Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Mystery Spiral Stargates Over Norway

In the Arctic skies above Norway on 9 December 2009, around 07:50 AM a spiral formation appeared, and was observed for a few minutes before sunrise. Morten Kristiansen, observed the light phenomena from Sortland in northern Norway said that a "large ring appeared, and then spread out, sending a green beam down to earth." Meteorologists, astronomers and Armed Forces have been unable to explain the lights... The Telegraph

The Galaxy like Spiral Photographed over a military base in Skjold is now said to have been a failed Russian Intercontinental missile test... Wow! If this is true then the Russians have obviously changed their military strategy. They intend to wage their wars and defeat their opponents through astonishment and amazement, using absolute beauty and applying universal principles of colour harmonics and orgone blueray energy resonance. Astonished by beauty is a highly advanced form of defence. Therefore, if this was a 'failed' missile test I wonder what the successful test will look like. YouTube NorwaySpiral

The Russians claim that the Bulava missile was test-fired from the submarine Dmitry Donskoi in the White Sea early Wednesday but failed at the third stage, the defence ministry said in a statement. The apparent failed Russian missile launch created one of the most beautiful spirals in the Arctic sky. Digital Journal

Of course, it is a complete coincidence that many of the photographs and videos of the phenomenon look like Crop Circles and Spiral Galaxies in the sky - Medway Crop Circle. It can only be a coincidence that the skyspiral is similar to the spirals our ancestors carved on Neolithic stones... Spira Solaris

Is it a coincidence that perfectly carved ancient 'rock art' spirals appear on megalithic stones and cavern walls on every continent? Native America, Aboriginal rock art, prehistoric carvings, Celtic and Tibetan... Identical Crop Circle Spiral, in Goettingen - Germany July 12, 2009.

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