dumber. In higher consciousness terms, if you desire to influence another your consciousness has to be connected to that which you influence. This means that you are also effected by the control mechanisms you employ. As the people you influence degenerate, so do you...

In terms of higher consciousness the 'ruling elite' are as dumb as the masses they control.

If YOU - all people of the Earth - are causing Climate Change, then all you have to do is stop using electricity, stop driving cars, stop heating your homes, stop destroying the Earth's forests, stop flying, stop ocean cruises, stop eating meat, don't use electricity, end all wars, stop manufacturing weapons... and demand that your politicians do the same...

What if your individual state of mind is the factor creating or solving the problems? If the elite and their scientists tell you that you are causing the fluctuations in weather, then surely it is your mind! Surely the problem is how you think, how you use your mind to direct your physical body?

If you are cutting down the Siberian forest to import the logs to China, is that not an indicator of the primitive and corrupt state of your mind seeking short term gain for short term profit?

We humans are not facing a global meltdown, we are facing the meltdown of our own humanity, the destruction of our minds - leading to the destruction of our bodies. A global tax will not change or resolve the situation other than to allow the dumb elite and the dumb masses to continue business as usual.

Climate Change was the main factor behind the fall of the Roman Empire, where the question shifts from 'blame' to adaptability. How do you adapt to a changing climate? Is there a hidden intelligence inside your DNA that naturally adapts? Is the HEART the core navigator of adaptation?

The Spirit's Global Positioning System would be: Heart/mind connected to Earth intelligence, cosmic guidance positioning from the soul in harmony with the changes made on planet Earth. No-fear - no blame - cooperation - compassion - inner guidance - being part of the change.

The truth is you are part of the change rather than the ClimateGate deception claiming you are the cause of the change. That you are part of the change is self-empowering. You did not create it, you are an embodiment of this planetary transformation. When you understand this you do not have to delete and censor people searching for the answer...